[TOP 10] Best Affiliate Programs For New Bloggers To Make Bank Online

As a beginner, learning how to earn money as a blogger will require quite a lot of reading as well as some trial and error. So in this post I list what I believe to be the best affiliate programs for new bloggers to ease the process of making their first dollar online.

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To make this post as useful as possible, most of the listed programs are very generic and can be utilized in most niches. However, keep in mind that there may be more specific affiliate programs in your niche that not only offer your readers a better shopping experience, but also pays the affiliate (you) a lot more.

For example, let’s say you’re running a blog about making music. Then you’d might want to look into music production affiliate programs rather than the generic ones below. This applies to most niches. No matter whether you’re writing about cars, anime or even something as obscure as gourmet coffee, you should at least be on the lookout for niche specific affiliate programs. The specific programs you find may better suit your readers’ needs, and provide you with an even juicier payday.

With that being said, the programs on this list are still a great starting point and I keep finding myself using some them after all these years. So have a look and spark some ideas on who to partner up with, and start earning with your blog!


#1 – Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates was actually the first affiliate program that I joined. After 10+ or something years, I still use it frequently. And it’s really no surprise, because their inventory is stunning. What started out as a book store has grown into a multibillion empire with products ranging from tiny keychains to huge hydraulic presses. Whatever you can imagine, you’ll probably find it on Amazon.

As an affiliate you’ll be paid up to 10% commissions depending on which product category you promote. Another great perk is that whatever your referrals order you’ll be paid for it. So if someone clicks on one of your links that points to a toothbrush (for example) but then decides to buy an iPhone instead, you’ll still earn commissions on that phone. Because Amazon is extremely good at selling stuff on their website, these additional sales add up very quickly!

Benefits of using Amazon Associates: Massive inventory and commissions on everything your referrals buy make this program easily worth joining.


#2 – ShareASale


ShareASale is one of the most seasoned affiliate networks out there (19+ years) where more than 3,900 different vendors have partnered up to give you access to their affiliate programs. The network contains 40 different categories such as dating, clothing, automotive, computers, electronics, family, gaming, art and a whole lot more. This is a must-have in your affiliate marketing toolbelt.

Since ShareASale actually is a network, the commissions vary greatly. Some programs offer 5% while some vendors might even give you a 100% commission in hopes of them making it back + more longterm. The same goes for the cookie length; it’s all depending on the programs you join within the network.

Benefits of using ShareASale: Huge collection of affiliate programs, some of which might offer up to 100% commissions.


#3 – Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing gives you access to thousands of well known brands spanning over several different niches. Just like ShareASale, Rakuten is an affiliate network that partners up with merchants in order to give their products more exposure through affiliates – like you, for example! Some of the brands include ecco, Sixt, Sephora and June Jacobs.

Like in the case of ShareASale above, both the commission rates and cookie length vary greatly because of how differently each merchant have their programs set up. This is a bit of a double-edged sword, because varying commission rates could mean that you earn more per sale, but it can also mean that you’ll find programs with awesome products, but with too low rate to make them worth promoting. Still, I recommend that you sign up to this network as well. It’s always great to have options.

Benefits of using Rakuten Marketing: Varying commission rates could mean that you’ll find a program that’s very generous with their payout. Also, there are plenty of well known brands you can promote here.


#4 – CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is another favorite of mine. I believe it’s mostly because of their interface and how easy it is to spot affiliate programs that are performing well. CJ is also one of the first networks I joined (second to Amazon) and it’s a place I’ve been coming back to time and time again. Although, back then they were called Commission Junction and weren’t even a fraction of what they are today.

Last year CJ paid out over $1.8 billion in commissions to affiliates and that number will likely grow in the future. With 7 years of experience they’re a well established network and won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Commission rates and cookie length vary depending on which merchants you decide to partner up with. Like Amazon and ShareASale, CJ too contain merchants in a wide range of different niches so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Benefits of using CJ Affiliate: Well established affiliate network with partners in all kinds of niches. Also, their reporting interface is absolutely stunning.


#5 – ClickBank


ClickBank is a great affiliate network if you’re looking for information products such as e-books, video courses, educational audiobooks etc. It’s quite popular in the make money online niche (MMO), which is both good and bad at the same time. ClickBank carries plenty of products for this niche, but unfortunately a great deal of them are of extremely low quality. This makes it hard to find truly helpful products for your audience. However, if you’re in another nichedefinitely recommend that you give ClickBank a try!

ClickBank offers up to 75% commission and in many cases this would be recurring, which means that you’d get paid on a monthly basis for as long as the people you refer to merchants remain as paying customers – for example through monthly memberships. The cookie length spans up to 60 days, giving you plenty of time to convert prospects into customers.

Benefits of using ClickBank: The network offers plenty of helpful products for your readers as long as you keep away from the make money online niche. Also, potentially recurring commissions of up to 75% can quickly become very lucrative; even for beginners.


#6 – AliExpress


Formed in China by the Alibaba Group, AliExpress is an online marketplace where both companies and individuals alike are able to buy and sell their goods. It’s actually the most visited e-commerce website in Russia (even more popular than eBay!) and the 10th most popular website in Brazil. What started out as strictly a business-to-business commerce platform has throughout the years grown into one of the most popular online retail services today. With millions of products and 130,000+ sellers, AliExpress is not to be taken lightly and should absolutely be added to your affiliate tool belt!

The commission you’re being paid varies depending on the seller, but can in some cases reach up to 50% of the sale price. Add a 30-day cookie duration to the mix and you’ve got a good chance of making a lot of money with this program.

Benefits of using AliExpress: Huge inventory, generous commission rate and long cookie duration.


#7 – eBay


eBay is without a doubt the biggest online auction house, with around 14,000 employees and $10.7+ billion in revenue generated in 2018. The website started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and was originally called AuctionWeb. A lot has happened since and today eBay is a high-converting auction and shopping website, where actually 80% of the products sold are brand new.

Originally I intended to mention eBay earlier, but when I saw their commission rates I actually changed my mind. eBay offer only 1-6% commissions on your sales, which in my opinion can make it quite hard to make serious money with this program. However, an upside to it all is that eBay is a very known brand which automatically boosts trust and can make people buy more. This, combined with a huge collection of listings (1.4B+), can make eBay worthwhile.

Benefits of using eBay: A known brand can boost the conversion rate significantly. Also, the amount of listings is ginormous!


#8 – Ascend by Pepperjam


Ascend is yet another affiliate network that collaborates with a good selection of brands within a wide variety of industries. It’s owned by Pepperjam, who have over 20 years of experience within the affiliate marketing space. I’ve personally never worked with them, but I’ve only heard good things about their network. So I figured I’d let you know about them too, in order to give you a few more alternatives for earning money with your blog!

In order to apply to Ascend you’ll need to provide them with a few details about your business, such as its name, website URL, country, physical address and phone number. They would also like to know a little about your target audience, such as which niche they’re in, what language they speak and how you intend to promote Ascend to them. The commission rates vary greatly because of Ascend’s dynamic commissioning system. Basically you can customize the way you earn commissions in order to earn more money.

Benefits of using Ascend: It’s a popular and well-established network with great variety of high quality offers. Also, the possibility to fine-tune your commissioning to earn more cash on what you do best is a really appreciated feature!


#9 – Etsy


Etsy is probably the most “nichy” website on this list. It’s an online marketplace where people sell all kinds of handcrafted, custom-built or vintage merchandise. And while it doesn’t really follow the theme of the rest of the sites, Etsy is definitely still with looking into as it’s really popular on social media – Pinterest especially. In fact, Etsy is currently ranked as the 132nd most popular website in the entire world.

Affiliates are paid 4% commissions on the sales they generate within a 30-day period after people click in through affiliate links. The affiliate program is hosted on Awin (so get an account there) and requires you to fill in some details about your business in order to join, such as promotional methods, business name, tax residence etc.

Benefits of using Etsy: Provide your readers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with truly unique and handcrafted products in your niche.


#10 – Target


I guess Target needs no introduction, because this low-price commerce behemoth is the second largest of its kind (with Walmart being #1). In 2019, the company generated close to $75.4 billion and they’re showing no sign of slowing down. Choose between all kinds of thinkable product categories such as groceries, health, pets, personal care, beauty, sports, outdoors and much, much more.

As an affiliate you can earn up to 8% commissions on sales depending on how many sales you generate, and in which product category (see this chart for more info). The cookie length spans over 7 days which is a bit less than average, but should still give your readers enough time to ordering their products and earning you money in the process.

Benefits of using Target: There aren’t many online stores that can beat the size of Target. If your readers are looking for good products at low prices, then this is definitely the place to visit.


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