How to Sell Shoes Online Like a Boss! [BLOG REVIEW]

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Hooray! It’s time for another blog review, and today we’ll be taking a look at how to sell shoes online! There are many different directions in which you can go with this niche. I picked the first idea that popped into my head, which happened to be running shoes.

After some quick research, I stumbled upon Running Shoes Guru, which is run by Ruggero Loda. The post we’ll be taking a closer look at is a product review for the Nike Legend React shoes.

Product reviews are an effective way to get your readers to convert into commissions. Usually, people who read reviews are way farther into the buying process compared to those who’re just browsing for general information.

With that in mind, are you ready to dissect this blog post and find out exactly how it makes money as a product review?

Good! Let’s do it!


The Shoes Blog At a Glance

  • Name: Running Shoes Guru
  • Owner: Ruggero Loda
  • Address:
  • Started year: 2009
  • Alexa Global Rank: 77,981
  • Alexa US Rank: 26,286
  • Backlinks: 189
  • Top 3 Traffic: United States / United Kingdom / Australia
  • Top 3 Keywords: best running shoes / best running shoes 2018 / best running shoes for women


First Impression of The Shoes Blog

So, as I click through to the post, the very first thing to catch my eye is the image gallery that’s displaying high quality pictures of the shoes.

If you’re a reader who’s seriously considering to make a purchase, this could be the tipping point of your decision. We humans are quite visual creatures by nature, and if a product is presented to us just right… that alone can be enough for us to make up our minds and get us to click that “Buy” button. High quality images of the product creates desire; it makes us want the product even more.

Another thing I happened to notice was the amount of affiliate inks. A quick count tells me that there are 11 affiliate links pointing to the merchant… above the fold! (5 “See It”-buttons, 4 logos and two price tags)

So if you’re really close to buying these shoes, there’s no way you’re gonna have problems finding a way to do that. And in the case of where you being the owner of this blog, that commission is yours!

Finally, if your reader leaves before scrolling down the page, the blog post at least generates 2 ad impressions for you. Which means… even if some of your readers decide to not read a single word of your post, you’ll still get a little monetary value out of each one of them.

Shoe Blog Ads and Links


What I Like About The Shoes Blog

I gotta say, I love the design of this blog. It’s so clean and roomy! It doesn’t overwhelm the reader as they click in, which is very important in order to keep them on your blog and maintain their interest. I’ve tested so many different themes myself, and some of them were so cluttered that they almost made me lose interest in my own blog. (LOL!)

Another thing to notice about the design is that because it has so much whitespace, the display ads don’t feel very intruding. They feel like an essential part of the blog design, and don’t get particularly annoying to the reader. And this is despite the fact that they’re sitting right there in front of you, completely visible and in prime real-estate of the page. Genius!

Anyway, what’s most significant when it comes to generating revenue from the blog is very likely the e-mail marketing strategy. As you enter the blog, a popup promoting a shoe giveaway is immediately diplayed. Its purpose is mainly to collect e-mail adresses for the blogger, in order for him to further be able to promote more products for a long time.

Furthermore, the reader is offered an opinion about the product very early, which is excellent for those passers-by who just want a quick assurance that they’re correct in making a purchase. An early opinion from an authority figure tends to make these readers convert really well. Besides, it prevents frustration among readers who really don’t want to read through the entire post just to get a quick second opinion about their buying decision.

There’s also a price comparison chart, which helps the reader find the best price for the shoes. This is a prime example of providing your readers with great value! Do this and your readers will love you, without a doubt.

And speaking of providing value for your readers, the post is loaded with over 1470 words of golden information for those who are looking to buy the Nike Legend React shoes. But it’s not just strictly information, but also persona opinions of the author. This is essential in a product review.

The post also contains plenty of internal links to relevant pages, which further enhances the reader’s experience on the blog. Internal linking is an important part of a sound SEO strategy, and usually helps getting the post (as well as those it links to) to rank on search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Finally, I’ve already mentioned this, but I think it’s worth mentioning again: the post offers plenty of ways to click through to the product site above the fold. Perhaps the coolest thing on this blog is that the price comparison chart sticks with you as you scroll down the page. So no matter what part of the review you’re currently reading, you’ll always have a link you can click on to get to the merchant website.

Shoe Blog Scrolling Widget


What I Don’t Like About The Shoes Blog

One of the first things I tend to look for when I review a new blog is how they implement their e-mail marketing strategy. Where and how are they collecting e-mail adresses from their visitors? However, apart from the popup about the shoe giveaway, and a tiny link in both the header and footer, there’s no real e-mail marketing strategy in place.

There’s so much opportunity to generate more revenue with this blog, and it doesn’t have to be particularly hard either. Just a few simple tricks is all it takes. Keep reading to find out how I’d do it.

Also, while there is a comments section (user reviews), it doesn’t really get much attention. It’s crammed all the way down at the bottom of the page. Encouraging people to comment can be a way to automatically build more content on the blog. (thus, get more love from Google)

Shoe Blog Giveaway


What I’d Change On The Shoes Blog

The absolute first thing I’d do would be to add more opt-in forms in the blog. More specifically, one in the sidebar and perhaps combine it with the widget that follows along as you scroll. This to make the form visible to the reader at all times.

I’d also maybe add an opt-in form somewhere in the middle of the content (depending on whether it looks cluttered or not), and in the bottom of the post. A form close to the author area would also be optimal in order to build trust and get more people to opt in.

Finally, I’d encourage more people to comment on the content. As I’ve already mentioned, this could help to build content for you automatically, which will affect your rankings in the search engines. It’s also an awesome way for you to help your readers with whatever problems they may have, and to establish communication with them.



We’ve taken a look at how to sell shoes online and what we can do in order to improve on an already established blog. However, you gotta remember that we all start somewhere. Even if this blog is successful now, doesn’t mean that it was from the very beginning.

You can totally build a blog like this one. If you’re really interested in selling shoes on the internet, then go for it. It doesn’t even have to be runner shoes. (it was just an example I took off the top of my head, remember?)

So now you know what a successful blog could look like. It’s your turn to get one up and running yourself!

Good luck, and if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! (see what I did there? I encouraged you to comment on this post.)

To your success!

Would you like to earn a full-time income by blogging about your hobby, too?
Many of the blogs I review on this website generate serious money - month after month!
>>> Click Here to Learn How with My #1 Recommended Training Platform!

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