How To Make Money Blogging About Sports: Blood, Sweat & Tears

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Want to find out how to dribble a soccer ball? Or are you perhaps more interested in learning how to make money blogging about sports?

Just kidding – of course you wanna make money!

But one way of doing that in the sports niche can be by writing very helpful articles about how to improve your skills in a certain sport.

The article I’ve picked for today’s blog review is – in fact – one that teaches how to dribble a soccer ball.

Note: Just to get this out of the way. Taking into consideration that I’m Swedish, I’ll never normally call this sport “soccer”. But that’s what the author of the article does, so I’ll play along… just this once!

The article is posted on the “Complete Soccer Guide” blog. However, I cannot find the name of the owner, so unfortunately I’m not able to credit it to anybody but the website itself.

No worries, though. It’s still making money and we’re gonna find out how!


The Sports Blog At a Glance

  • Name: The Complete Soccer Guide
  • Owner: AB Website Holdings I LLC
  • Address:
  • Estimated Worth: $2,982
  • Started year: 2009
  • Alexa Global Rank: 1,022,338
  • Backlinks: 29
  • Top 3 Keywords: how to play soccer / soccer games / soccer moves


First Impression

You know how I usually keep blabbering on about the importance of providing a good user experience for your readers? Well, this blog starts off with a prime example of what not to do when setting up a blog.

As I logon to the site, I get a privacy policy notification at the bottom of the screen. This is fine and in fact, I encourage it.

However, as I’m about to click “Accept”, advertisement for a football product popups up in front of the privacy policy. So what happens is that just micro-seconds before I click the button, that advertisement is shown. I don’t have enough time to react, so rather than closing the privacy policy notification, I end up on Clickbank where the product is being sold.

This is naturally very annoying for the blog visitors, and after this experience I almost feel like I’m ready to leave and go look for another blog to review. However, I realize that even a less than optimal blog can definitely teach you a thing or two as well, so I decide to keep going.

So I close the Clickbank window and get back to the blog, to successfully close the privacy policy popup on my second try. Now I’m ready to see that blog!

Oh… My… God.

The first thing to catch my eye is the obvious focus on earning money from me as a visitor.

There are 3 banners above the fold. I cannot see the title of the post, nor can I see the whole first image.

Sports Blog Ads
There are 3 ads above the fold. Would you stay on the page?


If you were in this position – where all you saw was ads when you clicked in to a site – what would your next move be?

Personally, I’d leave the blog and go look for something… less frustrating.

However, I decide to keep going, because I’m genuinely curious to see whether the blog has more surprises “hidden up its sleeve”.

As I scroll down, I notice a sticky sidebar with social sharing buttons, which make it very simple for readers to share the post with their family and friends.

The post also contains plenty of internal links, which helps with climbing the rankings. However, there’s a shortage of external authority links and this could potentially keep the post from ranking. One single link to an authority site (per post) is all it takes to signal to search engines – such as Google – that you’re trying to provide value with your content.

Even further down the page, there are several more ads. I’m not surprised at this point, so I – more or less – just shrug and move along.

I notice that some visitors actually have left some comments, which is great! Engagement on your blog is good for many reasons, but the main advantage I see with it is that you get a chance to connect with your visitors on a more personal level.

Unfortunately, nobody has replied to the comments. Wasted opportunity, if you ask me.

Comments without replies tells me – as a visitor – that I shouldn’t bother posting a comment. I mean, nobody’s going to reply, anyway.

When I reach the bottom of the page, I get filled with a little hope.

I see an opt-in form – the owner is building an e-mail list! E-mail marketing is still the one of the highest converting methods for making money online – despite its age.

There’s also another link for the Clickbank product in the footer. It’s been headlined with “Our Favorite Product“.

Finally, I notice the author of the article is simply “Complete Soccer Guide” and there’s no “About” page that describes who’s behind the website. This can definitely lower the trust among readers and make them less prone to listening to recommendations posted on the page.

Always show who you are. Give your blog a face!


What I Like About The Sports Blog

Don’t get me wrong. Far from everything is bad with this blog.

For example, the article is very rich with valuable information. With almost 1400 words, it’s well over the recommended minimum word count for what can be considered good SEO. (around 1,000)

And speaking of SEO, the post contains plenty of internal links, which allows the reader to further dive into mentioned concepts and learn more about them. This is very important for a pleasant user experience!

Branding is very important in business, and The Complete Soccer Guide utilizes one of the most important aspects of it – a logo. It’s a very simple one at that, and that is in fact good. The logo consists of a soccer player shooting a ball. It’s not very busy and shows exactly what the blog is about. The favicon might be even better; it’s just a ball.

A common pitfall when running a blog is filling up the menus with too many links.

I get it. As a blogger, you’re very likely proud of most of your work and want to show it to the world. However, filling up your navigation menu too much can have the opposite effect – visitors get discouraged because they’re presented with too many options, and eventually end up in a sort of “analysis paralysis” state of mind.

The Complete Soccer Guide has menus with very few items, and it makes the site look very clean and organized. Hopefully it also keeps the visitors on for a longer time.

Bit of Content From Sports Blog
The content is around 1,400 words – which is great! Plenty of internal links to relevant articles boosts the user experience.
However, the formatting needs work, and the author needs to step into the light and show their face!


What I Don’t Like About The Sports Blog

There are a few concerns I have with this blog. For example, that Clickbank pop-up that appears as soon as I enter. Just…why?! It’s just frustrating and if I feel this way, most likely others do as well.

The blog also focuses quite a lot on generating revenue through display ads. It’s riddled with them, and they’re definitely affecting the user experience in a negative fashion. As I mentioned, as soon as I enter the page I see 3 banners. (and zero content)

It’s quite evident that the blog is mainly focusing on ads, rather than the user.

This becomes even more clear as I scroll down to the comments section. Visitors have been taking their time to express their thoughts, but so far they’ve gone unanswered. There’s no rapport from the author.

And speaking of the author – who is he/she? There is no about page, nor any other information about the person behind the content. All I can find on the blog is that the author is called “The Complete Soccer Guide”, which is too anonymous to build any real trust among the readers.

Furthermore, while the content itself offers lots of value, I feel that the formatting could need some love. Right now it’s a wall of text, which is quite difficult to read. There are headers and sub-headers, but all the elements of the blog are too close to each other. Adding some whitespace would do wonders!

I’m also feeling that the blog could need a few more images. There is only one image in the article right now, and adding a few more could help with making the article more readable.

Finally, to improve the SEO and also assist users to expand their knowledge, the article needs more external links to authority sources. At least one. This will signal to search engines (Google) that you’re not prestigious about your blog, and actually willing to link to other sites in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Sports Blog Clickbank Popup
A very intrusive Clickbank ad pops up right before I click “Accept” on the privacy policy notification.


What I’d Change About The Sports Blog

Okay, so the first thing that needs serious work is – you guessed it – the Clickbank pop. I get that people wanna sell on their blog. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, the way it’s done with this pop-up is so obvious that it becomes frustrating to the visitor.

I’d at least set a timer on it, or change it to pop up when the user intends to leave. (drags cursor towards the “X”-button)

Maybe I’d even focus on building my list, rather than selling a Clickbank product, but that would have to be decided with A/B-testing.

Second, I’d reduce the number of ads. Maybe remove one of the top banners to make sure that some part of the content is above the fold. Then I’d probably reduce the number of in-content ads too, as I personally feel they’re too many to not affect the user experience.

Furthermore, I’d try to improve the readability of the blog post itself. As I mentioned, it’s more or less a wall of text, and the reader really has to focus to be able to get through it all. Maybe add some whitespace, turn some content into lists, use dividers etc.

I’d also add some sort of presentation of the REAL author, as it builds trust and makes users feel more comfortable knowing there’s a real person behind the content. Upload a profile picture and perhaps create an “About” page.

Then, when the blog has gained itself a real face, I’d continue on with actually replying to the comments it’s getting. You see, user engagement is really important for a blog. Essentially, comments are even more content for your post, so a blogger should be very happy when those comments start dropping in.

Make a habit of replying to comments. As readers start seeing that they’ll actually get a reply when they express their thoughts, more comments will start getting posted.

Finally, I’d add at least one link to an external authority source. (within the niche of soccer)

This in order to give the best possible user experience for the readers – and to signal to search engines that you’re willing to share your visitors with other websites if those websites can provide them with value.



So as we’ve gone through The Complete Soccer Course in order to learn how to make money blogging about sports, we’ve learned a few things:

  • Don’t frustrate your readers.
  • Don’t mainly focus on making money.
  • Don’t be an anonymous blogger.

We should also keep a few things in mind in order to provide a good user experience on our blog:

  • Do format your posts to make them readable.
  • Do add a presentation with picture to build trust.
  • Do offer links where users can learn more about what they’re reading.

I feel that the blog needs work, but it’s far from all bad. It’s probably making some money for the owner, but at the cost of user experience. There is no reason to not have both. Give the readers a pleasant visit on your blog, and chances are they’ll stay for longer.

If you were to start your very own sports blog, please don’t step into the pitfalls I’ve mentioned throughout this post. Focus on your readers first, as they’re the force behind your blog’s success. If you can do this, then you will be successful.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any questions, feedback or just wish to chat.

To your success!

Would you like to earn a full-time income by blogging about your hobby, too?
Many of the blogs I review on this website generate serious money - month after month!
>>> Click Here to Learn How with My #1 Recommended Training Platform!

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