[TOP 10] Essential Oil Affiliate Programs For Natural Earnings

Alternative medicine has quickly grown the last few years and we have essential oils to thank for a lot of it. In this post I’ve listed 10 of the most popular essential oil affiliate programs that you can use to earn with your health, wellness or beauty website.

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Despite the controversy surrounding alternative medicine, it’s been suggested through research that some essential oils may have positive effects on your health. In fact, they are commonly used in aromatherapy in order to relieve a fair deal of health concerns. Some of which are the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Infections

Whether essential oils actually work is something I’ll leave for the experts to decide, but there is no doubt that they are a huge industry with plenty of money flowing. Naturally, there are also lots vendors selling the oils and because of this there are plenty of related affiliate programs available.

These are currently the top affiliate programs for essential oils.


#1 – Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils

For over 13 years Rocky Mountain Oils have provided customers with essential oils of top quality. The quality is ensured by allowing an independent third party GC/MS test the oils and as long as you can provide a batch number you’re able to view the test results for free.

Rocky Mountain Oils also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes a 90-day no-questions-asked return policy.

As an affiliate you’re asked to provide some details about your business, content and traffic. For example, they wanna know about your number of subscribers and monthly page views, how long you’ve been active and what kind of content you post. On top of that they also want you to link to your highest performing content.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this program is that you can choose to either sign up as an exclusive or non-exclusive affiliate. What they mean by exclusive is that you promise not to promote any other brand than Rocky Mountain Oils and is therefore rewarded with a 16% commission on each sale (compared to the 12% as a non-exclusive affiliate). Additional to the higher commission rate, you’ll also be rewarded with exclusive offers and more incentives.

The Benefits of Using Rocky Mountain Oils: Upon signing up as an exclusive affiliate, you’ll be receiving a 16% commission on all the sales you make and access to exclusive offers. The “downside” to this is that you’ll not be able to promote products from any other brand, but then you can at least be sure that what you promote are products of high quality.


#2 – Dharmaceuticals (Aurelia Essential Oils)


Dharmaceuticals are veterans in the wellness niche. Having been around since 1991 they know how to connect with and relate to their customers. This becomes quite obvious when you look at their policies formed around their products. Their inventory holds over 100 different blends to help people improve their wellness with natural aromas and, as they put it, celebrate life.

All of Dharmaceuticals’ products are cruelty-free and the company have established relationships with suppliers who provide them with fair-trade raw materials, bottles, labels and caps. Additionally, all their products are prepared in independent labs.

Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and pays you a 15% commission on every sale you make. However, if you expect to sell for over $500 each month Dharmaceuticals actually encourage you to contact them and negotiate a higher commission rate right from the get-go. Just be ready to show some statistics for your website and social media accounts. Also, the commission rate is determined depending on how much you sell your previous year, which means that the more you sell now the higher commission rate you will have in the upcoming year. Up to 40% in fact.

The cookie life expands over a course of about 3 months (90 days), which gives you plenty of time to make a sale. As an affiliate you’re also given done-for-you resources such as banners and linking tools, and will also have access to a contact and support as well as product education.

The Benefits of Using Dharmaceuticals: The standard commission rate is an average 15%, but depending on how much you sell in one year your commission rate could actually be as high as 40% the coming year. Also, if you expect to sell for $500+ per month you can negotiate a higher commission rate from the start, as long as you can provide them with statistics for your traffic.


#3 – Essential Oils Academy

Essential Oils Academy

At Essential Oils Academy you are taught how to hold FDA-compliant wellness classes online, which will help you establish authority in the essential oils niche. There are currently over 145 different classes to use at your disposal and some of them are even available in local versions, such as Spanish and French. Following are a few examples of the courses available:

  • Essential Oils 101
  • Essential Oils For Everyday Beauty
  • Essential Oils For Intimacy
  • Emotions And Essential Oils

Each class you buy comes with ongoing support and compliance updates, which means that if there are any changes to the rules instated by the FDA your course will be updated for free. There are also class bundles you can buy if you wanna save some money, so instead having to pay the full price for each course you can get a bundle with a lower total cost.

As an Essential Oils Academy affiliate you’ll be paid 25% of each sale and your money will be sent to you on the 7th of each month. The affiliate program is provided in partnership with E-junkie, so you’ll have to get an account in order to receive your affiliate links.

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Academy: The commission rate of 25% is quite generous and you’ll always know when you get your money as Essential Oils Academy always send them out at the 7th of every month.


#4 – GEO Essential

GEO Essential

By making sure their essential oils are certified organic, GEO Essential can deliver products that are “Pure, Natural & Complete®”. The essential oils go through a strict quality process and GEO Essential provide 3rd party test results on their site in order to back up their claims.

Customers are offered free shipping for $75+ orders, and in cases of lower orders the shipping is still inexpensive within the US and Canada.

The affiliate program pays you a minimum of 15% commission, but can reach up to 20% depending on the performance of your sales. You’ll have access to a dedicated affiliate management and also 10% personalized coupon codes for GEO Essential orders. The cookie length is 30 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to make a sale to each customer you refer.

The Benefits of Using GEO Essential: You can take advantage of personalized coupon codes with 10% off on GEO products. Also, even though a 15% commission rate is quite generous already you could be paid 20% commission if your sales perform well.


#5 – Barefut


Founded in Spanish Fork, Utah in December 2010 Barefut was initially addressing the local needs of health stores, spas and chiropractors. However, thanks to the technical wonder known as the internet they’re now seeing major growth each year.

Barefut Essential Oils offer health and beauty products made from 100% pure and organic oils sourced from over 35 different countries all over the world. Their oils are GC/MS tested by a third party lab (Essential Oil University) and you can view the test results of each lot on the Barefut website. They also nitrogen cap their oil containers in order to prevent oxidation, which are then stored in a cool and windowless room.

As an affiliate you’re paid 20% for the first-time orders of your referrals, and then 10% on their subsequent orders. You’ll also get a 10% discount on your personal orders, as long as you register for a customer account on the Barefut website. Additionally, you’ll have access to custom affiliate resources to use in your promotions.

The Benefits of Using Barefut: You’ll be paid a 20% commission for each first-time customer you refer and each time they order after that you’ll receive a 10% commission.


#6 – Floracopeia


With over 50 years of experience between them, Sara and David Crow are the founders of Floracopeia – a company aiming to provide you with top quality “botanical treasures” and health education. Their online store offer customers a wide range of skin care products, flower essences and essential oils. They also focus on educating people in the field of aromatherapy.

Floracopeia was built on ethics and sustainability. They put great effort into making sure that the sourcing of the materials and distillation of oils are done in an ethical and humane manner. Their oils are environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.

By being a Floracopeia affiliate you can educate people by selling a selection of their courses and earn a hefty 30% commission. The cookie length is a whole 120 days (or 1/3 of a year) and as an affiliate you’ll be the first to know when a new course is available for promotion. In order to sign up as an affiliate you need to be a member of AvantLink, who are managing Floracopeia’s affiliate program.

The Benefits of Using Floracopeia: With a 30% commission and a little over a 3rd of a year’s cookie length, you’re given a great opportunity to earn from selling their courses.


#7 – Shaman Oils

Shaman Oils

With an impressive 70+ years in the game (and 30 years of experience in the natural herbs and spices field) Shaman Oils provide customers with high quality and sustainable essential oils. By having their own lands and stills combined with competent growers, distillers and cultivators, they’re able to supply you with eco-friendly products of the highest quality.

Shaman Oils’ products have grown in popularity among a wide range of professions, such as:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Naturopaths
  • Optometrists
  • Therapists

As an affiliate of Shaman Oils you’ll be able to earn 25% of each sale you make. However, if you’re registered as a business/corporate affiliate your commission rate is bumped up to 30%. There’s also a generous $100 bonus for every $1000 in sales that you generate (in total, not just for one referral), which can quickly add up if you’ve got lots of traffic to send.

The Benefits of Using Shaman Oils: While the 25-30% bonus is quite generous already, the $100 per every $1000 in sales you generate is definitely an incentive to take seriously. If you can refer enough traffic to this program, you could be making a lot of money.


#8 – Artisan Aromatics

Artisan Aromatics

Artisan Aromatics stock over 150 different oils from 6 different continents and is therefore an excellent candidate to partner up with. Their oils are 100% pure and many of them come from small-scale farms and distilleries. In fact, Artisan Aromatics are one of the smaller companies on this list and that has made them able to provide a personalized customer care. One of their goals is to be able to continue doing so even as they grow.

The quality of their oils is backed up with a 100% refund guarantee on almost every product you buy, which you can take advantage of if they don’t meet your expectations – the exception being their Enfleurage oils. However, Artisan Aromatics encourage you to either order a set of sample vials or even ask for a free sample vial in one of your orders so that you can try the Enfleurage oils before you buy.

The affiliate program pays you a 10% commission on every sale you make and your commissions are sent to you via PayPal. However, you’ll need to generate a total of $50 in sales before they send you your earnings.

In order to sign up as an affiliate you’ll need to provide some information about how you intent to promote their products and also which PayPal e-mail address you’d like your commissions to be sent to.

The Benefits of Using Artisan Aromatics: Since Artisan Aromatics is still a fairly small company you can be sure that your referrals will be getting a deeply personalized experience. Also, the payout limit is set pretty low at $50, so you won’t have to make too many sales to get your commissions.


#9 – Aromafloria


For over 30 years Aromafloria has supplied the public with aromatherapy and skincare products of the highest quality. They’re actually the first natural health/wellness company I’ve seen to announce that their company is gluten-free. Apart from this, the products they offer are also cruelty-free and free from parabens, phtalates and preservatives.

Aromafloria aim to restore balance and harmony in mind and body through aromatherapy. By doing so they hope to reduce stress and anxiety and offer “solutions that bring pleasure, peace and harmony, all in the name of healing”.

Being an affiliate at Aromafloria means that you’ll be paid a 15% commission for each sell you make. Commissions are paid through PayPal when you’ve reached a total of $50.

The Benefits of Using Aromafloria: Aromafloria don’t just focus on aromatherapy but skincare as well, which could mean that the program is marketable to a larger batch of people. Also, the low threshold of only $50 allows you to quickly get a cash flow from this program.


#10 – Amoils


Since 2001 Amoils have been focusing on bringing you ethically produced products of the finest quality. This is done by using natural ingredients of only the highest quality. Throughout the years they have sold over 750,000 products to satisfied customers.

Amoils inventory contains a wide variety of products, all from single oils like almond, jojoba, hazel and tea tree to pre-mixed serums to treat athletes foot, arthritis, cellulite and headaches. There are also plenty of beauty products to choose from. All products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Their affiliate program pays you an above-average 20% for each sale and according to their website the average order is $62. This would mean that each order would make you about $12 on average. There are also regular incentives and bonus programs available for affiliates.

The Benefits of Using Amoils: The inventory is fairly large and offers products for a wide variety of niches. This could mean that you’ll be able to promote to more people.


3 Niche Ideas For Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

The most common niche for essential oils is probably the natural health niche. The popularity of natural remedies have grown throughout the years, and people are becoming more aware of what they’re actually putting into their bodies.

With the side effects that strong medication often involve, it’s really no surprise that people are looking for milder alternatives.

Some examples in the natural health niche are hair loss, anti-aging, back or neck pain, skincare and diabetes.

Beauty is also quite a common niche where essential oils carry a big role. Hair styling, makeup and nail care are pretty popular sub-niches in this one.

Also, natural cleaning solutions are becoming more and more popular and the usage of essential oils for mixing your own cleaning products are getting more common.


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  1. Hi Mike! Alternative medicine has surely grown quickly and there are plenty of lucrative niche ideas that go with it. I really appreciate all this work you have put into building this list of useful affiliate programs. I had already heard about a couple of them, but I’ll definitely try them all. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Henry!

      You’re welcome. Hopefully you can find a program that pays you higher than what you’re currently paid, and boost your earnings even more! 🙂 Have an awesome Tuesday!


  2. This is very interesting , It would be even more interesting if I could see the amount $ for each product or best seller for each one of these programs. It would be awesome to compare because it just might be that the 15% of Aromafloria would bring more people and higher value ($) compare to 40% of the Dharmaceuticals.
    how would you compare them in value, it would be interesting to see what you think? do you agree with my way of thinking?

    1. Hi Jagulba,

      I kind of get what you’re after but unfortunately I don’t have access to this data. I agree that it would be quite useful to be able to see the average order sizes, best selling products etc in order to pick the right affiliate program. This is only possible if all vendors list it on their websites, but most of them seldom do.

      Thanks for the feedback, though. Overall it’s a great idea!


  3. Thank you. I am a drug addiction/treatments niche and have started focusing on essential oils as part of treatment plans. The benefits are tremendous. This is just what I have been looking for. This site is so important for others so they do not get burned by scams and sites that only want to benefit themselves. Thank you so much

    Big Fan


    1. Hey Melissa!

      I’m glad you like it. You mention another niche and it’s one I never really thought about before, but it makes sense that essential oils could be of some use there. 🙂

      You seem to know more than me about the subject… are scams common among essential oils vendors as well?

      Thanks for your input and I hope to see you again soon!


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