Commission Hero Review: 6 Figures in 30 Days or SCAM?!

Are you looking to make a ridiculous amount of money in as short time as possible? In this Commission Hero review you’ll find out whether it’s possible to start generating $100,000+ within your first 30 days, or if we’ve just bumped into another scam!

As with many of the other “make money online” products you come across, this one really makes some bold claims about its ability help you make money.

So before we begin, let’s do some (fun) math.

6 figures per month equals a minimum of $100,000 each month. That would mean you’d have make at least $3333 every single day.

Is this actually even possible? As a super affiliate with lots of experience and hours of testing different creatives and landing pages under their belt, sure. But as a beginner?

Well, pour yourself a hot, steaming cup of coffee and we’ll take a deep dive into this product and find out together!

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Commission Hero Overview

  • Name: Commission Hero
  • Owner: Robby Blanchard
  • Website:
  • Price: $997
  • Upsells: No
  • Score: 4.4/10
  • Recommended: No

Show Me A Better Course!


What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course that focuses on making money with Clickbank offers by running Facebook Ads. It’s created by Robby Blanchard, who’s currently one of the top earning Clickbank affiliates.

The course is mainly video-based and divided into 8 different parts:

Part 1: Getting Started

Begin by setting up accounts & software, and signing up to affiliate networks.

Part 2: Choosing The Right Offer

Picking a converting offer is crucial. Learn how to pick the right one from both CPA networks and ClickBank.

Part 3: Finding Your Ad Image

Learn the fundamentals of what an ad image should look like in order to bring in more clicks and sales.

Part 4: Setting Up a Landing Page

Set up a landing page with ClickFunnels, on which people who click on your ads will end up.

Part 5: Setting Up Facebook

Learn how to set up ads on Facebook.

Part 6: Setting Up Facebook Pixel

Set up a tracking pixel on Facebook in order to keep track of the sales or actions your landing page generates.

Part 7: Tracking Campaign

Setup tracking links, learn how to read the data in ClickFunnels and eventually find those tiny pickets of massive profit.

Part 8: Scaling

Take your winning ad and landing page combinations and super-size them into money-making behemoths.

Commission Hero 3 Steps
Commission Hero is building on the 3 principles of affiliate marketing: 1) Find an offer – 2) Find traffic – 3) Profit.

The price tag on Commission Hero is $997, which is more or less industry standard for high-ticket offers. You can also split the payment into 2x$597. However, this would mean you’d pay an extra $197 for it.

Commission Hero is hosted on Clickbank, so there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there’s also a 12 month success refund policy which means that if you’re not happy with the product after 12 months of full effort, you can still get your money back.

Yes, you read that right – full effort. (more on this later)


How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero is all about making money on Facebook with Clickbank offers. The concept is nothing new, but people still like to talk about it simply because it works. And if you do it well, it works great!

However, there are a few things you should know before deciding to buy this product.

The course teaches you how to make money with Facebook ads, which means that you’re going to have spend money on getting people to your landing pages. Although, just getting people to your page is not enough. You still have to do your initial testing, filter out bad performing ads and constantly keep testing new ones.

This all costs money and will require some kind of budget. When it comes to paid advertising I usually recommend having around $2000 dedicated to traffic only. Additionally, there are often costs for other necessary tools, like in the case of Commission Hero which uses ClickFunnels and an autoresponder.

Even though Facebook is an excellent source of traffic right now, it doesn’t mean that it will be forever. Traffic sources come and go all the time. However, I do believe that it’s an excellent source to learn how to run paid traffic on, because it allows for very narrow targeting. This is extremely useful for marketers who want to find their optimal audience for the offers they’re promoting.

Just a word of caution though; Facebook is getting stricter with what they allow people to promote on their platform. Many affiliates have been banned, which has essentially resulted in many having their businesses crashing, often because they only got their traffic from one single source. Facebook is great, but also make sure to learn how to diversify your incoming traffic whenever you can!

What I don’t really like about Commission Hero is that their 12 month success refund policy requires you to use the product for a full year, with full effort, and then you’ll be able to be qualify for a refund in case you’re not happy with the course. I guess Robby’s done this to only attract true action-takers, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. The main reason being that “full effort” is purely dependent on the eye of the beholder – in this case the product owner.

You may feel that you’ve done everything you can, but that doesn’t mean that Robby will. Besides, who can even guarantee that this course is around in 12 months?


6 Figures in 30 Days: Scam, or Is It Possible?

Thumbs UpSo Robby Blanchard claims that you’ll start making 6 figures in the 30 days from the moment you sign up. You’ll also be making $1000 per day.

I always get into defensive mode when I hear claims like these, because I’ve been tricked so many times before. These numbers are unrealistic for a newbie, almost ridiculous!

As with almost all internet marketing and make money online products, on Clickbank especially, there are proof of earnings that show crazy high numbers! What they don’t show you – however – is whether these earnings are from running affiliate offers or selling their own products as a vendor. There’s a huge difference, because selling your own products are generally more lucrative. (For example: this product costs $997, remember?)

Commission Hero Earnings
Screenshots of high earnings are a common sight. However, are they even real? And if so, are they affiliate earnings?

The bottom line is this: You can definitely make lots of money on Facebook and Commission Hero teaches you how to do it. So I wouldn’t call it a scam. But don’t buy into the hype of generating 6 figure earnings and having $1K days already in your first months.

Affiliate marketing is a process and it’s gonna take time to master it. There will be frustration, doubt, trial and error but if you stick to it long enough you will see progress.

Finally, you need a decent budget before you start and you are going to lose money before you find a winner. The main difference between paid and free advertising is that you’re trading your money to get results quicker with paid advertising.

Free advertising works just as well, if not better, but it’s going to take longer. However, it’s definitely worth considering, especially if you need to build up a budget or don’t want to spend that much money on ads.


Going The FREE Affiliate Marketing Route

One of the advantages with paid traffic over free is that you can get results from the work you put in quicker. However, you’ll be trading your money for those faster results. Naturally, this requires that you have a budget you can use for testing and also for scaling.

On the flip-side, utilizing free traffic may take a bit longer but doesn’t require that you use your own money. In the long run, this could mean that your business will generate an even larger profit than paid!

Personally, I’m almost exclusively focusing on free traffic to get visitors to my blog. This is simply because I don’t have to look for my visitors, like with paid traffic, because they’re coming to me instead! This allows me to focus on growing my business rather than chasing people and convincing them to click into my site.

If you’d like to do the same, then I recommend that you join the training platform I’m personally learning from (it’s free). It’s allowed me to build a business online where I can help people like you find their way to truly make money with their hobbies or their expertise online.

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Commission Hero










Affiliate Training



  • Video lessons
  • Facebook community
  • Laser-targeted traffic


  • Quite pricey
  • Additional costs for tools
  • Finding winners can get expensive
  • Odd refund policy

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