The 12 Minute Affiliate Review They Don’t Want (You) To Read

You’ve most likely heard the expression “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, right? In the 12 Minute Affiliate Review that you’re about to read, we’ll discover whether this still rings true or if this product really can make you money on practically autopilot.

Devon Brown, the owner of 12 Minute Affiliate, claims that it’s possible to earn $460 per day with only 12 minutes of work with this product.

Bold claim, I say.

So how about we explore a bit deeper and find out what’s under the hood of this product, shall we?

Don’t get me wrong. While I may be quite skeptical towards claims like these, I wouldn’t mind discovering more ways to earn some easy money online.

It’s just that I haven’t been able to do so during the 7-8 years I’ve been actively doing this affiliate marketing thing.

However, I’d love to not be right!


The 12 Minute Affiliate Overview

  • Name: 12 Minute Affiliate
  • Owner: Devon Brown
  • Website: 12 Minute Affiliate
  • Price:
    • $9.95 for a 14-day trial (1 niche only)
    • 1 Niche: $47/mth OR $397 for lifetime access
    • 3 Niches: $97/mth OR $797 for lifetime access
  • Upsells:
    • 3x Your Results Blueprint: $39
    • Done-For-You Setup: $67
  • Score: 4.0/10

Teach Me More About 12 Minute Affiliate


What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you business, to which you only need to add traffic in order to start generating sales and make money. Or… that is the idea, at least.

Created by Devon Brown, owner of Renegade Success, LLC, 12 Minute Affiliate comes complete with sales funnels and e-mail swipes to make earning money as easy as humanly possible.

Depending on how much you’re willing to pay, you’ll get marketing material for either 1 or 3 niches.

Personally, no matter what traffic source or method you use, I recommend to focus on one niche and truly master it before moving on to another.

The price for the product is either $47/mth (1 niche) or $97/mth (3 niches). There is also lifetime access available for both plans, $397 for 1 niche and $797 for 3 niches. Furthermore, there’s a 1-niche 14-day trial available for $9.95.

While there are 2 upsells being pitched in the funnel – 3x Your Results Blueprint ($39) and Done-For-You Setup ($67) – supposedly none of them are required for this product to fully work. Which is great, because I’ve seen too many products relying on their upsells in order to work properly.


How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

To get started with the 12 Minute Affiliate system, there are only 3 steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Personalize your system. Basically set up your funnel, ensure that the links contain your affiliate ID and integrate your autoresponder into the system. A setup wizard is included to help you with this.
  2. Order traffic. Get visitors to your personalized sales funnel and start growing your e-mail list. (and hopefully bank account)
  3. Profit. You’ll keep the commissions you earn.
How 12 Minute Affiliate Works
There are only 3 steps involved in getting 12 Minute Affiliate to work for you on autopilot.


Simply put, 12 Minute Affiliate is an affiliate marketing business in a box that gets traffic from solo ads. This is absolutely nothing new, nor revolutionary. (who would’ve thought?)

Solo ads can be a viable traffic source, but it requires that the traffic is targeted well. Another problem I see with using solo ads is that most of the traffic usually consists of freebie seekers, which can be hard pitching products to.

Don’t get me wrong – I actually like the concept of having an entire business back-end done for me, with sales funnels, e-mail swipes and landing pages all ready to go. However, I’m quite picky when it comes to the traffic (and so should you be), as I want my visitors to be targeted and actually willing to buy.

Most freebie seekers, like those you get from solo ads, are not.


Who is 12 Minute Affiliate For?

Despite Devon Brown’s claim of it being newbie-friendly, I believe that 12 Minute Affiliate is not suited for beginners.

Apart from the monthly (or lifetime access) fee you pay for the product, you’ll also have to pay for the traffic.

The solo ads industry is currently riddled with scammy sellers and it’d take a lot of testing and monetary investment to find the truly good ones.

For example, one common scam among solo-sellers is that they’ll provide you – the buyer – with a few sales through your funnel, and when the you’ve left the seller a positive review, the sales get refunded.

The seller gets another good review and can sell more solo ads, while the you’re left with several hundred dollars down the drain.

Furthermore, to utilize 12 Minute Affiliate you’ll also have to pay for an autoresponder service in order to get the system to start building your list. That means at least another $15/mth expense for you, if not more.

12 Minute Affiliate Is Easy?
12 Minute Affiliate is not as easy as it’s made out to be. There are so many variables in an affiliate business, and a fully automated system will struggle hard with keeping up.


What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

It’s far from all bad, though. There are some aspects of this product I truly like and admire Devon for implementing:

  • A business in a box. The 12 Minute Affiliate is essentially an entire business neatly packaged in a single bundle. All you have to do is direct traffic to it.
  • Easy to set up. The system is easy to configure and even comes with a setup wizard to help you out.
  • The price isn’t ridiculous. At $47/mth, the product pricing is fairly standard. I’ve seen greedier product owners.
  • Does not depend on upsells. Many similar products require you to purchase the upsells in order for it to work properly. Luckily, 12 Minute Affiliate does not.
  • Can be lucrative, when done right. If you manage to find great solo ad sellers, this kind of system could make you bank.
  • Includes a community. As you sign up, you’ll be given access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to meet and talk to other members of 12 Minute Affiliate.
  • 14-day trial. The system comes with a 14-day trial for only $9.95, so that you’ll be able to take it out for a spin and make a decision on whether it’s worth your time and money.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, you’ll be able to get a refund.


What I Don’t Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

  • No free trial. While the price of $9.95 for a 2-week trial is fair, I still think one should be able to test drive a product for free before spending any money on it. Especially in the internet marketing industry, where scams are so darn common.
  • Questionable traffic source. The usage of solo ads concerns me quite a bit, as they’re notorious for being filled with sellers who’d want nothing more than to make a quick buck and rip you off in the process.
  • Finding quality traffic can get expensive. Not all solo ad sellers are con artists, but many of them are. Trying to find sellers who actually provide you with good leads for your funnel can get expensive due to all the testing you’d have to do.
  • Not many targeting options. Generally, when it comes to targeting, solo ads don’t offer many targeting options. Having a done-for-you traffic source is a bit like throwing your money in a pond and wishing for the best. Not a very stable business model, if you ask me.
  • Additional expenses. Besides the price of the product, you’ll also have to pay for the traffic to be sent to you AND the autoresponder which costs around $15-$19 per month for the cheapest plan, depending on provider.
  • Not very beginner friendly. By putting all my concerns together, I’ve reached the conclusion that this is not a very beginner friendly product. The idea of having everything set up in 12 minutes is great, but you’re gonna have to put in more time than that each day to make this truly work.
The owner of 12 Minute Affiliate (Devon Brown) claims that it’s as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..


What I’m Missing in 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Occasional updates. Considering that this program comes with an option to pay monthly, you’d think that it would at least offer a few updates every now and then. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. So you’re left with either paying a large one-time fee, or monthly for the same content over and over again.
  • Live chat. While it’s really great that 12 Minute Affiliate comes with a Facebook community, I can’t help to feel that it’s still missing a way to get help and feedback in real-time. A super-active live chat would definitely help this product shine.
  • Weekly webinars. This is actually goes along with my point about the “occasional updates”, but it felt necessary to point out that one of the benefits I miss most in this program is helpful weekly webinars to ensure I progress with my business.
  • Ability to target my traffic. With a done-for-you traffic source, you’re pretty much limited to the traffic the system decides to send you. There’s no room for optimization whatsoever.
  • Free plan. Being able to start with your business for free should be an obvious right in the internet marketing space. There are so many shady products and programs being launched daily, so it only makes sense to offer a free plan to help people get started.


Is There A Better Alternative To 12 Minute Affiliate?

Yes, there are without a doubt better alternatives out there.

Not only are you be able to start for free, but you’ll also have the possibility to zone in on the traffic you actually want. (real buyers)

And to make things better you’ll be building a real, sustainable business that can generate massive traffic for free, for years to come.

The cold, hard truth is that there is no “get rich quick”-scheme.

Building a business takes time, patience and effort in the beginning. But once you’ve got it running and working for you, it’ll get easier and sometimes feel like you’re printing money with your laptop.

Furthermore, I’m personally using this specific program and will be your private 1-on-1 coach if you – at any time – decide to upgrade from the free version.

The price is about the same as 12 Minute Affiliate ($49/mth) but does not include any extra fees for the traffic, which will save you heaps of money. On the other hand, you’ll be spending more time building your business, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Oh, and they hold weekly live webinars to help you stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks in order to keep your business ahead of your competition!

So, which program am I talking about?

Wealthy Affiliate – of course!

I’ve provided a comparison chart below. Check it out and click on through to read my very own review of it!


Final Verdict

So the 12 Minute Affiliate Review above clearly shows that things that seem too good to be true, most likely are.

The product is simply an affiliate business in a box that relies on solo ads to make sales. Not only are solo ads generally riddled with shady sellers who’d love to make a quick buck off of you, but the way they fake their own positive reviews is quite ridiculous.

Now, don’t get me wrong. People are making bank with solo ads, and they’re doing so because they’ve been in the game for quite a while. They’ve managed to find good sellers, optimized their funnels and built a good relationship with their lists. What’s important to note here is this:

They’ve undoubtedly spent way more time than just 12 minutes per day to build their businesses.

It’s quite logical when you think about it. Nobody is going to build a successful business from scratch by investing only 12 minutes per day. Small business owners are in fact one of the most hard working people on the planet. It just doesn’t make sense that you’d only need a few minutes each day with this product in order to succeed.

The simple truth is that the more you put into your business, the more you’ll get out of it. Maybe not immediately, but down the road. Think long-term and your success will follow. Just do yourself a favor and build it up with the right tools.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that I don’t see the 12 Minute Affiliate system as a scam. It’s a legit product and the methods work. Just not as easily as Devon Brown makes it out to be.


On the other hand… the 14-day trial costs a measly $9.95, so if you’re interested in giving 12 Minute Affiliate a try you wouldn’t really have to pay out of your nose. Just keep in mind that there are completely free alternatives available as well!

So if you’ve got any questions or think something needs correcting, leave a comment below and let’s have a chat!

To your success!


12 Minute Affiliate

$47/mth + Upsells









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