[TOP 10] Anime Affiliate Programs for Making Your Wallet Ureshii!

Calling all otakus! Calling all otakus!

In this list I’ve gathered 10 of the most popular and highest paying anime affiliate programs currently available.

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So if you’re running a business related to anime, manga or even just Japan in general then you’ll definitely want to take a deeper look into the affiliate programs below.

Chances are you’ll find at least one that you can earn some sweet extra cash from!

So let’s have a look, shall we?


#1 – Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Founded in April 2012, Tokyo Otaku Mode is actually a very popular news site reporting about the Japanese pop culture. However, they also sell anime, manga, games, music and fashion products through their web shop. As you may know, bootlegging is quite common among these kinds of products, but luckily Tokyo Otaku Mode guarantee that theirs are 100% authentic and officially licensed.

This is the perfect place to get your anime related figures, dolls, plushies, snacks, clothing, books, accessories, toys, music and much, much more!

By being an affiliate you’ll receive an 8% commission on all the orders your referrals make. This means that you’ll get rewarded for everything they buy – not just the product you referred them to. The commission rate can be boosted based on your performance.

Reasons to use Tokyo Otaku Mode: The shop has a huge inventory that your referrals will absolutely love! Also, you’re paid at least 8% commission (potentially higher) on entire orders that your referrals make and considering how large their inventory is… this can quickly add up!


#2 – Anime Shirt Club

Anime Shirt Club

Like the Anime Shirt Club put it – Anime is life! In their store they stock shirts, hoodies, hats, wallets, posters and accessories of the most popular anime series and movies. The merchandise from Anime Shirt Club lets the most hardcore fans deck themselves out with their favorite characters and logos from titles like Akira, Berserk, Dragonball Z, Boku No Hero Academia, Persona 5 and Fairly Tail. (among others)

What’s perhaps the more interesting type of items kept in their inventory is the anime related workout wear, which will allow customers to sport their fandoms while hitting the weights at the gym. Anime Shirt Club have a 30-day refund policy on most of their products; except for consumables such as food, downloadables, flowers, newspapers etc.

As an affiliate you’re being paid 20% commission on purchases made by your referrals. You could get a higher rate depending on how well you perform with your sales.

Reasons to use Anime Shirt Club: The workout wear is pretty unique and could give you an opportunity to promote to the fitness niche. Also, 20% commission isn’t bad!


#3 – Otaku Picks

Otaku Picks

Otaku Picks is an anime related online store which sells different kinds of upper body clothing like shirts, hoodies, jackets and sweaters. Additionally, they also sell accessories like rings, chokers and bracelets.

Even though there seems to be plenty of Sailor Moon merchandise available, that’s far from the only title available in the store. Otaku Picks hold merch from plenty of series like Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online and Death Note, just to name a few.

Orders come with free shipping for non-promotional items (items that are free for a limited time).

Each sale pays you a 10% commission and when you’ve managed to generate some sales Otaku Picks can send you free sample clothing and merchandise.

Reasons to use Otaku Picks: People who are specifically looking for Sailor Moon merch will see great benefit in using this store. Also, after generating some sales affiliates can get free stuff!


#4 – Senpai Mart

Senpai Mart

Although not exclusively anime-related, Senpai Mart sells plenty of gadgets, collectibles, cosplay gear, books, toys and surplus items which could be appealing to otakus. They currently offer customers a 5% discount when using the code [LUCKY] at checkout. Senpai Mart aims to provide customers with high quality products at reasonable prices.

Affiliates are paid 10% commission on each sale and are actually allowed to buy merchandise through their own affiliate links, which ultimately means that all orders are 10% off. A minimum of $50 total commissions must be reached before they’re paid out through PayPal. All payments are sent on a monthly basis.

Reasons to use Senpai Mart: 5% discount for all customers who uses the code [LUCKY] at checkout, and affiliates are allowed to order through their own affiliate links, giving them a 10% discount.


#5 – Right Stuf Anime

Right Stuf Anime

Right Stuf Anime is both a video publisher and an online video retailer, who specializes on anime and Asian live-action content. They’re undoubtedly the largest supplier of anime products, as they sell to both customers and companies. Additionally to anime, you can also find manga, books, apparel, CD, vinyl, board/card/computer games and collectibles in their selection.

Shipping within US is free for orders over $50 and unopened products come with a 30-day refund. If you’re a Got Anime member the refund policy stretches up to 60 days.

The affiliate program is hosted by ShareASale and pays you 8% commission per item sold. However, if you’re promoting the program through a couponing website, app, browser plugin or extension then you’re limited to only $0.10 commission per transaction.

Reasons to use Right Stuf Anime: You’ll be referring users to a huge selection of anime and Asian live-action videos. The inventory currently holds 5,000+ titles! If your referrals can’t soothe their anime cravings here, they’ll never be able to.


#6 – Xcoser


Xcoser makes high-end cosplay outfits and apparel. Despite the fact that their quality is top notch, their prices are actually quite reasonable. Apart from selling complete costumes they also supply cosplaying anime fans with wigs, boots, masks, props and accessories from their favorite movies and series.

Affiliates are paid 10% commissions for sales, but there are incentives available to get them up to 15%. Apart from this, there are also exclusive coupons that you can take advantage of.

Reasons to use Xcoser: Xcoser sell top-of-the-line cosplay apparel and costumes for anime fans, and affilites can be paid up to 15% in commissions if they perform well.


#7 – J-List


J-List is your one stop shop for anime within the adult genre. While they do offer other titles as well, adult is definitely one of their major product categories. J-List has been running since 1996 and offer quite a wide range of various merchandise such as books, games, toys, anime, kitchen, snacks, food, home and apparel.

Many of their products are shipped from Japan, so expect your package to take a few days extra to arrive in your country. It’s recommended that you pick a quick shipping method if you order consumables like food or snacks, because shipments sent with the slower methods can take up to 90 days to arrive.

As an affiliate you’re paid 8% commission for each sale you generate. Also, just by creating an affiliate account you’ll receive an initial deposite of $5! Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis and the payout threshold is $40.

Reasons to use J-List: This program is excellent for promoting to an adult audience, and apart from the base commission of 8% you’ll get a $5 deposit just from signing up as an affiliate!


#8 – Plamoya


Plamoya was founded in 2006 by Yoshihiro Sugaya and is a store that, whilst not offering the lowest prices, hold a large collection of older figures and collectibles. So if you’re looking to complete your figure collection with older pieces, you should definitely check out their store.

All of the merchandise is official and genuine Japanese, and the store only accepts payments through PayPal (and credit cards through PayPal).

Affiliates are rewarded a 5% commission on each sale and you can create links to any page on the website.

Reasons to use Plamoya: The store holds many rare items not found anywhere in the US. You can also find older products no longer sold in other stores.


#9 – 99Japan


99Japan is the new kid on the block. It was launched in February 2018 and their aim is to become the one store you think of when people ask where to get the best Japanese products without having to go to Japan. While not exclusively an anime store, it still offers a lot of Japan related products that your otaku audience may be interested in.

The products offered by 99Japan are shipped worldwide and guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Some of the categories in their selection include groceries, kitchen & cooking, dining, skincare, make-up, trading cards, games, electronics and Japanese language books.

By promoting their products as an affiliate you’ll be paid an 8% commission for each sale you generate. The program is hosted on Refersion, which means you’ll need to get an account on their platform in order to promote 99Japan. However, applying to join the program doesn’t require many details, only first and last name, e-mail address and a password of your choice. That’s it!

Reasons to use 99Japan: This affiliate program gives you an opportunity to think outside the box and promote other products to your anime following, like food and products mentioned in certain titles.


#10 – Robert’s Anime Corner Store

Robert's Anime Corner Store

The Anime Corner Store has been running since 1997, which definitely makes them the undisputed veteran among the anime online stores. Apart from this, they’re also one of the few stores that can offer a generous 20-40% discount off retail price on anime CD’s and DVD’s.

Products ordered from the store come with free shipping within the US as long as the order is over $50, and products can be shipped to most countries outside the states as well. Also, to order their adult items you need to provide proof of identification showing that you’re above the age of 18. Additional to credit cards, money order, cash and check, Robert’s Anime Corner Store also accept payments with cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.

This affiliate program could be useful for affiliates who are ordering a lot of anime products themselves. All sales generate a 5% store credit commission that are usable in this store only.

Reasons to use Robert’s Anime Corner Store: The store offers your referrals of 20-40% on many anime DVD and CD items.


3 Niche Ideas For Anime Affiliate Programs

So now you’ve read about 10 of the best anime affiliate programs that marketers like yourself can earn some real money from. Now it’s time to explore some ideas and put these programs into practice! These are just 3 keyword ideas off the top of my head, but the possibilities are practically endless when you’re starting to brainstorm around these programs.

  1. Gifts for otakus. This niche is pretty self-explanatory. Build a website that reviews gifts for oktaus (anime fans). Promote the anime stores!
  2. Anime wallpapers for iPhone. Build a website to provide your audience with anime wallpapers for iPhone (or phones in general). Maybe even make a community around it and let others upload their wallpapers as well. Apart from anime related stuff, you could promote Photoshop courses, drawing courses etc.
  3. Uncensored Japanese cosplay. Hit 2 birds with one stone. Create a website that allows people to show their and other’s adult cosplays and promote both adult anime and cosplay apparel programs. You could also sign up to adult ad display networks and earn money from each of your visitors.


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  1. Wow I am not aware that there are affiliate programs for anime! This is so cool! I grew up watching anime and reading manga, this is something that I can use myself. As a matter of fact, there is a comic con in NYC as we speak and my friend is attending. I am sure I can write a post about it and get some money. Thanks for sharing the links!!! Arigatou! 

    1. Hey Nuttanee!

      I’d love to read that post! Make sure there are plenty of pictures in it.  🙂 What was your favorite show as a child?

      Thanks for dropping a line and wish to hear from you soon!


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