Lead Generation Intensive Review: $2500 For 2 Hours of Work or SCAM?

This Lead Generation Intensive review looks into whether you can make $2500 for only 2 hours of work, or if it’s simply another scam.

Can you really earn respectable money from referring leads to local businesses? And if so, is this course the ultimate way to learn how?

Will it cost you your life savings and one of your kidneys or is it actually an affordable product that can help you get your new business up and running?

Well, put down your cellphone, close your Facebook tab, put your TV on mute and let’s look into if this product is the end-all be-all to learning offline marketing!

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Lead Generation Intensive Overview

  • Name: Lead Generation Intensive
  • Owner: Jim Mack & Michael Rayburn
  • Website: jimmackonline.com/leadgen/
  • Price: $27
  • Upsells: $147
  • Score: 3.4/10
  • Recommended: No

Show Me a Better Course!


What is Lead Generation Intensive?

Lead Generation Intensive is a system that’s supposed to teach you how to assist local businesses with getting new leads. It contains 39 over-the-shoulder video lessons covering a range of offline marketing tactics.

It’s created by Jim Mack and Michael Rayburn, and focuses on attracting leads via Google My Business and the Google 3-Pack SERP-listings. Basically, what this means is that you’ll get leads by being ranked in the top 3 listings on the Google Maps display for local businesses.

The frontend price for Lead Generation Intensive is $27 and there are also two upsells to further squeeze as much as you can out of the product. For an additional $47 (first upsell) you’re receiving 3 sales training webinars and for $147 you get access to the training plus a ranking service for your business.

Lead Generation Intensive includes pre-written emails, autoresponder sequences, case studies and templates for forms and e-mail messages. In fact, according to Jim Mack this is a complete course on marketing, prospecting, closing and fulfillment. Much of it is taught in the webinars you find in the first upsell.

The product comes with a 30-day refund policy, which requires you to mail the support desk with the word “refund” in order to get your money back.


How Does Lead Generation Intensive Work?

The product focuses on getting ranked in Google’s 3-Pack SERP-listings, which essentially means that the full details of the local business(es) you’re promoting will be displayed next to a map (Google Maps) of an area of which the search query concerns. I guess you could call it modern day offline marketing and is likely a good way for a local business to get leads.

However, I have quite a few concerns which make me believe that this is not the best product to go for in order to learn offline marketing. And I’d like to give you a heads-up before you decide whether this is for you.

For example, the first image you’re presented with when entering the sales page shows the typical bare feet by a sapphire blue pool, palm trees stretching across a sandy white beach and a clear blue sky looking down on the wavy turquoise ocean. It’s the perfect picture to get somebody’s buying-juices going and a typical way to start the copy for a suspicious product. The only thing missing in that picture is a rented Ferrari (LOL!).

Then there’s the (what I believe is) fake email message from another marketer’s long-time subscriber, recommending said marketer to check out Jim Mack’s courses on lead generation. However, that e-mail also mentioned that this subscriber was hoping to make more money by January 1st 2018, and Lead Generation Intensive launched in early September 2019. Sure, maybe he means another one of Jim’s courses, but why even bring it up for the sales letter of this one?

Lead Generation Intensive Email Message
This e-mail message to Bruce is likely either fake or horribly outdated.

Furthermore, I decided to have a look around Jim Mack’s website and figured I’d check out the home page. Basically it’s a sales letter explaining why you should pick his company over others’ when it comes to ranking high on local listings such as those on Google Maps.

There’s just one slight problem…

The area where you’d normally expect to be able to read reviews from clients – the testimonials – is almost completely empty. All that’s written in there is “INSERT YOUR TESTIMONIALS HERE”, which makes me think that the sales page isn’t even created by Jim Mack himself. But that’s actually a minor detail compared to the real issue here – he’s got no testimonials from satisfied clients. Did he forget to add them, or are the products just not good enough?

Lead Generation Intensive Jim's Salesletter
The fact that someone uses a template for their company website isn’t the real problem here. What worries me the most is that Jim, one of the founders of Lead Generation Intensive, has provided no testimonials on his company website. Are there no satisfied customers?

Finally, while being able to rank clients’ businesses on Google might be a good way to make a living, you’re practically putting the fate of your business and lifestyle into the hands of Google. Even if the methods that Jim Mack teaches work right now, it’s very unlikely that they’ll keep doing so forever. One simple algorithm change could end up putting you out of business, because you’d no longer able to fulfill the service you’re selling.

My advice to you is to model your business in a way so that it is its own entity, without relying solely on 3rd parties such as Google, Facebook or YouTube. I’ll explain this in greater detail in just a minute.


Will You Make $2500 For 2 Hours of Work?

Thumbs DownOkay, so if you take a look at the sales page there’s a text above that cheesy image I previously mentioned. It states “$2500 For Two Hours Work Doesn’t Seem Fair” which hints at the idea that the product Jim’s about to present to you actually could do that. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t clearly state that it can.

To summarize my aforementioned concerns, they are as follows:

  • An over-hyped presentation image.
  • A fake or old e-mail message to a friend of Jim’s.
  • The lack of testimonials for his business.
  • The fact that your business will be balancing on the mercy of what direction Google decides to take with their business.

By taking these into consideration my belief is that you’ll not be making $2500 for only two hours of work, no matter which two hours of the day you decide to follow the principles of this course. I wouldn’t go as far as to calling Lead Generation Intensive a scam, because I believe that it can teach you plenty about offline marketing, but I would not recommend trying to build a business based on what you learn from it.

Like I said, you should build a business following a model that has stood the test of time, over and over again. After all, you’re in this for the long run… aren’t you?


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Lead Generation Intensive

$27 + upsells









Affiliate Training



  • Done-for-you resources
  • Low price


  • Not a sustainable business model
  • No testimonials for owner's company website

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