[TOP 10] Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs to Energize Your Profits!

Coffee is quite a massive industry. In fact, it’s the second largest one (second to oil) with a worth of over $100 billion worldwide. Let’s just say there’s plenty of money in coffee. Besides, the taste isn’t too shabby either!

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Below I’ve listed 10 of the most popular and highest paying gourmet coffee affiliate programs currently available to give your earnings a boost.

Some of them offer more than just gourmet coffee, of course, but that’s just icing on the cake in my opinion. People are always interested in accessories like coffee makers, grinders, cups etc. Additionally, there are a few programs which let you do charity work while pitching coffee which is pretty neat.

So keep on reading to find an affiliate program that suits your and your business’ needs!


#1 – Cafe Britt

Cafe Britt

Originally roasting only Costa Rican coffee, Cafe Britt are now providing satisfied customers with gourmet coffee from all over South America; Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. They are currently offering over 500 different gourmet products including chocolate, coffee and even sweet, tasty cookies.

All of Cafe Britt’s operations comply with international standards (ISO-14001:2004 & ISO-9001:2000) for environmental protection, management and processes.

Their affiliate program pays 8% on all sales generated through your affiliate links. The cookie length is 30 days, which means that all orders made by your referrals within 30 days will be credited to you. You can join their affiliate program through Linkshare. Cafe Britt’s website lists CJ as an affiliate program partner too, but I couldn’t find them there.

Benefits of using Cafe Britt: You’ll be promoting a brand that takes responsibility while offering their customers only the best gourmet coffee from South America.


#2 – Gourmesso


Based in Europe and Miami, Gourmesso specialize in selling coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. They offer a great selection of different flavors and intensities while still maintaining very reasonable prices. Some capsules are actually as much as 40% cheaper than the originals. Gourmesso offer fast shipping and require no registration to place orders.

Being an affiliate lets you earn a 20% commission on each sale and gives you access to exclusive deals. The average order size is around $58 which would generate you close to $12 per sale on average. In order to join the Gourmesso affiliate program you’ll need an account on CJ.

Benefits of using Gourmesso: “Coffee pods” is a niche in itself and could be promoted to people who wish to make gourmet coffee in their Nespresso machines. The average order size is $58, and with a 20% commission rate your earnings could add up very quickly.


#3 – Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee

What initially started as a typical mom & pop in 1997 has throughout the years grown into producing a multi award-winning coffee (including Forbes’ “Best Coffee in America”). Hawaii-based Koa Coffee offer customers a premium coffee made of the finest hand-picked Kona beans.

Being an affiliate lets you earn 20% commissions on all the sales you generate. Also, the cookie length is quite generous (90 days), which should be plenty of time for you to get credited for your sales. Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees available, so it’s quite possible to earn higher commissions with this program.

Benefits of using Koa Coffee: The program offers a hefty 20% commission and a lengthy 90-day cookie. Also, Hawaiian coffee can actually provide you with a different angle through which you promote to your audience.


#4 – Cross Country Cafe

Cross Country Cafe

Cross Country Cafe is a distributor of gourmet coffee and actually one of few Keurig K-Cup product distributors in the US. The company has been running in Cleveland, OH for over 100 years and apart from selling coffee products they’ve also been a source of information, recipes and advice for coffee lovers in the US.

Additionally to selling K-Cup pods, Cross Country Cafe offer brewers and accessories related to Keurig products. However, what’s perhaps the most interesting thing about this program is their subscription service, where customers get 5% off regular price and affiliates receive a 5% commission for each month the subscription is renewed.

Besides the subscription service, the affiliate program also pays out a 10% commission for each sale and provides affiliates with free content (like a monthly giveaway, for example) to use in their promotions.

Benefits of using Cross Country Cafe: The subscription service offers your leads a 5% discount off regular price and pays you a 5% commission each month their subscription is renewed. Also, the provided giveaway content can be extremely useful for getting your leads to click through to Cross Country Cafe.


#5 – Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee Company

By serving coffee lovers for over 15 years, Volcanica Coffee are recognized as true experts of exotic and premium gourmet coffees from all over the world. In fact, their store contain over 140 different freshly roasted coffees, including estate and peaberry. It also offers java aficionados more rare kinds of coffee, such as Kona, Lupi Luwak and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Volcanica Coffee offer free shipping on orders over $60.

The affiliate program pays you 15% commission during your first 45 days, and thereafter 10%. Also, customers that you refer to Volcanica and who place subsequent orders after the initial one generate an additional 1% on their purchase(s) – each time they order something! The average value of an order is $85 which would land you at $8.5 commission at the base rate of 10%.

Benefits of using Volcanica Coffee: They sell lots of exotic coffees which could be used to get a larger audience interested in what you have to offer. Also, the 1% recurring commission is pretty sweet if customers decide to stay for a long time.


#6 – Sudden Coffee

Sudden Coffee

This is probably the coolest program on this list. Sudden Coffee is a crystallized gourmet coffee made out of 100% high quality Arabica beans. Just add milk or water and then enjoy an instant coffee that tastes just as good as a premium pour over. Coffees are available as both one-time purchase and recurring shipment where you’ll save 20% on each pack or box. There are also monthly plans where you’ll get 24, 48, 72 or 96 cups of Sudden Coffee delivered at an interval (every 1-6 months) of your choosing.

The affiliate program pays up to 55% on regular purchases and 27% on free trials, which by far are the highest commissions on this list. There are also plenty of bonuses to be earned depending on how well you perform. The base cookie length is 60 days, but can be extended to 120 days when Sudden Coffee have confirmed that you’ve placed an affiliate link on your website. The program is hosted on ShareASale so you’ll need to register for an account before you apply to become an affiliate.

Benefits of using Sudden Coffee: The possibility to earn 55% commissions on sales should be incentive enough. However, you will be promoting a really cool product (crystallized coffee!) which I believe should at least spark a tiny interest among your followers.


#7 – Boca Java

Boca Java

Boca Java isn’t just another online retailer. They’ve actually been featured as a top pick on NBC’s The Today Show and are also ranked in the top 300 of online retailers. With a selection of 25 different flavors, they offer customers a delicious experience crafted with only the highest quality ingredients.

Boca Java’s affiliate program pays you up to 20% in commissions for each sale. Your commissions depend on your performance as follows:

  • Monthly sales of less than $1000 = 10% commission
  • Monthly sales between $1000 – $4,999 = 15% commission
  • Monthly sales of at least $5000 = 20% commission

You can refer people to their “Connoisseur Club” and earn $10-$15 per sign-up; also depending on how many you refer each month.

Benefits of using Boca Java: With this program you’re given an incentive to sell and refer more people, because your reward depends on how well you perform.


#8 – Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company

The Hawaii Coffee Company is actually the parent company of two great coffee companies – LION Coffee and Royal Kona Coffee. They’ve partnered up with chef Alan Wong, one of the co-founders of the cooking style Hawaii Regional Cuisine, to create a tasteful line of coffee known as Royal Hawaiian Coffee.

Their selection include a wide range of products, such as gourmet coffees like pure kona, single origin and 4 different chefs’ blends as well as teas, flavored coffee, gift bundles and single serve pods.

As an affiliate you’re paid 20% per sale and the cookie length is quite generous spanning over 45 days. Not that you’ll need 45 days to sell coffee – people usually want to drink their coffee like… yesterday!

Benefits of using Hawaii Coffee Company: You’ll be offering your followers gourmet coffee by one of the most famous chefs of Hawaii, while earning a hefty 20% commission in the process!


#9 – 3 Avocados

Three Avocados

Three Avocados give coffee aficionados a chance to do something good for those in need while enjoying their morning cup of Joe. They’re in fact a non-profit organization that strive to provide clean drinking water to people all around the globe. Their coffee is grown in Nicaragua and Uganda, and purchasing the 3 Avocados coffee helps making conditions better in these areas.

Their store includes coffee, naturally, but there are also other products to buy and help make a difference such as apparel, mugs, tumblers, gifts, phone cases and stickers.

Being an affiliate pays you 12% per sale which actually is a pretty high payout for a non-profit organization.

Benefits of using 3 Avocados: Buying this coffee helps make a difference in the world and provide people who need it with clean drinking water. It’s simply a win/win program.


#10 – Grosche


Just like 3 Avocados above, Grosche provide people in need with safe drinking water. In fact, each product they sell funds their safe drinking water project and ensures that people will have another 50+ days of clean drinking water.

They were founded in 2006 and offer customers everything they could possibly need in order to make their coffee or tea. Apart from freshly roasted coffee they also sell things like grinders, infuser mugs, kitchen scales, kettles, coffee makers, milk frothers and even spare gaskets. Free shipping in the US and Canada is included for orders over $50.

Grosche pays affiliates an 8% commission, but there are incentives and special promotions available that could bump that number up. However, affiliates running a coupon website will only receive a 5% commission on each sale.

Benefits of using Grosche: Provide people with clean drinking water while receving commissions for it. Also, if your followers are looking for more than just the coffee itself, this is very likely the place to find it!


3 Niche Ideas For Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs

So now that we’ve taken a look at what affiliate programs we can use to promote some gourmet coffee, let’s look at some keywords that we can build our content around. These are only meant to get those cogs in your head to turn and spark some ideas for a potential niche that you can use.

  1. Best coffee for weight loss. Build a website around the weight loss niche and pitch gourmet coffee as being the most effective one for losing weight. Teach people how they can include coffee in their diet for faster metabolism.
  2. Coffee recipes with Nespresso. Focus your site on teaching people how to make delicious coffee drinks based on Nespresso brand coffee. You could promote not only coffee, but also cups, infusers, milk frothers etc.
  3. How to make coffee without a coffee maker. Teach people how to make coffee the old fashioned way. Ironically, you could promote coffee makers as an easier option for making coffee.


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