How to Make Money With a Weight Loss Blog [BLOG REVIEW]

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I must admit… I’m definitely not the fittest of the fit.

I may not know how to lose 30 lbs in 15 days. And I sure as hell can’t sprint for more than 25 seconds.

However, I do know how to make money with a weight loss blog, and today we’ll take a look at somebody else who does too!

If you’ve been reading up on fitness and weight loss recently, I’m sure you’ve come across this lady. After all, her blog has been running since 2008, so she’s practically a veteran in this space.

I’m talking about Gina from The Fitnessista – a married mom who juggles her blogging lifestyle with quick workouts, healthy food and her family life. Quite graciously, I might add.

On Fridays, she jots down her favorite finds around the internet and shares them for everyone to see. Doing this is quite a good way of sharing the love in the “blogosphere” and can potentially lead to another blogger sharing one of your posts on their blog in the future.

And as luck would have it, the blog post I’m reviewing today is actually one of those “Friday Faves” posts.

As I mentioned, Gina’s blog has been running since 2008. In this blog review, I wanted you to see an example of what an established blog might look like. I’m hoping it can serve as both motivation and inspiration, and that you can see that it doesn’t look very different from what a brand new blog might look like.

The main differences between a fresh and an established blog is persistence, patience and good ol’ elbow grease.

Let’s have a look at the blog in question, then… shall we?


The Weight Loss Blog At a Glance

  • Name: The Fitnessista
  • Owner: Gina Harney
  • Address:
  • Started year: 2008
  • Alexa Global Rank: 376,918
  • Alexa US Rank: 160,170
  • Backlinks: 377
  • Top 3 Traffic: United States / India / –
  • Top 3 Keywords: fitnessista / peloton app / piyo reviews


First Impression

So, the first thing that splashes onto my screen when I enter the blog is a huge popup letting me know that Gina’s using custom ads to enhance my experience. It’s a basic privacy policy with a link to a more detailed one. Nowadays, these policies are actually a requirement if you’re gonna display ads on your blog. Else, you’ll be breaking the law. (Yikes!)


Fitnessista Privacy Policy
Nowadays, a privacy policy is required if you run personalized ads on your blog.


As I close down the privacy policy popup, the blog post itself is revealed. What I can instantly see is quite a large banner at the top of the page. Gina seems to be using ads with dynamic dimensions, which means that some banners that are displayed can get HUGE. Keep this in mind, if you decide to try them out yourself.

There’s also a sticky banner at the bottom of the screen. This means that it will tag along at that position as you scroll down the page. You’ll always be seeing that banner, no matter where on the page you’re currently at.

As you may know, I’m always looking for the strategy that bloggers that try to build their e-mail lists. I can’t stress enough how important that list is for your business. With the right relationship with your e-mail subscribers, that list could serve as your own personal ATM.

When taking a quick look at the page, I can spot at least four opt-in forms for building that list:

  • One in the header.
  • One in the sidebar.
  • Two in the footer.
  • One when “intending” to close the page. (Dragging the mouse cursor towards the X-button)

Gina is focusing hard on getting those subscribers to her list! A wise decision, if you ask me.

And speaking of Gina; in the sidebar there’s a short presentation and photo of her, where she beams with a welcoming smile towards us. This builds trust and authority, and helps the reader absorb more of the content since they can see from who the words on the page are coming from.


Author box and opt-in form
An author box with a picture of you builds trust and gives the person behind the content a face. Works well close to opt-in forms, to get readers to sign up to your e-mail list.


Furthermore, the blog has plenty of pictures that offer quite a lot of value. For example, there’s an infographic with various useful at-home workout exercises. There are also some beautiful pictures of healthy and delicious food. *YUM!*

To add to the valuable content, Gina’s also got videos running in her article. These also demonstrate different workouts for the home environment, and it’s probably easier to grasp from a video than static images. At least for me.

Finally, there seems to be plenty of engagement on this blog. People are commenting on the post and Gina offers her view in the replies. Engagement is very important for many reasons. For example, it lets readers see that there are others reading the same article, you get more words on your page (good for Google rankings) and you get to elaborate when people need more details.


Comments on Fitnessista
Engagement on your blog is important. It entices other readers to comment as well, and gives you a chance to elaborate on your content where needed. Be sure to respond to comments as soon as possible.


What I Like About The Weight Loss Blog

The Fitnessista is probably the first blog I’ve reviewed, that is using its full arsenal of list building methods. I guess it goes without saying, but this makes me so incredibly happy to see!

I often say that the e-mail list is likely the most valuable asset your business can have. And I will keep saying it – because it’s true! Even though I don’t know what kind of revenue the blog is generating, I’m certain that it’s gotta be pretty darn sweet with that kind of e-mail marketing strategy in place.


Fitnessista Opt-In Popup
Readers who leave your blog may never come back again. Collect their e-mail address before they leave, with an exit pop!


Furthermore, the value provided in the content is massive, despite the fact that it doesn’t contain much text. Gina compensates this with videos and amazing images.

What I really like about the images is that they’re optimized for Pinterest, in the sense that they’re the correctly sized to get good exposure on the social network. Usually, the better your image matches the “optimal pin dimensions”, the more real estate is given to your picture in a feed of other pins.

As if the provided value wasn’t enough, Gina also has an embedded podcast player in her sidebar, to make it easy for her readers to consume even more useful information without having to even leave the page. This is “UX 101” and definitely shows that the blog focuses mainly on the reader, and not the revenue.


Weight Loss Podcast
Gina’s podcast adds more value to the blog.


While I’ve already mentioned that the blog has comments, most of which Gina has replied to, I didn’t mention the fact that she’s fairly quick at replying to them. Most of the comments are replied to within 24 hours, and some even less. That’s quite remarkable, considering the fact that she seems to be quite a busy business owner and licensed super mom!

To conclude this section, I’d like to just point out that Gina’s written a fair amount of books and guides, and is marketing them on her blog. Being a product owner usually means more money in your pocket. Often it’s a natural step to take after conquering affiliate marketing. It’s just something to keep in mind…


Weight Loss Book
Product owners tend to earn more money than affiliates. Gina’s one of them!


What I Don’t Like About The Weight Loss Blog

While the content provides incredible value, it’s still a bit thin in the eyes of the search engines. This particular blog post contains only 562 words, which is way below the absolute recommended minimum of 1,000 words.

However, seemingly Gina is focusing a lot on Pinterest traffic and it makes sense because the niche is a great fit for that social network. I’m just saying that she could probably get even more visitors to her blog if she just made her posts a tad longer.

Furthermore, I think the blog has too many ads. When scrolling down, it begins to feel ridiculous after a while. Header, footer, sidebar and 2 ads in the post itself. If I feel annoyed, chances are that others will too.

Lastly, I noticed that Gina links to five of her social profiles, while only having two networks available in the social sharing plugin she’s using. If she’s active in those five social networks, why not let people share to those? Or at least to four of them, since the fifth one – snapchat – isn’t really share-friendly.


Weight Loss Social Profiles
Make sure your readers can share your posts on multiple social networks.


What I’d Change About The Weight Loss Blog

So, first I’d definitely take care of the excessive ads. Since Gina is building an e-mail list, I’d make a survey and send it out to my subscribers and ask them what they think about the number of ads on the blog. If it’s too much, dial the numbers down. If not – then fine, now I at least know what the people who actually matter (my readers) think about it.

Secondly, to get the search engines to take more interest in my blog, I’d start filling out the text in my posts a bit. Elaborate further on ideas as they come. Don’t stuff words in there just to get the word count up. Instead, aim to help and explain more in detail so that people can understand not the how’s of something, but the why’s as well.

Finally, the social sharing plugin would get some love and I’d add at least two more networks into it, so that the posts would have a greater chance of getting exposure on even more places around the internet.



With this slight introduction to knowing how to make money with a weight loss blog, you’ll hopefully have an idea of what you’d like your blog to look like.

I mentioned previously that the blog has been running since 2008, so there’s probably been quite a lot of work put into it over the years. The thing to remember is that it most likely didn’t all happen over one night.

Creating a blog that makes money – or let’s call it what it really is, a business – takes hard work, dedication, patience and persistence.

But if you really want it, you can definitely do it!

With the right tools, guidance and support, all you need to do is put massive effort into it and start building your “cash-grabbing blog” – bit by bit.

It’s all a matter of how bad you want it!

You’ve seen how Gina runs her weight loss blog. Now it’s your turn to do the same!

Would you like to earn a full-time income by blogging about your hobby, too?
Many of the blogs I review on this website generate serious money - month after month!
>>> Click Here to Learn How with My #1 Recommended Training Platform!

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