The Business of Travel Blogging Review: Your Ticket To Wealth?

So, you’ve booked a flight, packed your sombrero and wish to earn some serious cash on your vacation? Well, the Business of Travel Blogging review you’re about to read might be able to help. It’s not going to be an easy ride, though.


Well, travel blogging is generally considered quite difficult to break into as a beginner. It requires a lot of hard work and massive patience to succeed, but judging by the stories of other travel bloggers – it’s definitely worth it!

Just be ready to put plenty of time and effort into growing your blog. Run it as a business, and it shall become one.


What is The Business of Travel Blogging?

Are you a beginner when it comes to blogging? Then this 10 week unit travel blogging course might be for you. Each week, one unit will be unlocked for you to start learning from.

You will not be able to skip ahead, but there’s also no time limit for the units. Meaning, once they’re unlocked – they’re unlocked for life. So you can do the training at your own pace.

The Business of Travel Blogging is founded by “Nomadic Matt” (Matthew Kepnes), a seven-figure, New York Times-bestseller blogger who enjoys 1.3 million visitors per month on his travel blog. Even though Matt’s blog has been running for 11 years at this moment, it wasn’t always successful.

Like you, Matthew started his blog from scratch – no technical knowledge, no monthly revenue and no idea how to run a successful blog; just a burning will to learn and to succeed. Luckily, there is so much opportunity to learn online nowadays, and Matt’s course is definitely one of the places where you can learn the art of blogging.


How Does The Business of Travel Blogging Work?

Upon signing up, you will start your journey towards becoming a reputed travel blogger.

You’ll learn a bit about the founder, and then you’ll get into the meat of the course – learning how to pick a name for your blog, install WordPress and make it SEO friendly.

As I’ve already mentioned, the course is divided into 10 different units. Each unit covers a new concept that you can implement to your blogging efforts each week.

At the end of the 10 units, you’ll have a good foundation of knowledge and skills to successfully keep your blog up and running. (and growing)


What Will I Learn From The Business of Travel Blogging?

The following is a brief look into the lessons contained in the course. Keep in mind that the business of blogging is no get-rich-quick scheme, which will be quite evident as you start reading through.

This course is for people who want to run their business on the go. You will make money, but it’s going to require a ton of work from you.


Lesson 1: Setting Up & Getting Started

Learn a bit more about Nomadic Matt and get familiar with the story of how he started his very successful seven-figure travel blog.

Then continue to picking a name for your blog, learning how to setup WordPress and get Google tracking your blog visitors’ habits.

Finish it off by listening to a few interviews with expert bloggers and internet marketers to really get those creative juices going!

This is truly inspirational stuff, so don’t miss it!


Lesson 2: Building a Brand

Discover your niche and start creating your brand around it. You’re not just building a blog – but a business – and you need a brand to eventually gain recognition.

Learn what makes blogs beautiful and start designing your very own blog. User experience is crucial in order to keep your readers interested and keep them reading. A distracting blog can be a real conversion rate killer. (and bounce rate booster)

The last section of lesson 2 teaches you to manage your time. How to be more efficient and get more work done in less time.

Hint: Social media can be a huge time burglar.


Lesson 3: Writing Content

Begin learning about – in my opinion – the fun stuff about blogging; writing engaging content! Find out how to make your content stand out among your competitors’. Learn how to increase your chances of going viral, and how you can format posts to make them easy for readers to scan through.

Discover common grammar pitfalls and how to avoid them, and learn some good habits as well.

Tip: One thing to avoid like the plague – if you want some Google love – is profanity. Google frowns upon it.


Lesson 4: Mastering Social Media

As I mentioned, social media can steal lots of precious time away from your blogging efforts. The worst part is that we don’t even realize how much time’s gone by until it’s too late, and it’s almost time to get ready for bed.

However, social media has its place in building your blog as well. If used correctly, it can bring you serious bits of traffic, which you later can turn into subscribers and monetize.

Learn how to succeed on social media, guest blogging and discover how to get media to take notice of you. Work towards giving your brand that initial recognition it deserves.


Lesson 5: Networking Like a Champ

Start networking with other bloggers and expand your network online.

Then take it one step further and meet authority bloggers face-to-face… but where?


Discover the best places to meet these big bloggers, book the first flight you can find and start networking!


Lesson 6: Mastering SEO

Dive into getting traffic to your blog from search engines. Without a doubt, Google is the biggest beast of them, followed by Bing and Yahoo! Together, these three can bring you massive traffic!

Learn why SEO is important and how to get your links ranking high in the SERPs.

Follow it up with doing proper keyword research (I recommend using a top-quality research tool) and learning how to increase rankings on your old posts by updating them.

Top off lesson 6 with discovering some great tools to help you out with your SEO efforts.


Lesson 7: Mastering Newsletters

This is definitely my favorite lesson – by far!

Begin learning about newsletters and how to set up your very own. Gain knowledge of what to include in your e-mail messages and how to sell to your subscribers without seeming pushy or “salesy”.

Tip: Nourish the relationship with your subscribers by over-delivering value to them. This will make it so much easier to sell to them in the long run. Just don’t betray their confidence in you – recommend only products you truly believe will help them!


Lesson 8: Affiliate Marketing

Get into what my very own blog is all about – making money blogging as an affiliate!

Learn what affiliate marketing is and the concept of making money on your blog. Don’t miss the section about disclosing affiliate partnerships and sponsored content. It’s important that you follow these guidelines in order to protect yourself from legal issues and staying compliant with Google.


Lesson 9: Creating & Selling Your Own Products

Create your own products and earn even more money. As an affiliate, you’ll often only keep a part of the sales you make, while as a product owner you’ll be able to keep the full revenue to yourself!

Discover how to publish your very own book on Amazon, and how to market your products like a pro.


Lesson 10: Brands, PR, & Tourism Boards

This is probably the lesson that’s most relevant specifically for travel bloggers. It’s packed (pun intended) with information that’s valuable for you as you’re coming closer towards the end of the course.

Learn the basics of media kits, touring and consulting. Discover how you can begin working with PR and brands, and finally how to take advantage of tourism boards to grow your blog and brand.


The Business of Travel Blogging Testimonials
Several students are quite happy with the quality of the course!


The Business of Travel Blogging: Pros

  • Excellent for beginners. No experience is required to start blogging with the help of this course. However, there are some lessons that are quite valuable to seasoned bloggers as well.
  • Simplifies the technical aspects of blogging. One of the biggest fears people experience when it comes to starting their own blog is that they feel they’re not technical enough. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to run a successful blog.
  • Teaches you how to generally be a better blogger. Even though you’re about to start your very own travel blog, you can apply what you learn in this course to launching blogs in other niches as well.
  • Guides you to start networking with other bloggers. Gain some serious outreach by connecting with other bloggers in your niche. This is crucial in a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”-industry like blogging really is.
  • Teaches how to get trickles of traffic from a range of sources. Master social, e-mail and SEO to really diversify your traffic. You should never put all your eggs in one basket, and this is especially true with traffic generation. If one traffic stream dies, you’ll still have several left to get your readers from.
  • Provides you with time management techniques. Optimize your work sessions and start blogging efficiently by prioritizing the important tasks first.
  • Comes with free tech support. In case you run into any issues with your blog, Matt will be available to help you along. It’s like you’ll have your very own personal computer wizard on call.
  • Includes 10h+ of expert interviews. Listen to other marketers’ stories and get inspired. These are filled with tons of golden nuggets!
  • Has a 30 day money-back guarantee. Unsure if this training is for you? Give it a try, and if you don’t like it – just ask for your money back.
  • Supported by a private Facebook community. Network with other students of The Business of Travel Blogging. Pull each other forward, take part in joint ventures or just have a chat with a fellow blogger – the choice is yours.


The Business of Travel Blogging: Cons

  • Doesn’t offer hosting. As good as this training may be, it doesn’t offer a place where you can run your blog. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get your own hosting which ultimately adds to the price.
  • Is only updated twice a year. The course is only updated twice each year, which to me sounds like too little. The blogging business is an ever-changing industry and you’re gonna have to keep up if you want to stay in the game.
  • Comes with no keyword tool. You will learn how to research keywords to build your blog posts around. However, you’re going to have to pay up for a keyword tool to find the keywords worth going after. Unfortunately, there is no keyword tool included in this course.
  • Can be considered quite pricey. The course is currently priced at $149. This is far from being the most expensive course out there, but it’s still quite a hefty fee to pay upfront – especially for a beginner. I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the pros or cons section, but eventually it ended up here. The reason being the additional services – like hosting and keyword tool – which you’d very likely have to pay for separately; adding even more to the cost.


Are There Any Better Alternatives?

Well, considering what you’d have to pay for the course, a keyword tool and hosting – the absolute essential parts to run your blog – there are definitely programs that give you more value for your money.

The Business of Travel Blogging isn’t a bad course – in fact, it’s great! You’ll learn everything you need to launch and run a successful travel blog.

And as long as you’re willing to put in the hours, you will see results…

However, there are countless of blogging courses that can teach you how to run a successful blogging business. The truly valuable aspects of this course are the lessons about networking. Whether this is worth paying $149 + cost for hosting + cost for a keyword tool for, I’m quite hesitant to.


What I’m Personally Using – (My Recommendation)

The program I’m enrolled in since 5 years back is called Wealthy Affiliate. (or WA for short)

They got me started quickly and provides me with daily tasks on what steps I need to take next with my blog.

The principles of setting up and running a blog is basically the same, regardless of who you learn it from.

However – unlike The Business of Travel Blogging – Wealthy Affiliate offers both a keyword research tool and free hosting, so I never have to deal with the worry and technical hassle of keeping my blog running.

It’s all taken care of for me!

The awesome thing about WA is that there’s a free version, which takes you through how to get your blog started. It provides a great opportunity for you to decide whether the program is for you, while you’re simultaneously building up your blog.

So check it out if you’re looking for – in my opinion – the absolute best blogging course out there!


My Verdict For The Business of Travel Blogging

So as you’ve been reading through my review of Nomadic Matt’s The Business of Travel Blogging course, you’ve hopefully taken a step closer towards making a decision of whether to buy.

It’s an excellent course which takes you from a complete beginner to a travel blogging pro. You’ll learn how to make your website pull traffic from various sources online, and also how to network with other authority bloggers within the travel niche.

The downside of the program is that there’s no free hosting included, and in order to easily find profitable keywords you’re gonna have to pay up for a decent tool.

All in all, I definitely recommend it if you can afford to pay the price of $149 + hosting + keyword tool all in one go.

However, if you think the price is a bit too steep – check out my recommendation above!

The Business of Travel Blogging










Keyword Tool



  • Good for beginners
  • Teaches you how to network
  • Simplifies the technical stuff
  • Excellent Facebook community


  • Quite pricey
  • Doesn't offer hosting
  • Comes with no keyword tool

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