High Ticket Hijack Review: Earn $1000+ by Lunchtime or Scam?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just be able push a few buttons and then see the sales rolling in? I’m talking like $1000 or more before lunchtime! And all while only having to work for like 15 minutes per day.

Of course it would be awesome! Who in their right mind would say no to that?!

Well, in this High Ticket Hijack review we’ll see if this is actually possible or if it’s just a plain ol’ scam.

Not only are we going to dive into how this product works, but we’ll also find out if it’s actually something you could base a full-time business on. However, experience is telling me that we should be prepared for disappointment, though. Low quality products are pretty common in this industry, unfortunately.

So embrace yourself – things may not always be as good as they look. Read on to find out more!

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High Ticket Hijack Overview

  • Name: High Ticket Hijack
  • Owner: Glynn Kosky
  • Website: High Ticket Hijack
  • Price: $25.97
  • Upsells: $600+
  • Score: 3.5/10
  • Recommended: No

Teach Me More About High Ticket Hijack


What is High Ticket Hijack?

High Ticket Hijack is a system which adds your lead magnets (bonuses, if you will) next to the offer you’re promoting. What this does is increasing the incentive to sign up to a service or product via your affiliate link, rather than somebody else’s.

The idea is that most high ticket offers already have high converting webinars which basically sell the products on their own. So on the webinar’s landing page (or “pre-sell page”) the user is instructed to sign up to the live webinar, during which they will receive their bonuses from you. This forces people who are interested in the bonuses to sign up through your link and you’ll naturally receive the commissions.

Included in the “package” are hundreds of different giveaways that you can use as lead magnets, bonuses, additional training etc. You’re also given access to a free traffic system to get visitors to your pages. These pages are done-for-you resources that you can connect to your autoresponder and build your list while promoting your high-ticket offers.

Included in High Ticket Hijack

While the front-end price of High Ticket Hijack is a fair $25.97 there are upsells that push the cost up quite a lot. You know, normally you’ll have to count with there being around 2-3 upsells when you buy a product like this. However, in this case there are 6 of them. Yes, six upsells! This means that you’re looking at having to spend $600+ to get both the front-end product and all the upsells.

The software is cloud hosted and created by Glynn Kosky, a ClickBank platinum vendor and the guy behind products such as The Commission Toolbox and Six Figure Influx. Since the product is sold on WarriorPlus you’re eligible to a 30-day money back guarantee from the day of the purchase – no questions asked.


How Does High Ticket Hijack Work?

I’d say that this product is nothing more but an add-on to use alongside an existing marketing strategy. What I mean by that is that you’ll need to at least know the basics of affiliate marketing before you dive into buying a product for $600+.

I know, I know… Glynn Kosky claims that no experience or technical skills are needed, but such claims are often half-truths in order to pull you in and get you closer to buying. You need to at least be aware of how affiliate marketing works before you buy these products. I’m not saying this to discourage you from buying – it can be a really great product to boost your earnings with if you already have a working strategy.

In other words, paying such a large sum of money in one go and hoping that the product will take care of the marketing for you just won’t work.

Quite frankly, it’s not even certain that this product will make you any money at all. If you read the disclaimer you’ll see that they cannot even guarantee that you’ll find success with this product. In fact, Glynn Kosky and the team behind High Ticket Hijack suggest that the content should be considered created for entertainment purposes only. If the product owners cannot guarantee your success when fully committing to their instructions, why should you even bother?

High Ticket Hijack Disclaimer
The team behind High Ticket Hijack cannot guarantee your success. In fact, they’re suggesting that you look at the sales copy as entertainment. This doesn’t really build much credibility, does it?

Not that it comes as a surprise. The sales page boasts about outrageous earnings with various screenshots (which 9 times out of 10 are of vendor earnings — not affiliate) and this is usually the most common red flag to look out for when trying to detect scams online. I’m not saying that High Ticket Hijack is a scam, but it’s very likely a low quality product due to their necessity to sell the product with earnings screenshots (which nobody can be entirely certain of where they’ve originated from).

The fact that the disclaimer in the footer refers to a completely different product URL makes me think that this is just a rehash of one of Glynn’s previous products. Heck, even the disclaimer page lists a third website address, so we may very likely be looking at a rehash of a rehash which makes me think that it’s not worth even close to being worth the $600+ they’re asking for it.

High Ticket Hijack Disclaimer URLs
The High Ticket Hijack website is not consistent with the product website address it’s referring to, which makes me think that this is just a rehash of another product. Maybe even a rehash of a rehash.

Like I’ve previously mentioned, these webinars that you’re supposed to link to tend to convert really well. All this product does is add another incentive (bonuses) to get people to sign up via your affiliate link. Bonuses can boost your earnings, but they won’t build your business.


Can You Make Over $1K Before Lunch With High Ticket Hijack?

Thumbs Up
This product is legit, but not recommended.

So let’s address another claim that Glynn Kosky makes about this product, which is that you’ll be able to make 4 figures by lunchtime. This would mean that you’d have to earn $1000 or higher your first 11-12 hours of the day. Additionally, you’ll apparently only need to work on your business for a measly 15 minutes per day.

Of course you can earn $1k in just a few hours – there are hundreds of affiliate marketers doing it on a daily basis. However, what these marketers all have in common is that they work really hard to see their desired results. Many affiliates work even longer hours than they’d normally do at a regular 9-5 job. Finding success with affiliate marketing involves a lot of trial and error and requires you to test your way forward.

High Ticket Hijack is not a scam, but this point-and-click software is not going to make you rich unless you’ve already got your own affiliate business up and running — and even then it’s not certain that it will (remember, not even the owners could promise that you’ll see success).

Furthermore, they claim that their beta testers have seen success with High Ticket Hijack, but the thing about testers is that they are usually already established marketers. These marketers have built, tested and optimized funnels from which they can send targeted traffic to this product. Believe me, it’s taken them time to build that up.

The thing with these kinds of products is that marketers make unrealistic promises and sell them at unjustifiably high prices to hopeful people (like yourself) who are struggling to make their very first $100 online. After their first product launch, when some sales have rolled in, the product creators own plenty of earnings screenshots that they can show off in the sales letters of future products. With these screenshots they then make you believe that those earnings come from using the product they’re trying to sell you.

So to sum things up, High Ticket Hijack can be a good addition to your established business but it’s not something I’d use to build a new business around. Despite the claims, you’ll need a basic understanding of affiliate marketing and all its (few) moving parts.

My recommendation is that you build an honest affiliate business that genuinely helps people, provides them with value, keeps your conscience clean, makes you money 24/7 and is guaranteed to work. It’s going to require work (remember, affiliates work hard) but it’s going to be well worth it in the end. When you’ve got an established business, you can start adding “add-ons” like this product in order to squeeze more profits out of it.


How To Build a GENUINE & HONEST Affiliate Business

Understanding the concept of affiliate marketing isn’t really hard. Basically you’re connecting customers with vendors and getting paid for your troubles (sort of like a finder’s fee).

However, putting it into practice is a tiny bit harder. You need to find the correct audience for the products you’re promoting. Else you won’t be selling much of anything.

If you aim to build your business with your audience in mind, you’ll be setting yourself up for long-term success. Get people to love your business and you’ll have a loyal following who are willing to pay for whatever you’re recommending. When somebody trusts you, they’ll buy!

I know that all this may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Doing proper affiliate marketing is simple, but it requires work and a solid foundation for you to expand from.

And in order to start a successful business you need to learn from the best – like I have. I’ve written a review of the training platform that has taken me from nothing to a fully functional affiliate marketing business. The difference between that platform and High Ticket Hijack is that they actually guarantee success, which is a really bold claim in this industry. But they do and it’s understandable why.

What they teach… it simply works!

So just click the red button below to read my review and then sign up for a starter membership to begin creating your business. (It’s free!)

Learn How To REALLY Do Affiliate Marketing


High Ticket Hijack

$25.97 + upsells




  • Decent front-end price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Adds value to existing offer


  • Overpriced upsells
  • No free trial
  • Outrageous claims
  • Cannot guarantee your success
  • Not suited for beginners

14 thoughts on “High Ticket Hijack Review: Earn $1000+ by Lunchtime or Scam?”

  1. That’s interesting that they said the content is “for entertainment purposes only”. I suppose they’re covering their own behinds, but still, I’ve never seen a disclaimer like that before. Your review was very balanced, suggesting that in the end, the system might add revenue to an existing business, but isn’t really for beginners (and might not work at all). 

    Wealthy Affiliate is much better for beginners. They teach you the basics of Affiliate Marketing and give you two free websites to start. There’s a low risk and low start up cost. Good review and I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, it’s quite peculiar isn’t it? I guess you’re right about them wanting to cover their backs, but it’s still a pretty odd thing to put in your disclaimer. 🙂

      Indeed, WA is more of a complete package for setting up your business. Apart from the great training you’ll get stuff like hosting, support, 1-on-1 training, weekly webinars and an awesome community to keep you going when things get tough. IMO, it’s simply the place to be if you wish to setup your own long-term affiliate business.

      Thanks for your feedback. Hope to see you yet again! 🙂


  2. Thanks for taking time to write on this. I took time to study this platform. I think the main con of High Ticket HiJack is what you’ve highlighted here: there are just so many platform this days that promise wealth in a snap, but you’ll be left disappointed after joining with the mindset that you’ve finally hit it. I would love to check the alternatives you suggested.


    1. Hey Jordan!

      You’re hitting the nail on the head here.

      One major reason why people who try to make money online fail is because they’re coming into this with the wrong mindset. They expect to make money overnight and with the least amount of effort possible, and when that doesn’t happen they get disappointed and give up. I don’t blame them though… “gurus” sell them this illusion on a daily basis.

      Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative, but it takes time to learn. Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Monday 🙂


  3. Anything that promises a lot of money in exchange for 15-minute work per day sounds highly suspicious … And then the upsells, six of them, amounting up to 600 dollars? Unbelievable. Reviews like yours are so necessary, to prevent people from falling for those scams. It is sad that there are so many unreliable websites out there … A lot of people say that the internet is a jungle, and in fact, that is true … sadly enough. On the other hand, there are also many reliable websites out there.

    Thank you for providing this review about High Ticket Hijack. I had never heard of it, but I’m glad I read about it. This is definitely something I’m not going to invest in. Like you said, building an online income takes a lot of time and effort. 

    1. Heya Christine,

      Yeah, 6 upsells and $600+. It’s not that hard to figure out where the product owners are really making their money from. This is what I mean when I talk about the ridiculous screenshots of their earnings. Usually they’re from selling their own products – NOT from affiliate marketing.

      Internet marketing as a whole is a jungle. That’s why so many who have a go at it fail, either they’re not patient enough or they’re simply not using the right methods. With the correct training and tools, all that’s missing is you and your hard work. 🙂

      I’m glad you found my review useful. Hopefully I can help you out in the future as well!

      Thank you for your visit and have a neat Monday.


  4. If I’ll be sincere, I always get confused just by reading some reviews of these online businesses because they’re just too good to be scams, even those claimed not to be scam will definitely be of benefit to a particular set that the others. Anyways, no business is without its own distress, it depends on how you handle it. I’m into affiliate marketing and I can say offers like this, I mean High Ticket Hijack, needs a background knowledge of what affiliate marketing is and how it operates. Thanks for sharing this article, its so useful and really informative, I love it.

    1. Hi Jones!

      I agree that much of your success online depends on yourself. I’d say that most of it does, actually. You can have all the tools and training in the world, but if you’re not taking action and actually applying what you learn, then you’ll always be standing right where you started.

      I’m not saying that High Ticket Hijack is a bad tool (quite expensive, maybe), but I don’t believe that it should be used to build a business. It might be quite useful if you want to optimize your funnels, but in order to optimize a funnel you need to create one first… right?

      Despite which tool you use, you should at least know the basics of affiliate marketing. If you run a business without knowing at least the very core of the business model you’re using, you’ll undoubtedly have problems down the road.

      Thanks for your input. I appreciate the feedback! 🙂


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your honest review about high ticket hijack.Although I have heard about this the first time I am glad that I got warned before involved. As I am always interested to work from home and make money online, so chances are very high to get scam. Thats why I always make a decision after research about any opportunity. The main disadvantage of this opportunity(High ticket hijack) is upsell  and it is very high. So it is very difficult for anyone who is beginner levels and doesn’t have enough money to invest. Do you have any recommendation for those who have in this position?

    1. Hi Nazmun!

      You bring up a very important point here, which is the price for a newbie. $600+ is very steep for a beginner who has never made any money online before. Especially when you pay it all in one go!

      I’m not against investing in additional tools to help push your business forward, but you should do it once you’ve got money coming in through your business.

      What I recommend is getting a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. I know that I keep nagging about this platform, but the reason is simple – it works! And it works well!

      Inside you’ll learn how to practically take any hobby or niche that you’re interested in or know a lot about and turn it into your livelihood. Running a business is supposed to be fun. Else, what’s the point? 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!


  6. Hi Mike,

    Very interesting article. I remember when I first started Affiliate Internet Marketing. Headlines like “Earn $1000+ by Lunchtime” were mainly used to captivate people and lure them in. I felt deceived when I invested in this industry. However, what is important is how deceived I was knowing only having so little money in the bank living off of government money being a full time student receiving my very first laptop from monies leftover from my tuition, barely being able to afford bill and rent money. If only I knew then what I know now!

    Thanks for the well written article and broadening my horizons in this matter. Excellent information!

    Anymore links to products you promote would be greatly appreciated also.

    1. Hello Shaun!

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s always inspiring to see people rise up from conditions like yours! But it’s just another piece of evidence that this is doable no matter where you come from. As long as you work hard enough with the right things, you’ll reach success!

      In fact, there aren’t all that many products out there that I can recommend because I feel they’re not offering the “complete experience”. However, these are some of the ones I recommend. I’ll also list the ones to definitely stay away from!

      Recommended: Wealthy AffiliateSuper Affiliate System(paid traffic) * The Commission League

      Stay away from: Millionaire SocietyAz Millionaire Method5 Minute Profit Sites

      Thanks for the visit and hope to see you soon again. Have an awesome Monday and keep grinding! 🙂


      1. Thanks Hefty Mike.
        I will be checking out the Super Affiliate paid traffic now that I have about $20 to spend. As long as it’s cheap.

        Yours in Success,


        1. The SAS is pretty expensive though. It’s $997, so I recommend that you go for free traffic if you’ve only got $20 to spend. Check the first recommendation in the list instead 😉


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