[TOP 10] Baby Clothes Affiliate Programs For Blogging Moms

There are more mothers blogging today than ever before. It therefore comes as no surprise that the baby niche has grown to be one of the most popular niches to promote online. The following baby clothes affiliate programs may prove to be pretty useful for moms who are looking to monetize their own blogs.

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This list includes programs that contain a wide variety of baby garments, such as swimsuits, designer brands, shoes and cloth diapers. So get yourself ready to earn some sweet commissions in the baby niche!


#1 – PatPat


PatPat offer moms and their toddlers a huge selection of stylish clothing for a fraction of retail price. There are up to 20 events started on their website each day at 6am, and often include huge discounts for things like clothing, home and accessories, toys, bags and diapers. In fact, the prices of many products are frequently cut by up to 90%. They’ve also launched an app through which people can do their shopping.

As an affiliate you’ll earn up to 15% on each order made by people you refer. While this may be quite a standard commission rate, the huge selection in combination with the low prices offer potential for high affiliate earnings. The affiliate program is hosted on VigLink, so you’ll need to create an account there before you get started.

Benefits of using PatPat: Their store offers huge discounts to the people you refer, and apart from clothing there are several other baby related product categories that they very likely might be interested in.


#2 – Childrensalon


Childrensalon is the largest online store that focuses on designer clothes for toddlers and kids. Their selection contains clothes for children between 0-16 years, and includes some of the most popular designer brands in the world such as Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Armani, Versace, Burberry and Roberto Cavalli.

As an affiliate you’re given a dedicated manager to help you out with your marketing campaigns. The commission rate is 8%, which I think is a bit on the low end, and the cookie length is quite standard at 30 days. Each sale is subject to approval over a 42 day period, which means that if a product is returned within this time you’ll not be paid commissions for it.

Benefits of using Childrensalon: Stylish designer clothes for kids… duh! What isn’t there to like?


#3 – Burlington (Baby Depot)

Burlington (Baby Depot)

The baby section of the home product retailer and apparel giant Burlington Coat Factory – Baby Depot – contains plenty of stylish clothes for the little ones. However, apart from clothing they also carry plenty of other various kinds of products to browse through like cribs, strollers, car seats, toys, feeding equipment etc. Burlington often cut prices quite a lot. In fact they actually have a category with clothing sets for under $10.

Being an affiliate means that your commission will vary depending on placements. You’ll be able to get a dedicated affiliate manager, exclusive deals, custom display ads, support 5 days per week and vanity codes.

Benefits of using Burlington: You’ll be able to offer your audience high-end baby products at low-end prices. Also, the chance to get exclusive deals may allow for higher commissions.


#4 – Mud Pie

Mud Pie

While being mainly targeted towards women of fashion, Mud Pie still offer a significant amount of products for babies and kids – including clothing! Customers are able to browse through heaps and heaps of items such as socks, costumes, outerwear, tops and bottoms, sleepwear and sets. But not only that. They also offer other baby products like blankets, toys, towels, feeding sets, picture frames, photo albums, hats, tote bags and more. Also, if you’re looking to find seasonal wear for your baby then this is definitely the place to have a look at!

Being an affiliate gives you access to what they call a “competitive commission structure” on all their products and also a chance to boost your commissions if your sales perform well. Apart from this you’ll also be able to take part in promoting exclusive offers, events and unique products. Unfortunately, neither cookie length or a more specific commission rate are listed on their website. If you’re interested to know more about the Mud Pie affiliate program, I suggest that you sign up for an account at Rakuten Marketing which is where it’s currently being hosted.

Benefits of using Mud Pie: They’ve got many different kinds of products and offer free shipping on orders over $75. Also, their “competitive commission” sounds pretty interesting and I suspect that it can quickly become quite lucrative.


#5 – Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma

Do your followers only want nothing but the best for their little ones? Then Finn + Emma is definitely the place to shop at. Here they can buy organic clothing with beautiful designs and without any dangerous chemicals or toxins. The cotton used in their products are 100% organic and the dyes are eco-friendly, and all products are fair trade which helps improve the conditions for local workers around the globe.

Choose between various garments, such as bodysuits, coveralls, gowns, pajamas’, caps and much, much more. Apart from clothing, Finn + Emma offer your followers toys, teethers, rockers, play gyms and pacifier holders. There are also so called “grab bags” which contain a mix of different products. A perfect gift for new moms!

Affiliates of this program are paid a 10% commission on each sale they refer. The cookie is active for 90 days which should give you plenty of time to generate some sales. According to their website, the average order value is over $90 per customer and their conversion rate is high. I believe that this affiliate program could get very lucrative with the right target audience.

Benefits of using Finn + Emma: The combination of 10% commission per sale, high conversion rate, solid revenue per customer and sustainable, non-toxic products screams “high potential”. Don’t miss out on this one!


#6 – Lucky + Me

Lucky + Me

Lucky + Me is your one-stop shop for your children underwear needs. Their comfortable selection has been thoroughly tested on children (don’t worry, it sounds worse than it is!) which ensures that there are no tags or seams that can irritate the skin. Furthermore, their products have low to no tightness and have shown to be working extremely well for some children with enhanced tactile sensitivity. Underwear from Lucky + Me could therefore prove to be useful for children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), for example.

As an affiliate you’re paid 10% commission on the sales you generate within a 30 day window after someone clicks through your link. As a little incentive they’re giving you a $20 bonus on your first sale. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, so you’ll need to get an account there in order to start selling Lucky + Me products on your website.

Benefits of using Lucky + Me: Offer your audience extremely comfortable and fashionable underwear for kids. You’re given 10% commission on each sale, as well as a $20 bonus for your very first one!


#7 – The Bonniemob

The Bonniemob

With their motto “Buy once, buy well, pass it on”, The Bonniemob supply parents with clothing for their kids; from newborn babies all the way up to the age of 7. Their selection of baby clothing is quite impressive and carry a wide range of playsuits, rompers, jackets, cardigans, t-shirts, tops, hats, socks, tights, dresses, skirts and a lot more.

Affiliates get a 15% commission on each sale they generate within a 45 day period after the first clickthrough to their website. The payout threshold is set quite low at £25 (about $35) and the average order value per customer is high. To apply to their affiliate program you need to send them an e-mail with a link to your website, your name and a short description about your business.

Benefits of using The Bonniemob: An above-average commission rate and a huge selection of clothing for babies give this program a good chance of becoming your highest paying one on this list.


#8 – Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

Sweetbottom Baby Boutique

For moms, by moms. That’s a way to describe Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. However, what’s perhaps the most interesting thing about this store is their selection of cloth diapers and the fact that there’s a 30 day trial available for trying them out. How it works is that someone buys a diaper for full price, and if they return it within 30 days they’ll get their money back. However, each model of cloth diaper can only be tested once.

The affiliate program pays out a 5% commission on each sale or, if you prefer, a 6% store credit. The commissions are sent out via PayPal once you’ve generated $25 so make sure to get yourself an account soon.

Benefits of using Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique: Customers are able to test their cloth diapers for 30 days for free!


#9 – i play.

i play.

i play. aims to provide babies with both healthy and practical products. With her holistic background, Becky Cannon founded and grew her company into a natural baby product empire that’s currently available in 68 countries all over the world. The i play. baby selection carries garments such as swim suits, diapers and shoes, sun wear, organic clothing and outer wear.

Being an affiliate comes with several perks. First of all, the commission is quite generous at 18%. However, during the first 30 days of becoming an affiliate you’ll actually be paid a 30% commission for each sale you generate! This is undoubtedly the highest commission rate on this entire list. You’ll also automatically be signed up as an affiliate for green sprouts, which is the i play. line of baby care products.

Benefits of using i play.: You can be sure that you’ll be promoting a trusted and established baby brand. Plus, the commission rate is very generous – especially the first 30 days. (30%)


#10 – Melijoe


For those parents who really want to spoil their babies, Melijoe is definitely worth having a look at. They carry a wide selection of designer brands, like Gucci, Hugo Boss & Paul Smith Junior. Of course, the pricing therefore doesn’t come as a big surprise. For example, a Gucci sweatshirt for 3 month olds costs $170+ and a Chloé silk dress for 1 year olds can be purchased for a juicy $209.

As an affiliate you’re paid 10% commission on your generated sales and the average basket value is said to be high. With the right audience (read: have lots of cash) you could be making plenty of money with this program.

Benefits of using Melijoe: High ticket products and high average basket value can potentially generate you a lot of commissions.


3 Niche Ideas For Baby Clothing Affiliate Programs

Now that you know which affiliate programs you can use on your blog we need to figure out how to use them. Affiliate programs are quite useless without a niche to market to, so below I’ve listed three keyword examples in order to hopefully give you some inspiration and get ideas flowing. You could base your next posts around these, or even build entire websites around them.

  1. Baby clothing for twins. The baby niche in general is pretty wide, so why not narrow it down to something that’s easier to target? Clothing for twins is a niche that’s much more specific and could be an excellent subject for a blog post.
  2. Swimsuits for newborns. Baby swims are quite popular and there’s actually a demand for swimsuits for even the youngest ones.
  3. Baby shower gift basket ideas. Your blog doesn’t even have to be targeting baby clothing specifically. Luxury baby clothes tend to get lots of attention from other moms and can turn out to be great gifts at the next baby shower.


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