Flip Magic Review: $1000+ With Only 5 Minutes Of Work or Scam?

We’re all lazy in one way or another. It’s just part of our nature. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make a fortune online with barely any work? Of course it would!

In this Flip Magic review we’ll see whether only 5 minutes of work can make us $1000+ or if it’s just another scam.

But before we begin, let me just tell you this:

So far, no system that has promised instant riches with zero work has been worth spending any money on.

In case I come off as a little skeptic, it’s because I am. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It could be the first fast-money scheme that actually works… right?

Let’s dive in and have a look!

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Flip Magic Overview

  • Name: Flip Magic
  • Owner: Art Flair & Vick Carty
  • Website: Flip Magic
  • Price: $19.97
  • Upsells: $290+
  • Score: 1.9/10
  • Recommended: No

Teach Me More About Flip Magic


What is Flip Magic?

Flip Magic is a system that teaches you how to find and buy products online and then list them at a higher price at a place where people will actually pay more for it. Basically you’ll act as a product broker between vendors and customers – also known as retail arbitrage.

The product is created by Art Flair (who has a ton of products under his belt) and Vick Carty. Some of Art’s produts include:

  • Buyers List Ninja
  • Urgent Arbitrage Cash
  • 6 Minute Profits (Not to be confused with 5 Minute Profit Sites)
  • Flipp Ninja
  • Local Magic

Flip Magic is listed at $19.97 but it also comes with 5 additional upsells listed at incrementally higher prices for each. What you’ll get if you decide to pay full price for the entire package is the following:

  • Flip Magic. The Flip Magic software and training to get you going. (+ 6 bonuses)
  • Upsell #1 ($37). Done-for-you resources and “advanced features”.
  • Upsell #2 ($39.95). Advanced training.
  • Upsell #3 ($1). Trial access to an entirely different product, which is an internet marketing course.
  • Upsell #4 ($67). Traffic generation training for the IM course.
  • Upsell #5 ($147). Live bootcamp and “underground secrets”.

The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee since it’s (luckily) hosted on WarriorPlus.


How Does Flip Magic Work?

The art of flipping products is actually pretty straightforward. You find something popular that sells for cheap and then you sell it for a higher price someplace else. Your profit is then the difference.

Basically it comes down to research. You need to find products that are popular on the platform where you’re going to sell. In the case of Flip Magic, they use eBay for instance. eBay actually offers a feature where you can display sold listings, so you’ll be able to see if you’ll be getting a higher price that’s actually worth your flip or not.

The fact that there’s a course sold on this subject goes beyond my understanding, since a basic Google query will give you tons of information on flipping. Here’s the thing, though. Not even the product owners believe this course is needed. On their website, they clearly state “there’s nothing to learn” which I actually find quite funny.

Flip Magic: Nothing to Learn
The authors of Flip Magic don’t believe that learning is necessary to flip products – so why even create training for it?

But that’s far from everything about this product that rubs me the wrong way…

It has many of the typical signs of a low quality product. Promises of instant riches, next to no work required and ridiculous “proof” of earnings. Actually, let’s address that for a minute.

I have several concerns about the earnings they display on their sales page. The first one is one displaying a flip (singular) that took less than 5 minutes and which apparently made them $517.55. But if you look closely at the picture you’ll see that the income is from the entire month (31 days). In other words, that’s most likely not just one 5-minute flip.

Flip Magic: This Flip Took 5 Minutes
“This flip took less than 5 minutes”, they say. If just one flip generated $517, why show the earnings for the entire month?

Furthermore, the team behind Flip Magic claim that the product has made them $32,593.16 so far, but if you scroll down the page a bit you’ll see another income screenshot of $1,389,907. The so called “proof” is very inconsistent, and that is a really common red flag among low quality products.

Flip Magic: Million Dollar Earnings
First they claim that Flip Magic made them $32K+, and then there’s a screenshot of million dollar earnings. The income proof is extremely inconsistent and very likely untrue.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there…

In another screenshot we can see that a $197 sale was generated. Again, by looking at it closely we can actually see that it’s a transaction for traffic to a website or a traffic generation info product. The screenshot isn’t properly blurred and actually displays an order of something called “Unlimited Traffic”. I suspect that this is in fact one of Art Flair’s own products/upsells, which would make sense because he owns lots of traffic generation products. You can also see the name to which this product was sold, but I’m not gonna out it here in this post.

Selling your own products on eBay will definitely turn you a profit, but that’s not really what this product is about, now is it?

Flip Magic: Unlimited Traffic Order
One of the “flips” is showing a sale for either a traffic generation service or product. I suspect that this is one of Art’s own products – hence not a product that’s flipped.

Apart from the inconsistent earnings I’m not too fond of the testimonials. Why? They’re all written by internet marketers rather than newbies (which is who they’re targeting) that have tested the product. Yet another red flag, as many marketers who create questionable products usually reciprocate with testimonials on each other’s sales pages.


Can You Make $1000+ With Only 5 Minutes Of Work or Is It A Scam?

Thumbs Down
This product is surrounded by too many red flags. I’d stay away.

Art & Vick claim that you’ll be able to make $1000s of dollars with this system. If you expect to become rich with just 5 minutes of work, you need to think again. As you’ve seen in the screenshots above, flipping on auction pages like eBay takes time and work. While it is possible to make a lot of money flipping products, you’re gonna have to work for it.

However, the way marketers like Art and Vick actually make money is by selling their own products. Don’t believe for a second that they’re in front of their screens posting listings on eBay. Selling these shady products to people like you is a lot more profitable. Why else would they try to sell you upsells for over $290?

So is it a scam? You tell me. To sum it all up you’re being promised:

  • A system for quick riches…
  • with virtually no work at all…
  • which is backed up with inconsistent earnings screenshots as proof…
  • and comes with upsells at quite outrageous prices.

If you consider that a scam, then yes… I’d say that this is a scam.

The fact is that there are a lot of other (better) ways to make money online.

Personally, I prefer a more stable and less menial business model. I’m not chasing the next flip or sale… I go on with my day and have people who are willing to spend money come to me instead.

How do I do it?

Keep reading.


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So, what I do to make money online – in a nutshell – is that I teach people about things that I’m very passionate about. People enjoy reading what I write and make buying decisions based on my recommendations – and I get paid commissions for it.

This is called affiliate marketing, and it’s nothing new nor revolutionary. It’s a business model that’s been around for ages and it’s still alive and well simply because it works!

Best of all is that I don’t have to chase after the next sale (or product to flip in this case) because the customers are instead being drawn to my business. It’s an awesome way to make a living online!

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Flip Magic





  • Money-back guarantee
  • Decent front-end price


  • Overpriced upsells
  • Misleading sales letter
  • Questionable product overall

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