How To Make Money By Writing Online [VIDEO]

When I first started looking into how to make money by writing online, I ended up getting pulled into scam after scam. To say the least, it got quite expensive after a while.

Not only did I pay for the initial product, but there were usually upsells that were “essential” to make the product live up to its full potential. I could easily pay $200+ per product in hopes of becoming filthy rich. Let’s just say that I was desperate and naive.

That’s the problem with the internet. There’s so much opportunity being offered by marketers, that you really can’t know what’s legit and what’s a complete scam.

Luckily, there are a few valuable training programs out there that do work – and once you find one, you’ve got the entire world to market to!


How To Make Money By Writing Online: Is It Even Possible?

So as somebody who is new to this whole making money online thing, I’m sure you’re wondering if it even is possible to make it work for you. The short answer is: YES! Of course it is!

However, generating income online doesn’t work in the way most beginners think it does.

When I first started out, I had quite unrealistic expectations. As I later found out, I wasn’t alone – in fact… many beginners have them! For some reason, I thought internet marketing was all about:

  • Getting rich overnight.
  • Just pushing a button and reaping huge rewards.
  • Having everything set up for me.
  • Get millions of high-quality visitors to my offer for a one-time fee of only $10.

The harsh reality is that writing online should be treated like any other business. What you put into it, is what you get out. The good news is that hard work pays off!

But that’s the key concept here – you need to work hard to be successful. If you’re ready to really pour your heart and soul into building your very own business, then you’re well on your way to make this thing work.

So with the right mindset – yes – it is very possible to make money writing online!

Just watch this video to learn about the process of making money on the internet:

Video on How To Make Money Writing Online


“But… I’m No Expert Writer!”

One of the most common fears people have about writing for a living is that they think they need to be an expert writer.

Let me tell you this right away: You do not need to be an expert writer to make money online!

Want me to repeat that? Alright, then! You do NOT need to be an expert writer in order to make money online!

The truth is that people want to hear your story. And they wanna hear it in your own words, in your own voice.

Communicating with people through text is an art form in itself, but it’s mostly a matter of using conversational speech rather than formal.

So forget all the rules about punctuation, grammar and paragraph lengths that you were taught in school. They don’t apply here!

Write from your heart – that’s what people truly want to read.

Heart Tree
Write in your own voice, and straight from your heart. People want to read content that’s written by a real person – someone like them.


Help First – Then Earn Money!

Your #1 goal with your blog should always be to help people solve a problem. What this problem is depends heavily on your niche. For example:

  • In the auto niche, you might provide users with the cheapest auto insurance services.
  • In the skin care niche, users might be looking to your site for advice about eliminating acne.
  • In the make money niche, your blog might provide users with a list of the highest paying affiliate networks.

Whichever audience you’re marketing to, you should first and foremost focus on helping your readers solve their problem(s). THEN you can focus on making money – through those solutions.

Your readers are those who make you money. So you have to take care of their needs before you take care of your own.


Write About Something You Love Or Thrive At

In order to make people feel interested in your content, you need to be interesting. This gets very easy if you’re writing about something that genuinely interests you, or are very knowledgeable about.

This allows for your words to flow freely from your mind, through your fingertips and onto the screen. The sentences tend to come out quite naturally when you don’t have to think about every little word you type out.

Also, writing about a passion or an area of expertise usually means that you’re able to stay on it for longer without getting exhausted or plain bored. Every business has it’s ups and downs, and when the subject you’re writing about comes easily to you, you’ll get through the hard times with way less effort.

Intense Fire
Hard times become much easier if you’re blogging about a burning passion of yours. Find something of interest to you and start blogging!


Write For An Existing Market

I know that it can be tempting to write about a passion of yours – and you should – but I recommend that you first make sure there’s a market for it. For example, check Amazon to see whether there are any products related to your passion. Also do some proper keyword research to determine if that niche is worth going after.

Also, get specific with your niche, but not too specific. For example, you may know lots about laptop computers and wish to build a blog around this. However, “laptop computers” is most likely too broad of a niche, so narrowing it down can do wonders to reach the right audience.

To get a bit more specific, you could narrow this down by targeting certain demographics. However, as I mentioned you don’t wanna be too specific, as you might end up with too few people to market to.

Good examples:

  • Laptop computers for MMORPG gamers
  • Laptop computers for teen designers
  • Laptop computers for art students

Bad Examples:

  • Laptop computers for gamers who live in their parents’ basement in Delaware
  • Laptop computers for designers between the ages of 70-75, who listen to Eminem and watch “Dancing With The Stars”.
  • Laptop computers for female teenage art students in Bangladesh, who boycott Hewlett Packard.

You see where I’m going with this?

Writing towards a targeted market is good. Just make sure your targeting isn’t too narrow.



As a beginner, one of the hardest things I had with building a business online was being unable to focus. And I don’t mean concentrating on the task of writing.

Thanks to the internet, we have so many different ways to make money today. I was always afraid that I wasn’t pursuing “the best way” to make money, and feared that I’d miss out on a lot of money if I didn’t do my marketing “the best way”.

The thing is that there is no best way. Ask a blogger what the best way is and he’ll tell you “blogging”. Ask a media buyer and he’ll say “media buying“.

What matters more than anything is that you’re being consistent with whatever marketing method you’re using. Repeatedly jumping between different ways of making money will only keep you at the starting line, since you’ll have to start over and learn the ropes of each new method you try.

Focus on ONE way of making money, and pursue it relentlessly!

Glass Ball
To increase your chances of success, focus on only one method of making money online.


Have Patience… Lots. Of. Patience.

I must admit that I’m quite patient by nature. On one or two occasions, people around me have gone nuts when I’ve taken things a little too calmly. (in their opinion)

However, this whole process of building a business online is pushing even my limits sometimes. It is a tedious process and requires you to have a massive amount of patience.

But it’s worth it – every single moment of it.

As long as you’re aware that you’re building something that will make you money for many years come, things will feel a bit easier.

Think of your big goals and why you’re creating a business in the first place.

Is it to fire your own boss and escape the 9-5 rat race? Maybe it’s because you want a cooler car than your friends? Perhaps it’s in order to provide for your family and ensure they have a safe future?

Whichever it is – keep your eye on it at all times, and be patient.

Good things are coming your way!


Spy On Other Bloggers

As I previously mentioned, there are lots of ways to make money online. Blogging is just one of them and it’s what I’m personally focusing on.

But it’s not just a random decision I made. I actually thought it through before I decided to go with blogging.

The fact is that you can view your blog as an asset in your business. It’s a tool you use to market to your audience.

One of the best parts is that the work you put into it now, will pay off several times throughout its lifetime. As long as you keep it running, it’ll always be there to do the marketing for you.

Social media networks, advertising accounts, article directories (etc) all come and go, but your blog will still be there. Social networks shut down. Advertising accounts get banned. You get the idea.

The easiest way to see how you can build up your own blog is to get inspiration from other bloggers.

Kid Spying
To quickly learn how to design your blog, spy on your competition and see what they’re doing. Use their blogs as inspiration for yours!

Luckily, I frequently review blogs to see how they’re providing a good experience for readers and how they make money.

So if you’re looking to get inspired, have a look through a few of them and then begin making money by writing online, on your very own blog!



Making money by writing online doesn’t have to be complicated. It takes hard work, sure, but the process itself is quite simple.

Just remember that people want to hear your words, so make sure that the words come out in your own voice. Forget about formal writing and just write “as you speak”. (Remember: You do not have to be an expert when it comes to writing.)

Aim to help people with real problems and the money will come flowing to you eventually. Just focus on helping them before you help yourself.

Furthermore, writing consistently is hard as it is, but it’s even harder if you’re writing about something you’re not very interested in. Therefore, I recommend that you pick a niche that genuinely interests you, which you can keep writing about even during slow days. This will increase the chances of you pushing out content regularly.

Finally, remember to focus on one way of making money and have lots and lots of patience. Writing online is a business after all, and should be treated as such. Put work into it and the results will show.

Whatever you do – don’t give up! The only thing that can come from that is regret and thoughts of “what if I’d kept going?”, and regret hurts more than pushing through the hard times. You can do this!

Have you personally done any writing online? What do you experience as the hardest aspect of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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