Dollar Tree Affiliate Program Review: How To Turn $1 Into $100’s

Can selling extremely cheap products generate enough money to make a significant difference in your bank account?

In this post, I’ll review the Dollar Tree affiliate program to see whether it’s actually worth joining and investing time and effort into. In the end, you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of what the program is all about and if it’s possible to make money with it.

So make yourself comfortable wherever you may sit, pour yourself a refreshing drink and let’s get crackin’!

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Dollar Tree – Who Are They?

With thousands of stores spread out across 48 states in North America, DollarTree are a company that pride themselves on products that cost a maximum of $1 each. They aim to provide their customers with a shopping experience that’s fun and where they can enjoy hunting for a wide range of different products (or to put it in their words; treasures).

They also run a website where people can shop for larger quantities of goods in the comfort of their own homes. On this website customers also get the chance to be inspired by various crafting tips, project ideas, watch videos and perhaps join the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club for even more benefits.


What Can You Find At Dollar Tree?

The Dollar Tree inventory carries a heap of different kind of products. If you decide to become an affiliate, running out of products to promote will be the least of your worries. If anything you might have too many products to choose from, which is a good thing!

The products are divided into the following categories:

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Food, Candy & Drinks
  • Floral & Home Décor
  • Party Supplies
  • Health & Beauty Supplies
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Toys, Books, Puzzles & Games
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Household & Pet Supplies
  • Extreme Values & New Arrivals
  • Cleaning & Storage
  • Seasons & Occasions
  • Holidays
  • Care Packages

All of the categories also include their own sub-categoies. Didn’t I say that their inventory is huge?!


Do Any Of The Dollar Tree Products Stand Out?

At the Dollar Tree website people are able to create their very own care packages that they can gift to friends, family, co-workers, loyal customers and others. The process is made of only three steps, and every item added costs only $1 or less (what else!).

To create a care package you just need to:

  1. Select a container to put your items in. This could be boxes, bins and bags among others.
  2. Choose a filler. Wrap your items in gift wrap or make them look a lot more presentable by letting them rest on a layer of colorful paper shreds.
  3. Pick your items. Select all the items you wish your care package to contain. Browse through a wide selection of toys, personal health products, food, snacks – you name it!

Dollar Tree let people customize their care packages quite extensively, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for inspiration!

Dollar Tree care package builder
Dollar Tree allow customers to build their own care packages. Excellent for gift boxes and “get well”-presents!


How Much Can You Earn With Dollar Tree?

As an affiliate you’re initially paid 5% of all sales up to $2,500. However, if you manage to sell more than that (up to $5,000 to be more precise) you’ll earn 6% commissions instead. For sales over $5,000 your commission will be 7%.

However, if you’re running either a loyalty, coupon or deals site the conditions look a bit different. Loyalty sites earn a less than standard 4% commission while deal and coupon sites only earn 1% of the sales generated.

To simplify, the rates are as follows:

  • Sales between $1 – $2,500: 5% commission
  • Sales between $2,501 – $5,000: 6% commission
  • Sales over $5,000: 7% commisson
  • Loyalty sites: 4% commission
  • Coupon/deal sites: 1% commission


When Do Dollar Tree Pay You?

The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, which means that their payment conditions apply.

You need to accumulate at least $50 of commissions on your ShareASale account before they can pay you. However, you’re able to also set the threshold to a higher amount (up to $1000) to avoid getting bombarded with commission payments if you happen to generate a lot of money.

Commissions can be paid out to you via either direct deposit, mail, wire deposit or Payoneer.


How Long Is The Dollar Tree Cookie Length?

The Dollar Tree cookie length is 30 days which should give the people you refer to the website a decent amount of time to place an order and generate a commission for you.

In my opinion, a 30-day cookie length is optimal as it gives people enough time to get their paychecks regardless of whether they get paid on a weekly or monthly basis.


What Affiliate Resources Do Dollar Tree Offer?

As an affiliate you’re provided with several various resources to further help you out with your campaigns. Dollar Tree give you access to an award-winning affiliate management team who are ready to assist you with cranking up those conversion rates.

You’re also given access to custom banners and newsletters that give you updates on sales opportunities, promotions and contests.

Banners in Dollar Tree affiliate program
The Dollar Tree affiliate program offers plenty of banners to choose from if you’d decide to go that route with your campaigns.


How Do You Sign Up To The Dollar Tree Affiliate Program?

In order to become a Dollar Tree affiliate you first need to sign up for an account over at ShareASale. Then you need to apply to the program right here.

As you apply, you’re not required to provide any additional information about your business, but it’ll surely help get your application approved if you do. Common things vendors usually want to know are things like promotional methods (banners, paid ads, social media), what traffic sources you’ll use, whether you’ve got a website, the URL to it and what niche it’s in.

Lastly you’ll just need to tick a checkbox confirming that you’ve read and agree with the terms of the affiliate program, and then hit “Join This Program”.

Your application will then be sent to be looked over by a review team who hopefully approve your application, and then you’re ready to grab some links and start earning!


Alternative Affiliate Programs To Dollar Tree

If you like the Dollar Tree affiliate program and are looking for more products to promote, then check out these affiliate programs:

  • Hollar – An online store filled with a wide range of different low priced products. Unlike Dollar Tree, Hollar’s carrying items that go for more than a dollar. However, they do also have a “$1 Shop” where all products cost $1 each.
  • Dollar General – Great assortment of products, some of which Dollar General own exclusive retailer rights to, such as Jolt Cola and Rexall. They also offer products under their own brand name, many of which come at very low prices.
  • Dollar Days – The leading supplier of goods for non-profit and betterment organizations allow customers to make get the most value out of their every dollar. Dollar Days is packed with stuff ranging from baby products, toys and pet supplies all the way to kitchen hardware and electronics.


3 Keyword Ideas For The Dollar Tree Affiliate Program

These are a few ideas for content that you can create to promote Dollar Tree. Keep in mind that they are only examples and that there are literally thousands of other keywords you can use. I recommend using Jaaxy for all your keyword research.

  • “best cheap gift baskets” – Write a post listing cheap gift basket ideas and make use of the awesome care package builder on the Dollar Tree website.
  • “eat healthy for one dollar a day” – Provide your readers with healthy recipes and use affiliate links to point them to certain ingredients found on Dollar Tree.
  • “cheapest school supplies” – School supplies are always in demand and since most of them are consumables (notebooks, pens, erasers etc) the cheapest items are usually the most sought after.


Is It Worth Joining The Dollar Tree Affiliate Program? – Turning $1 Into $100’s

At first I was a bit skeptical as all the products cost only $1 each. At a commission rate of 5%, this means you’ll end up earning only $0.05 for each product sold. This is far from groundbreaking, no doubt.

However, when I checked the ShareASale statistics I noticed that the average sale is around $85, which means that you could end up earning a fair amount of money after all. At this average, you’d earn a little over $4 commission per sale which actually isn’t too bad. And this is just at the base commission rate, so if you manage to account for a lot of sales your commission rate will grow even larger. Ultimately, you could end up earning an approximate of $6 per sale.

Dollar Tree program summary on ShareASale
The average sale on Dollar Tree is around $85, which means that you could earn decent money even with these $1 products.

In conclusion, If you’re not running a loyalty or deals/coupon site then I definitely think Dollar Tree might be worth testing out if you believe that your readers will order multiple items each!


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