How to Make Money with a Christian Blog [BLOG REVIEW]

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Meet Mike. (no, not me)

Mike has taken a rather different approach on how to make money with a Christian blog, because he’s not focusing ONLY on the religion itself, but the technology surrounding it as well.

In this blog review, we’ll be taking a look at Mike’s tutorial on how small churches can record sermon podcasts.

Naturally, tutorials tend to offer the blog visitors a heap of value, which is essential when it comes to building a good relationship with them. Your main objective with a blog should be to HELP people. Why? Because the money will follow if you do!

So let’s see how Mike does it on his blog.

The Christian Blog At a Glance

  • Name: FaithEngineer
  • Owner: Mike Morris
  • Address:
  • Started year: 2006
  • Alexa Global Rank: 4,752,453
  • Alexa US Rank: N/A
  • Backlinks: 12
  • Top 3 Traffic: N/A
  • Top 3 Keywords: ministry pass / cheap video switcher / symbis


First Impression

Alright, nobody can avoid noticing that big author box on the right-hand side. I mean, the first thing I see when I log onto the site is a friendly face staring back at me. This is good!

The author box is a way for readers to become more familiar with the person behind the content. It proves to them that there’s actually a real human being communicating with them. A box with the author’s image and a short presentation builds way more trust than, say, a simple signature at the end of the article.

So if you’re not using an author box yet, I suggest you start. Show your readers who you are – build that authority!

Another thing I quickly noticed was that the website is clean and formatted in a way that makes it comfortable to read. Mike breaks up the content in a way that makes it quite easy on the eyes. Really, the only thing I think is dragging the design down a bit is the busy tags section, but it’s so far down the page that it really doesn’t matter much.

Finally, the logo and tagline are straight to the point and does not require any deeper explanation. They’re immediately obvious to the reader, but don’t steal any attention away from the content. It’s a neat-looking and easily recognizable logo, in my opinion.

Christian Blog Author Box


What I Like About The Christian Blog

As always, the first thing I look for is whether the blogger is building some form of e-mail list. This could be by using a lead magnet (freebie) or simply by asking people to subscribe to a newsletter. Mike is doing the latter, so I’m satisfied!

Secondly, he’s utilizing banner ads on the right-hand side. This particular one is extremely relevant to the blog’s audience, as it promotes WordPress church themes. Chances are that it converts better than a generic ad about Walmart coupons or lotteries, for example.

Throughout the content, Mike is talking about different technical equipment that can be used to run a successful podcast. Then, at the very bottom of the text, there are (affiliate) links to these products on Amazon. Those readers who are interested in buying any of the mentioned products will be staring at them right after reading the article. *CHA-CHING!*

Christian Blog Affiliate Links

Furthermore, the blog uses one neat little trick to hopefully keep the visitor on the page longer. It wasn’t immediately apparent to me, but when I finally saw it, I felt that it could be something I’d definitely wanna try on my own blog as well.

What it is? The “time to read” estimate for each article. It displays how long it thinks it takes to read the article. In this case, it’s 3 minutes. 3 minutes isn’t very long, right? So one might as well read that article. Everybody has 3 spare minutes to learn something really useful.

Christian Blog Time-to-read Estimate


Finally, what I love about this blog post is the content itself. It’s a tutorial, and as I mentioned before, tutorials tend to offer tons of value automatically. A tutorial is written to help solve a problem, which is extremely valuable to the reader, right? I mean, why else would someone read it? Over-deliver with your content and you will be rewarded accordingly.


What I Don’t Like About The Christian Blog

While the content helps the reader solve a specific problem, I find it a bit thin. It’s only 745 words (recommended being 1k+), so while the tutorial itself is great, the chances to rank keywords on Google is less than it could be. Google loves massive content and tends to rank it higher than a scrawny counterpart.

And since we’re already on the subject of Google, the posting frequency on Mike’s blog is unfortunately very low. He could be ranking it way higher if he’d post at least once a week. Given that the blog is over 12 years old, it’s most likely not been sandboxed, but it might be missing out on rankings due to the low posting frequency.

When it comes to the monetization part of the blog, well… let’s just say that it could be a bit better. There are two empty “advertise here” banner spaces that could be showing ads from a network such as AdSense. Right now, they’re just sitting there without any purpose, and Mike is basically leaving money on the table each time somebody visits his blog.

Christian Blog Ad Spaces

Also, while the newsletter subscription box is present, I feel it’s too far down. Building an e-mail list should be a top priority (next after providing value) and the way the box is positioned now, it doesn’t feel as such. Which is a shame.


What I’d Change About The Christian Blog

Alright, so the first thing I’d do would be to move that newsletter subscription box way up. Above the fold, if possible. I’d want that box to be the first thing to see after seeing my face in the author window. That way, nobody would be mistaken about how to connect with the person behind the content, and not miss out on new articles.

I’d also fill those empty ad spaces. Whether it’s banners from an affiliate program or just generic AdSense banners doesn’t really matter, as long as they generate revenue. When the banners are pulling in some cash, THEN you can start A/B testing to see what generates the most income. Just get those banners running ASAP.

The final thing I’d suggest doing is to elaborate on the content, if possible. This improves the user experience and also increases the word count. It’s simply an easy way to get a higher chance of ranking on Google, while making sure a visit to the blog is as good as it possibly could be for the user.


Ending Thoughts

So, Mike’s clearly showing us how to set up a podcast for sermons. While doing so, he’s (hopefully) generating some passive income in the process.

There are a few things I particularly like about this blog, such as the related products at the bottom, right after the tutorial. I also like the read time estimate, which I believe is a neat little trick to keep a user on the blog for a bit longer. However, this remains to be seen with my own tests.

One aspect of the blog that I don’t like is the fact that there are two empty ad spaces, which serve no purpose on the page. They’re just black windows with white text saying “advertise here”. This annoys the hell out of me, because of how easy it actually would be to make those spaces show real ads and generate revenue. Imagine all the visitors on the blog that COULD have been shown a banner (thus, generating a tiny commission). Instead, they’ve just been shown a black, soulless window. MONEY ON THE TABLE!

Most of the issues with the blog is easily fixable, and I’ve listed them above. I believe that if you would decide on starting your own Christian blog and try to make money with it, you’d be able to do a better job. Really! When you learn what to do to generate money with your blog, it’s really easy, and after a while you’ll start to automatically see where other blogs can make improvements.

So, now you know how Mike makes money on his Christian blog, and how he could make more. Now it’s your turn!

Would you like to earn a full-time income by blogging about your hobby, too?
Many of the blogs I review on this website generate serious money - month after month!
>>> Click Here to Learn How with My #1 Recommended Training Platform!

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