How To Make Money With a Gaming Blog [BLOG REVIEW]

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Some people are making a butt-load of money streaming on services like Twitch – just playing video games and enjoying life in general.

But… what if we wanna know how to make money with a gaming blog? Where do we start? What goals should we set for our blog? What should we write about?

This blog review aims to answer these questions for you. However, gaming is an extremely broad niche. Blogging about all things related to gaming is definitely possible, but it’ll spread yourself too thin – especially as a beginner.

My suggestion is to narrow down your niche a bit. These are a few examples off the top of my head, but there are literally thousands of different paths you can go:

  • Horror Game Reviews
  • Gaming Mice Reviews
  • Gaming Shirts
  • Playstation Game News
  • Cheap Gaming Laptops
  • Gaming Headset Reviews

So, just by looking at these few examples, do you grasp how broad the gaming niche really is? These are just 6 random examples I made up. There are definitely more potential niches out there.

So zero in on your niche and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Trust me!

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, the blog post being analyzed today is GameScan’s review of the Wensix gaming chair. While reading through, it had me thinking; gaming chairs are likely quite good candidates for a niche blog. Taken from my own experience, it’s always better to start small and then expand later.

Establish yourself as an authority in your smaller niche first. That way, you’ll already have an audience when you decide to branch out with your blog.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the blog post and see what methods GameScan utilizes to make some dough!


The Gaming Blog At a Glance

  • Name: GamingScan
  • Owner: Samuel Stewart (with associate)
  • Address:
  • Started year: 2017
  • Alexa Global Rank: 21,852
  • Alexa US Rank: 13,011
  • Backlinks: 40
  • Top 3 Traffic: United States / United Kingdom / India
  • Top 3 Keywords: gta 6 / external gpu / best thermal paste


First Impression

As I was looking through the Alexa stats, I noticed that the blog has had an insane growth since its launch in 2017. In only two years, GamingScan’s managed to climb to rank #13,011 (US) and #21,852 (Global). That is pretty darn impressive and I tip my hat for Samuel Stewart and his team.

When entering the blog, you’ll get a popup asking for your permission to send you notifications. Personally, I haven’t grown fond of these popups yet, but maybe in time they will grow on me. Anyway, if a reader is interested in the content on the website, getting notifications for when new articles are posted can definitely be useful.

Furthermore, I can find only one single ad on the entire page. After some detective work (reading the About page), this is actually done on purpose. GamingScan don’t want the user experience to be ruined by ads, so they decided to go with one ad – and one only.

One thing I find interesting is the stickied “buy” button that follows along at the bottom of the screen as you scroll. It’s really hard to miss, so if you decide on buying this chair, you’ll immediately know where to click next.

Finally, the blog is using Disqus commenting system, rather than the one built into WordPress. As with everything on this earth, this comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Statistics and monetization are two main advantages to take into consideration when deciding to use Disqus over the vanilla WordPress system.


Growth of A Gaming Blog
GamingScan has experienced some massive growth the last two years.


What I Like About The Gaming Blog

My impression of the blog, as I log onto it, is that it looks extremely clean. It’s like walking into a sterile hospital, just not as dull and it won’t rub you the wrong way like a hospital can do. Know what I mean?

At first I didn’t know what made me feel this way, but then I noticed – there is no sidebar. The blog is full-width and takes up all the space on your screen. It focuses on the content and removes any distractions that may get you to click away from it. The fewer distractions, the higher is the chance of converting that reader into a customer.

Also, the font is very easy to read and I believe that the size is a bit larger than you’d normally see on blogs. This boosts user experience, especially for visually impaired, but it will also make it easier to read for those with regular sight.

Seeing that this post is a review, it’s only natural to expect plenty of pictures demonstrating the product being reviewed. GamingScan comes through with this and provides some really neat images to really get the reader’s desires for this chair to spark.

Additionally, the stickied buy button that I mentioned earlier really makes it easy for the customer to make a purchase when the time is right. It provides the possibility to buy wherever on the page you are, as opposed to other blogs that often only provide a couple of carefully placed buttons or links along the article.

Finally, a lack of ads isn’t always a bad thing. It’s all a matter of evaluating the pros and cons, and make a decision based on your findings. In this case, GamingScan decided to focus on user experience (good choice), rather than revenue per visitor. And, evidently, things are going quite well for them.


Pictures & Buy Button Gaming Blog
There are plenty of helpful images on the gaming blog. Additionally, the buy button at the bottom right corner sticks with you as you scroll down. Wanna buy? You’ll know exactly where to click!


What I Don’t Like About The Gaming Blog

Total word count: 904 words. The post is 96 words below the absolute minimum recommended amount for a blog post. Product reviews, such as this one, can always be elaborated upon. So I see no reason for it to have such a low word count. Google is always looking for high-quality, authoritative content for their users, and nowadays you’ll seldom see articles below 2000 words ranking on the first page.

As I previously mentioned, the popup asking the user for permission to send notifications can be good when people want to get updates when new articles are posted. However, personally, I find it annoying enough to ruin the user experience for me. I wouldn’t go so far to say that they should be removed, but I wouldn’t cry if they were.

Last, but definitely not least: where the heck is GamingScan’s list building strategy?! The only thing I can see, that remotely resembles an attempt to build a list, is a shy opt-in form at the very, very bottom of the page. If there’s one thing you should take away from this post, it’s to not be this passive with your e-mail marketing efforts.

The e-mail list is probably the greatest asset an affiliate marketer currently can own. Build your list!

Gaming Blog Opt-in form
Unfortunately, the only list building effort I could spot was a tiny subscription opt-in box at the bottom of the page.


What I’d Change About The Gaming Blog

There are actually only two aspects of this blog that I feel need some love and attention. Apart from these, I’m quite satisfied with what I’m seeing.

So… the amount of words is way too low. Especially since it’s a review post, which always has potential to give a user deeper knowledge about a product. I’d elaborate on the existing ideas in the article, and if that seems impossible, I’d introduce new ones. Make sure the reader really knows what they get when buying the product. Turn that visitor into a customer, and rank higher in search engines in the process!

As you may have already figured out, the other aspect of the blog I’d want modify is how the list building efforts are put into practice. One opt-in form at the bottom of the page is, well, wasted opportunity. Add more opt-in forms, utilize an exit pop-up that’s displayed when the reader intends to leave the blog, link to a landing page with e-mail subscription as a goal.

Turn readers into loyal, long-term customers, which you can market to over and over again!


Money Burning
Stop burning your money – Start building your list, for goodness’ sake!



In case you’ve read any of my other blog reviews, you’ll notice that making money with a gaming blog isn’t much different from other niches.

Like other blogs, gaming blogs can also have newsletters, product reviews, ads, affiliate links etc…

Of course, there are so many ways to make money online. Some gamers focus on donations, patreon & sponsored ads on Twitch, while others – like GamingScan – take advantage of the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to generating an income online. If it makes you money – good! That means you’re doing something right. As long as you do something!

So, I hope you’ve got enough information and that you’re ready to kick start your very own gaming blog. Remember to narrow down the niche into something more specific, so that you’ve got a targeted audience to write for!

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

To your success!

Would you like to earn a full-time income by blogging about your hobby, too?
Many of the blogs I review on this website generate serious money - month after month!
>>> Click Here to Learn How with My #1 Recommended Training Platform!

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