[TOP 10] Music Production Affiliate Programs To Rock Your Sales

Making the perfect song is more than just knowing your music theory like the back of your hand. You might also need some quality instruments, recording equipment, post production work, innovative software and high-end soundpacks.

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The music production affiliate programs I’ve listed in this post are 10 of the best and most popular on the internet right now. Not only do they provide your referrals with awesome experiences and products, but many of them are also able to put quite generous commissions into your pockets.

So let’s dive in and have a look at how to make more money through the sheer power of music!


#1 – Noiselab



With over 30,000 students, Noiselab teaches people how to create music and perform with Ableton. They offer courses and video tutorials by Ableton certified trainers and successful producers in the industry. Apart from the training, there’s also a community where you can communicate with other students and share knowledge and experience, as well as plenty of royalty-free downloadables for users to take part of.

The affiliate program offers you a very generous 50% commission on the new referrals you make PLUS 50% residual commission from the lifetime of those customers’ subscriptions. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis and as an affiliate you’ll also be given access to an affiliate support service.

Reasons to use Noiselab: They offer 50% commissions on new memberships + 50% on recurring subscription payments made by your referrals.


#2 – SoundBridge Academy

SoundBridge Academy

SoundBridge Academy is a website for aspiring music producers who wishes to dive in and start creating music. It’s the first service which offers people a way to earn a comprehensive music production certificate without having to pay through their noses.

The price is only $799, and this will give you 6 courses of top quality. Through over 80 hours of video lessons, people will learn about music production, sound design, audio processing, composition, sketching, arrangements, structures, mixing and mastering. These lessons are available as standalone versions for those who don’t wish to go through the entire certification course.

As an affiliate you’ll earn 20% from each purchase. Additionally, you can promote a free course and every future purchase of those referrals will earn you 20%. So the certification course would earn you close to $160 per sale, and the standalone lessons almost $40 each.

Reasons to use SoundBridge Academy: You’ll be offering people a complete package for learning how to produce music. Plus, the 20% commissions on all future sales are also pretty neat.


#3 – Guitar Center

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is one of the largest musical instrument retailers in the world with over 40,000 different products. It’s therefore only natural that this program made it onto this list. Their inventory hold a wide range of different music production and performance equipment, such as guitars, pianos, bass guitars, drums, amps, recording & mixing equipment, DJ gear and lighting equipment.

Apart from selling brand new gear, Guitar Center also have departments for both used and vintage equipment. Additionally, they offer repair services and gift cards.

The affiliate program pays a 6% commission rate, which is a little on the low end. However, this applies to the entire order a customer makes – not just the product you referred them to. The payout threshold for commissions is $25 so you won’t have to make too make sales in order to receive your money.

Reasons to use Guitar Center: While the commission rate of 6% is pretty low, you’ll be referring people to a bazaar that holds 40,000+ different music instruments and equipment. The 6% applies to the entire order, though, and not just the product you refer people to. This can quickly add up to a large chunk of money.


#4 – Modern Producers

Modern Producers

Modern Producers was founded in 2011 by Torbjørn Nakken, a Norwegian who has worked with some of the largest networks in his home country, as well as some radio stations in the US. In 2013, he was joined by Adrian Wood of Anno Domino Beats, who has worked with famous artist such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and Wu Tang Clan.

Modern Producers offer sounds, kits, loops, vocals, VSTs and presets of the highest quality, and they are either downloadable or can be sent to your mailbox upon purchase.

Affiliates are paid a 25% commission for each sale and the commissions are paid out via PayPal at the start of each month. The cookie length of each customer is 30 days.

Reasons to use Modern Producers: Customers will have access to a large library of digital instruments and sounds. The commission rate is also quite generous at 25%.


#5 – Singorama


Singorama is simple – it teaches you how to sing! You’ll learn how to maximize your vocal range, master your pitch and increase your vocal strength and agility. The course has been featured in various media such as CNN, Yahoo! News and CBS. The main course costs $99.95 and the membership $27 per month.

The affiliate program is hosted on ClickBank and pays a hefty 70% commission for the main course, and 50% recurring for the monthly membership. You’ll also be able to contact an affiliate manager with your questions and concerns. Additionally, there are plenty of pre-made resources for you to use in your promotions, such as banners, articles, e-mail swipes etc.

Reasons to use Singorama: 70% commissions on downloadable products is quite high, and the 40% on shipped courses isn’t particularly low either. You’ll be offering your referrals a comprehensive course on how to learn or improve their singing.


#6 – zZounds


zZounds isn’t just another online music equipment store. Yes, like other stores they sell guitars, keyboards, drums, bass guitars, DJ equipment and computer audio accessories, but what’s making them different is their lowest price guarantees. Simply put, zZounds offer their customers the lowest price and this guarantee stretches up to 45 days after your purchase. What this means is that if you find your product for a lower price elsewhere within 45 days after your purchase, zZounds will pay you back the difference between their price and the competitors’ that you found.

For affiliates, the commission rate is 6% which I feel is a bit low. However, zZounds offer a bonus system which gives you a great chance of earning more, which is the following:

  • Monthly net sales above $5000 = 25% bonus
  • Monthly net sales above $10,000 = 50% bonus

That’s not all, though. If you choose to be an exclusive affiliate, which means that you won’t promote any other music equipment vendors on your website, you can earn even higher bonuses as follows:

  • Monthly net sales above $100 = 20% bonus
  • Monthly net sales above $5000 = 40% bonus
  • Monthly net sales above $10,000 = 80% bonus

Reasons to use zZounds: They offer customers a lowest price guarantee and affiliates a very generous bonus system.


#7 – Sam Ash

Sam Ash

Sam Ash is one of the major musical instrument stores in the US. There are currently 45 megastores in 16 different locations selling equipment to both beginners and seasoned musicians, and the company is currently providing jobs to over 1800 employees.

Apart from the standard guitars, pianos, drums, DJ and studio equipment Sam Ash’s inventory contain both novelty items and health care products such as natural pick enhancers, vocal booster oils, music themed mugs and fridge magnets.

The affiliate program pays up to 10% in commissions for each sale and is hosted on Rakuten Marketing. In order to sign up as an affiliate you’ll need to provide quite a lot of details, such as your personal information, contact info, primary business model, short description about your website, how many visits your website gets etc.

Reasons to use Sam Ash: The novelty items are actually pretty cool and can be a way to get more customers to click on your links. Also, Sam Ash is a stable company to partner up with, and they won’t be going anywhere in a long time.


#8 – Gear4Music


Gear4Music is one of the larger suppliers of musical instruments in Europe. With over 50,000 different products from 820 manufacturers currently in stock, there is a big chance that if you cannot find what you’re looking for here you won’t find it at all. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee across all products, but some of them expand up to 90 days. All products come with a 2 year warranty unless otherwise stated and can be shipped to over 190 different countries.

As an affiliate you’re getting paid 5% for Gear4Music branded products and 3.5% for all the others. In order to become an affiliate you’ll need to register at one of their third party partners – TradeDoubler, Affiliate Window or Affiliate Future.

Reasons to use Gear4Music: When promoting this program you can be sure that you’re giving the best possible chance for your referrals to find the products they’re after, no matter how niche it is. Also, because they’re based in Europe they could be a great fit if your audience are mainly Europeans.


#9 – Steel Dawn Recording Studio

Steel Dawn Recording Studio

Steel Dawn Recording Studio is a studio located in Van Nuys, CA and they offer post production sound and music services to musicians online. There are plenty of bundles for customers to choose from to help them out with their feature films, short films, mixing, mastering, instructions and consultation. There are discounts available, but you’ll need to sign up as a member before you’ll be able to get them.

Each of the sales you refer pays you a 10% commission and the payout threshold is $50. One cool thing about this program is that when you sign up you’ll get $10 deposited to your affiliate account. Once you reach $50 in sales you’ll then get $60 paid out to your PayPal account. Affiliate commissions are paid once a month.

Reasons to use Steel Dawn Recording Studio: You’ll be helping producers make their music sound awesome by providing them with a professional post production service. Also, the initial $10 deposit before even making a referral is pretty neat.


#10 – Mikes Mix & Master

Mikes Mix & Master

Mikes Mix & Master offer professional (you guessed it) mixing and mastering services for musicians who are looking for a crystal clear and loud sound in their productions. They sell a wide variety of services and bundles such as various levels of mixing and mastering, mastering for iTunes, album or mixtape mastering packages, radio edits, revisions and instrument/performance exports.

The affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate and requires you to download an application in .pdf format and fill it out, to then mail over to Mikes Mix & Master. You’ll also get prep instructions to give to your referrals so that their productions are as ready as they can be before they send them over to MMM. Additionally, you’ll get resources for online promotion as well as two MMM window stickers by mail.

Reasons to use Mikes Mix & Master: The 10% commission can quickly add up when it comes to mixing/mastering services as they’re in the $120 – $1300 range. Also, you’ll be providing musicians with a professional mixing and mastering service to help them get the sound their productions truly deserve. Oh, and free stickers of course!


3 Niche Ideas For Music Production Affiliate Programs

So now that you’ve got 10 affiliate programs to dive into, you might want to find a niche where you can use them. There are virtually endless opportunities in which you can utilize these programs. Below I’ve listed 3 keyword ideas off the top of my head, just to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. How to make music on a laptop. Build a website and show people how to create music on a laptop and promote relevant products such as VSTi’s, DAWs, Samples etc.
  2. How to play the guitar for kids. Promote junior guitars and courses for kids, write about (or create videos on) how kids can learn to play their favorite pop songs that are being currently played on the radio.
  3. Recording studios near me for rent. Build a review website for local recording studios and promote post production services for those who live too far away from a studio.


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8 thoughts on “[TOP 10] Music Production Affiliate Programs To Rock Your Sales”

  1. Wow, i am utterly fascinated with this honestly and i must confess that i am happy that i found your post because i was looking for the perfect niche for me to jump into but luckily, i came across your post. This are really nice affiliate programmes and i think the commissions are pretty good too. I will make use of them. Thank you Mike

    1. You’re welcome, Henderson!

      Music production is a fairly broad niche so you might want to narrow it down a bit. Maybe target a specific genre or DAW. Or focus on teaching about mastering a specific instrument. I’m glad you found the post useful.

      Good luck! 

  2. I have a friend who I think will be very interested in this. He is into the music industry himself and making money via this avenue will be a very good idea for him. You have listed here some very good affiliate programmes that he can make use of. He is not so vast in the world of internet marketing so I will have to introduce him to that as well.  Nice post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey John! 

      These programs are great if he wants to make money off of his musical expertise. It sounds like you’re quite knowledgeable about internet marketing yourself. Maybe a joint venture between you two would be something worth considering? 

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this really wonderful post. My eldest son is a lover of music, and he plays the guitar very well. Lately he just got an app where he makes beat and have been telling me about his ambition to be a music producer which is sometimes I laughed at. Although there are so many kids who have such dreams but do not have the chances to gain proper training and then the whole dream just die down. I’ll love to enroll my kid with any of these suggested music producer courses and hope he gains from it. Nice being here.

    1. Hi Chloe!

      I’m glad you found the information useful. It’s no coincidence that you mentioned mobile apps. They’re becoming increasingly popular for doing small production work on-the-go. Not to mention that they’re extremely fun to just kill time with. 🙂

      I wish your son the best and hope that he can find his way to making his dreams come true. It’s typically the most passionate musicians who are the best.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hi Mike,

    I must admit I’m not in the musci niche myself; but I was loooking for something to send to my friend; he’s a drum teacher and he’s looking for additional ways to supplement his income.

    I know he’s often asked by pupils where they can buy their own kit and pieces for their drum kits, we’re UK based so Gear4Music sounds like it may be the ideal starting place, for him to recommend to his pupils and to add to his website etc.

    1. Hey Nate,

      It sounds like your friend should sign up and become an affiliate of Gear4Music. Students could then order through his links and he’ll get some extra cash, especially now with Christmas coming up and all!

      He’s more than welcome to check in and ask me questions if he’s looking for more help! Thanks for being a good friend to your friend. 🙂

      Have an awesome Thursday!


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