Is ClickBank University A Scam or Legit? – “Students Earn $1+ Million”

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Clickbank is one of the better known networks out there. They’ve also released their own training on how to make and sell your own products on the network – ClickBank University.

You’re probably familiar with the fact that the quality of products found on Clickbank is often quite… questionable. So is Clickbank University a scam or legit? Can money really be made by following this course, or is it just a hoax?

Let me just get this out of the way – No, Clickbank University is not a scam. However, the course focuses on product creation rather than affiliate marketing, so the methods will differ greatly from the courses I usually review. While there is an affiliate marketing chapter included in the course, it’s far from as comprehensive as – for example – Wealthy Affiliate.

But if you’re looking to start selling your own products, CB University is definitely worth looking into. So let’s dig a bit deeper into the Clickbank University training and explore what you’ll get when you sign up!


ClickBank University Overview

  • Name: Clickbank University 2.0
  • Owner: Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitz
  • Website: Clickbank University
  • Price: $47/mth
  • Upsells:
    • ClickBank Builder: 2 x $297 ($594 total) or 7 x $97 ($679 total)
    • Advanced Training: $97 or 2 x $49 ($98 total)
  • Score: 6.0/10

Teach Me More About ClickBank University


What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University is a complete package of training for people who’d like to create their own products and sell them on ClickBank. The course offers step-by-step videos, expert interviews, tools and customer support.

The training lets you choose between two different paths, depending on whether you’re looking to create and sell your own product, or just want to promote products that other people own. The latter is known as affiliate marketing, which is what I mostly write about and advocate on this blog.

Anyway, the first part of the course (the one about creating your own products) spans over 12 weeks and is packed with heaps of useful information. Throughout these 12 weeks, you’ll be learning about the following:

  • Week 1: How it works & initial setup
  • Week 2: Finding your product
  • Week 3: Creating a customer avatar
  • Week 4: Content creation & outsourcing
  • Week 5: Upsells
  • Week 6: Copywriting
  • Week 7: Video Sales Letters (VSL)
  • Week 8: Finalizing your product (by using ClickBank Builder, more on this later)
  • Week 9: Getting your product on ClickBank
  • Week 10: Joint Ventures (JV)
  • Week 11: Split testing
  • Week 12: Scaling

There is also a bonus on how to sell high-ticket products on webinars.

Furthermore, you’re given access to something called “Live Q&A”, which essentially is weekly live training with Adam and Justin – the creators of the course. You’re able to ask questions that you may have and also learn new things to apply to your business every week.

Apart from the training and the live sessions, you’ll also be able to ask questions in ClickBank University’s forum where a community of both newbies and seasoned members will be able to help you out.

Finally, you’ll also be given access to two additional courses – YouTube Ads Crash Course and The Official Copywriting Guide. It’s quite self-explanatory what they’re about, so I’ll just leave it at that.


How Does ClickBank University Work?

ClickBank University comes divided in two different parts – one for product creators and one for affiliate marketers.

The base price of the training is $47/mth and upon purchase you’ll be offered upsells for ClickBank Builder (~$600) and Advanced Training ($97).

As you sign up you’re given access to the first three weeks worth of lessons. By default, the rest of the lessons are unfortunately drip-fed throughout the coming weeks. However, it is possible to fill out a form in order to gain access to all the lessons in one go.

Personally, I think that anybody who spends the minimum of $47 for the training should get access to the full training without having to jump through hoops. On the other hand, too much information simultaneously could lead to an inexperienced user feeling overwhelmed. I just don’t think that limiting a product they’re already paying for is the right way to go.

Pick Path
Will you be an affiliate or a product owner? ClickBank University is a great option to learn how to get your own products online and selling.


Who is ClickBank University For?

The ClickBank University training mainly targets people who’d like to create and sell their own products. You’ll learn a lot about getting your product on Clickbank, targeting your audience with the help of so called “customer avatars”, and setting up landing and sales pages.

While there is training for affiliates included, it’s far from being as comprehensive as the main training. If you’re looking to learn more about selling other people’s products online – like I do – then you should invest in better affiliate training.


Claims of Generating $1+ Million: My View On The Matter

During the Video Sales Letter, Justin claims that several affiliates have earned up to 7 figures a month with their businesses. I do not doubt that this is possible for a second. In fact, there are plenty of people making this kind of money online.

However, it is going to take time. Lots of time, and even more effort. This rings true no matter what method or program you’re following. You are going to have to work for it, but it will be worth it in the end.

If you are willing to work for it and stay persistent, you will reap the rewards.

Just don’t expect to see any results over night. It simply doesn’t work that way.


What I Like About ClickBank University

  • The training is packed with valuable content. ClickBank University contains lots of thorough and helpful videos on how to start creating your own info-products and sell them on ClickBank.
  • Fair price for base training. The price of $47/mth is pretty standard and a very reasonable price for the amount of training you get.
  • Helpful community. Stuck or feel like you need inspiration? Head over to the forums and start connecting with experts and other aspiring vendors.
  • Weekly Q&A webinars. Take your questions straight to the owners of ClickBank University and get answers in real time, during the live Q&A webinars.


What I Don’t Like About ClickBank University

  • Quite pricey upsells. The price tag of $600 for a landing page builder (ClickBank Builder) is very steep; especially when there are better alternatives out there.
  • Dependancy of upsells. Some of the training requires you to use ClickBank Builder, which is quite immoral if you ask me.


What I’m Missing in ClickBank University

  • No flexible hosting. Since you’ll be using the ClickBank Builder to get your product online, you’ll be locked to having it hosted on ClickBank. This may not be a big issue, but just keep in mind that you won’t be able to move it to another hosting platform.
  • No free trial. ClickBank University doesn’t come with a free trial, which essentially means that you’ll have to pay before you even know if the product is a good fit for you. However, there is a money-back guarantee in case you wouldn’t feel satisfied with the product.


Is There A Better Alternative To ClickBank University?

This product is optimal for you if you’re looking to launch your very own info product online – which can be a very lucrative way of earning money online if you do it right. However, it requires that you can come up ideas for products that’re useful for your audience and that you really put in the work required to turn that idea into real products.

To be honest, creating your own product often requires that you’ve got previous experience in your market, in order to truly provide quality. So if you’re just looking to make your first dime online, you’re better off starting with something easier.

Personally, I prefer to go the affiliate marketing route, which is easy to get started with and doesn’t have as steep of a learning curve. You’ll instead be promoting products created by other people or companies, while simultaneously becoming an expert in your selected niche.

This means that you won’t have to do the hard work of launching products yourself, but rather earn commissions when somebody buys someone else’s product based on your recommendation.

Yes, ClickBank University has some affiliate training, but to be honest, it’s not as comprehensive as it potentially could be. There’s only one training program for affiliate marketing that I currently stand behind 100%. I’ve written a review about it, and I suggest you check it out if you’re looking to earn your first dollar (of many) online.

Yes, Take Me To The Review >>>


Final Verdict

So to refer to the initial question: Is ClickBank University a scam or legit?

It’s definitely legit, and a good option to consider if you’re looking to create and market your own products online.


However, if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, then I’d suggest that you take a look at the previously mentioned training I personally use and have seen success with.

So in order to start learning how to create your own products and sell them online, take a look at the summary below and click on through to the course.

To your success!


Clickbank University 2.0

$49/mth + upsells









Affiliate Training



  • Lots of content
  • Fair price
  • Helpful community
  • Weekly Q&A webinars
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Overpriced upsells
  • Certain dependency on upsells
  • No free trial

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