Inner Profit Circle Review: 6 Figure Course or Deceptive Scam?

The fact that internet marketing can generate a huge profit margin is nothing new. It’s one of the few industries that have managed to create millionaires practically overnight. As we review the Inner Profit Circle we’ll find out whether it’s a scam or if it really can help create a business that generates 6 figures and beyond.

Usually, authors of products like this one tend to make outrageous claims without providing any kind of proof. Sure, there are often snapshots of various earnings but seldom any proof that that money actually came from using the product they’re promoting.

So is Inner Profit Circle just another one of these shady products or are we looking at a proven way of making money online?

Well put down your cellphone, pour yourself another cup of coffee and keep reading!

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Inner Profit Circle Overview

  • Name: Inner Profit Circle
  • Owner: Eric Holmlund & Ryan Greene
  • Website: Inner Profit Circle
  • Price: $997 ($97/mo after 1 year)
  • Upsells: No
  • Score: 4.0/10
  • Recommended: No

Teach Me More About Inner Profit Circle


What is Inner Profit Circle?

Inner Profit Circle is a community offering information on how to create and sell your own products online. It’s created and run by Eric Holmlund & Ryan Greene, who’re fairly known within the informational products marketing space. Eric’s behind products such as No Cost Income Stream and Instant Product Engine.

The course contains an entire library of video lessons to help you get started with your new business. It focuses on building web assets that get traffic from many different traffic sources. A big issue with most courses is that they usually focus on “the best” traffic source. This often tends to create confusion among new marketers, as the opinion of what the best traffic source is varies widely depending on who you ask. The best thing for a business is to focus on getting traffic from multiple sources.

Inner Profit Circle: Diversify Your Traffic
Eric preaches that you should diversify your traffic and not put all eggs in one basket. I agree completely!

There are also lessons on how to write good copy that gets people to convert and also how to create your own products.

You’ll also be given access to a private Facebook community where other members of Inner Profit Circle hang out and help each other in their marketing journeys. And twice a month there will be live coaching sessions where Eric himself will be giving you plenty of actionable advice to implement into your business.

Apart from this you’ll also get 50 weekly plans which outline what steps to take next in order to get your business to grow. Think of them as assignments of sorts.

Furthermore, there’s a download section where new products are added for you daily. Basically it’s a collection of PLR products, resellable products with custom e-covers, squeeze pages with lead magnets and graphics.

Finally, you’ll also be given free access to all the other products that Eric launches without a partner.

Then there’s also a bonus, where you’re given access to Real Web Property, which basically is an entire done-for-you website complete with domain, content, graphics, squeeze page with lead magnet, product sales and download pages plus some content and SEO plugins.

The price for all this is $997 for the first year, and thereafter you’ll have to pay $97/mo to stay a member of the Inner Profit Circle. You can also pay $297 for your first month, and then $97/mo for the remaining 11 months of the year. However, if you choose this payment plan you’ll not fully own your domain name until you’ve been a member for an entire year.

Since Inner Profit Circle (plus Real Web Property) are hosted on Clickbank, there’s the standard 30-day refund policy that you can utilize if you’re not happy with the system.


How Does Inner Profit Circle Work?

Inner Profit Circle is a community full of information on how to start selling “your own” products online. It contains plenty of video lessons to learn from and done-for-you products that you can sell on your own website. You’re also given a website pre-filled with content on your purchase. Which sounds like one heck of a deal if you don’t look into it too much. However… that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

I checked out the webinar replay and Eric started out with showing a few testimonials about his role as an internet marketing leader. Then something quite amusing happened…

He said that he’s not one of those “financial exhibitionists” that gets excited about posting monthly revenue reports for people to see and that he hates doing it himself. Then he gets right to it and shows lots of pictures of checks and dashboard screenshots. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already, most marketers do this at some point. I just find it a bit hypocritical to say that you hate it and then go all-in like there’s no tomorrow.

Inner Profit Circle: Income Screenshots
Like every other “guru” out there, Eric puts his earnings on display for the world to see.

The products that are made available to you are so called PLR products (Private Label Rights), which essentially means that somebody else has created the products and sold their rights to them. All you have to do is smack your name on the covers and call them your own.

This may sound fantastic, and in some cases it is! But it all depends on the quality of the products. If they’re of low quality, this is also what people will associate with your name because you’ll basically be selling crap products. I wouldn’t say that’s the way to run a long-term, sustainable business.

Furthermore, the content you get on your DFY websites are actually the same articles as everybody else. The only difference between them is that they’ve been run through an article spinner a couple of times. Indeed this does make your content unique, per se… but it’s still the same articles that everybody else gets, just with a bit different phrasing and words. While some spinners are more advanced than others, the principles are the same. The example below demonstrates how terrible spun content might look.

Inner Profit Circle: Spun Content
The website included uses spun content. Unfortunately, content spinners are far from flawless as you can see.

Additionally, spun content is not very popular among search engines – and hasn’t been for a long time – and may very likely get your brand new website penalized even before it gets a chance to start ranking. You’d think that Eric, who actually started out with SEO traffic, would know about this by now.

However, it’s not all bad though. Inner Profits Circle has a private Facebook group where other members and the owners discuss different internet marketing tactics. You’ll also be given live coaching twice a month, so that’s neat. A community to help holding you accountable is invaluable in this space.


Is Inner Profit Circle a 6 Figure Marketing Course?

Thumbs DownDid you check out my screenshot example of the spun content above? Even though it is quite an extreme example of what spun content might look like, this is basically the way they work. The content you’ll have on your website is going to look weird. People are going to see through it.

Also, the products you’ll be selling will be created by somebody else who has willingly sold their rights to them. There is a high risk that the quality of them will be very low, and I’d not recommend using PLR and spun content as the heart of your business. It’s going to be very hard to build a brand and earn 6 figures with duplicate content.

In order to build a brand you something to actually base that brand on. Something so unique that it stands out of the crowd and gains recognition and popularity in your niche. Especially if it’s a competitive niche, like health, “make money online” or financial. You need a hook that actually gets people to your business and not your competitors’.

So how can you do that?

By being yourself.

If you actually write your own content (in your own style), create your own products and provide people with value from your own experience you’ll be able to build your brand and establish a following of loyal customers. That’s where the real money is.


How To ACTUALLY Build Your Own Brand

Okay, so I’m gonna get straight to the point. In order to build a reputable brand you need the right tools and the right training.

The training platform I’m personally using provides me with actual actionable information every single day. And it’s doing so at a fraction of the price that Inner Profit Circle is set at. In fact, you can even sign up for FREE and start getting the first parts of your business up and running right now.

Oh, and there’s a community available on this platform as well. Even though I’m a bit biased, I must say that I believe that it’s just a bit better. For example, there are weekly webinars that always end with a Q&A if you have any questions. And the members are constantly uploading new training as they discover new ways to make their business grow.

I’ve listed the main differences in this table, so that you can see why it’s easily my #1 recommended product for learning how to make money online:

So if you’re ready to get started for free, check out my review by clicking this big red button below!

Learn How To REALLY Build A Business Online


Inner Profit Circle

$997 ($97/mo after first year)









Affiliate Training



  • Lots of content
  • Has a community
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Coaching twice per month


  • Expensive
  • PLR Products
  • Spun (duplicate) content
  • You risk a bad reputation

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