The Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

Are you looking to make money with paid advertising? The Super Affiliate System 3.0 review that follows will look into whether the number on its price tag is reasonable, or if you’re basically running huge a risk of getting ripped off.

Running affiliate marketing on paid traffic is in itself quite pricey. So what I’d like to see in a course about it is how to keep the costs down and push the profits up.

I’ve generally heard good things about Super Affiliate System, so it’s actually about time I take a look into it and see what all the fuzz is about.

Is it as good as people say? Or are they simply overhyping around a mediocre product?

Let’s find out!


Super Affiliate System 3.0 Overview

  • Name: Super Affiliate System
  • Owner: John Crestani
  • Website: Super Affiliate System 3.0
  • Price:
    • $997 or 3 x $397 ($1191)
  • Upsells: No
  • Score: 8.2/10

Teach Me More About Super Affiliate System 3.0


What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is THE course for getting started earning serious money through paid advertising.

It’s a 6 week course created by John Crestani, the owner of the affiliate network Nutryst, who earned himself $2,900,000 in 2016.

The course is logically laid out for you in a step-by-step fashion and contains the following:

  • Week 1: Setting Up The System. Get started setting up your website and your goals. Learn about pre-sell pages and how to set up your Facebook Ads account. Also get familiar with the best affiliate networks to work with.
  • Week 2: Understanding & Believing The System. Start building the right mindset to succeed in this industry. Learn how to research your niche and how to communicate with your target audience. Master the art of networking with other affiliates and the relevance of being aware of a user’s intent.
  • Week 3: Marketing Skills. Begin sharpening your copywriting skills and learn how to manipulate people ethically. Get the best tips and tricks from experts such as John Crestani himself and Ronnie Sandlin, a well-renowned 7-figure copywriter. Also dive into how to optimize ads for a bigger profit margin.
  • Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads. Get down and dirty with Facebook and Google ads. Learn about compliance and what metrics to keep your eyes on as your campaigns are running. This section also contains some really great case studies.
  • Week 5: Native & YouTube Ads. Grow your reach further as you expand into native and YouTube ads. Learn how to correctly set up and optimize ads to get as high ROI as possible.
  • Week 6: Scaling & Automating Your Business. Uncover the true secret of how to reach 6-figure months on a regular basis. Set up your business to have it run more or less on autopilot, all while you sip colorful umbrella drinks on a beach in Miami.

The price of the course is either $997 (one-time fee) or 3 x $397 which adds up to a total of $1191.

Apart from the Super Affiliate System 3.0, you’ll also be grandfathered into the 2.0 course and get access to John Crestani’s traffic generation course, Internet Jetset System. And this is without any extra cost whatsoever.

If you’d happen to be unhappy with your purchase, Super Affiliate System comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, so luckily there’s virtually no risk for you.


How Does Super Affiliate System 3.0 Work?

As you sign up, you’ll be given access to over 50 hours of recorded lessons. In order to make sure that you’re really able to grasp the content of the lessons, you’ll be able to fill out assignments and quizzes as well.

Additionally to the recorded lessons, the owner of the course – John Crestani – holds weekly webinars where he’ll provide you with news of what’s currently working in the affiliate marketing space. But what I find more interesting is that he occasionally can review and give you pointers on your marketing strategy, without any extra charge of course!

John Crestani
The owner of Super Affiliate System, John Crestani, is no stranger to affiliate marketing.

If you miss a webinar you’ll be able to find it in the webinar archive. This is where all the previously webinars have been recorded and then stored.

According to John Crestani, you don’t have to be tech savvy. In fact, there are several assets readily available for you to use from the get-go.

To really be able to give your campaigns the biggest chance of success, you’ll have access to done-for-you landing pages and ad templates. You’ll also know exactly what offers to run (the offer is arguably the most important aspect of a profitable campaign) and be given access to real buyers data, which helps tremendously with targeting the right demographics.

In fact, there are pre-designed assets for several niches, like:

  • Brain Enhancement
  • Business Opportunity (BizOpp)
  • Diabetes
  • Probiotics
  • Skincare
  • Diet (Germany)
  • Muscle (Germany)
  • Muscle (France)
Buyers Data
Target your campaigns with real buyers data. It will give you a really unfair advantage over your competition!

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 comes with a private Facebook community, where you can network with other fellow affiliates like yourself. It’s a really great place to get help whenever you feel stuck or unsure of what to do next.

Finally, since affiliate marketing has quite a steep learning curve (especially with paid traffic) you’ll be able to get help getting into affiliate networks. This truly takes some pressure off the shoulders as one tries to learn all the other aspects of making money online.


Who is Super Affiliate System 3.0 For?

The Super Affiliate system is very useful for both beginners and seasoned affiliates who’d like to build or expand their businesses with paid advertising.

However, it requires that you have some capital (additional to the course fee) as you’ll be buying ad space on Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. Not every campaign will be profitable and testing can quickly become quite expensive. You’d like to have some extra money to keep a decent cash flow when you finally hit the jackpot.

Apart from the traffic, you’ll also have to pay for hosting and a domain. Don’t worry, how to do this is covered in the course.

The recommendations for minimum budget for paid traffic vary between affiliates, but personally I suggest that you have at least $2000 (additional to the course fee) to spend on your marketing.

Like I said, testing can be expensive and when you finally find a winner you’d want to pour as much money as possible into it.


What I Like About Super Affiliate System 3.0

There are plenty of things to like about this product. It’s a good introduction to affiliate marketing through paid traffic, and thanks to the weekly webinars and pre-made assets it can also be extremely useful for the more seasoned affiliates.

But those are far from the only things I love about this system, so let’s take a look at all the good, juicy stuff it has to offer:

  • Lots of lesson content. The Super Affiliate System contains over 50+ hours of recorded material, which will take you from being a complete beginner to banking as a paid advertising pro.
  • Assignments and quizzes. Ensure that you’ve fully grasped each lesson before moving on to the next, simply by putting your newly gained knowledge into real, hands-on action and earning top scores on relevant quizzes.
  • Easy to get started, even for the “technologically challenged” users. Not very tech savvy? No problem! The system is actually designed to be easy to use for everyone.
  • Weekly webinars with coaching. Join John in his weekly webinars and find out what’s hot right now! Get a chance to have a real super affiliate review your marketing strategy.
  • Webinar archive. Missed last week’s webinar? Don’t worry, you can find all previous webinars in the webinar archive. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy them in your own tempo.
  • Pre-made assets. Mix and match pre-made assets and get your campaigns up and running quickly. Choose between several done-for-you landers and ad templates, and find your optimal audience by using buyers data provided by the system.
  • Covers multiple traffic sources. The course covers several traffic sources, which means that your scaling potential is virtually endless. It also means that what you learn in this course will be applicable to other traffic sources you may find throughout your affiliate marketing career.
  • 2 additional courses included. By buying the Super Affiliate System 3.0, you’ll automatically be given access to the 2.0 version of the course, plus John’s traffic generation course – Internet JetSet System.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. Not happy with the course? Get your money back without getting any irritating questions from the seller.
Campaign Reviews in Super Affiliate System
During the weekly webinars, you can have John review your campaigns and see where you can improve & earn more.


What I Don’t Like About Super Affiliate System 3.0

Even though Super Affiliate System is a really neat course, there are a few things about it that’re bothering me:

  • No free version or trial. Unfortunately, there’s no free or trial version, which I feel is very important in the IM space. There are many scams floating around out there, and more are being released on a daily basis. Offering a free/trial version would help ensure a potential customer that your product is legit. Luckily, there’s still the 30-day money-back guarantee you can take advantage of.
  • Can quickly get expensive. Testing your creatives in order to find a profitable combination can quickly cost you quite a lot of cash. Make sure you’ve got a decent budget before you begin. (personally I recommend around $2000)
  • No hosting or domain included. Your landing pages will have to be hosted somewhere, and unfortunately this hosting is not included in the price. You’re going to have to pay extra for that. The advantage of this is that you’ll get the exact hosting you want, based on your marketing needs.


What I’m Missing in Super Affiliate System 3.0

It goes without saying, but no product is perfect and sometimes they’ll leave you wishing for that little detail that could turn a great product into a perfect one. Super Affiliate System is no exception.

While the product is next to perfect, there are still a few points worth mentioning:

  • Free/trial version. As I mentioned, the Super Affiliate System comes without a free or trial version, which means that despite the 30-day money back guarantee you’d still have to be able to fork up at least $997 in order to give the system a try.
  • Hosting. Running paid traffic is usually based on directing traffic from different sources to your landing pages. This means that you’d need somewhere to host your pages, and I can’t help feeling that this would be a great thing to include in the fairly high price.


What Other Members Think

I’m not the only one who seems to think this is a great course. These are a few of many testimonials by other Super Affiliate System members:


Is There A Better Alternative To Super Affiliate System 3.0?

The cost for testing your banners, landing pages and offers can quickly add up – even more so if you’re not really sure what you’re doing. Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an awesome course to get you on the right track in the field of paid advertising, and to help you avoid common beginner mistakes in the process.

So when it comes to courses on affiliate marketing with paid traffic, no, I don’t believe there’s currently a better one out there.

If you want to get started with paid advertising, this is the course to get.

However, as I’ve previously mentioned I recommend at least $2000 to get started. You’ll want your tests to finish running, and avoid stressing out and cutting them prematurely. Having a decent budget helps you do that.

If you feel that paid traffic is not for you, there’s only one training program for affiliates I can truly stand behind.

It’ll show you how to build a sustainable business and generate massive floods of free traffic through SEO. Best of all? There’s a free version, and it’ll teach you enough to get your business up and running!

If you later decide to get into premium, you’ll get me as your private 1-on-1 coach, hosting, weekly webinars and much, much more.

So make sure you check out my review!

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Final Verdict

One advantage that paid traffic has over free traffic is that you can literally order visitors on demand. This allows you to test your creatives very precisely and extremely quickly. It also gives you massive scaling potential when you finally manage to find a winning combination of banner, landing page and offer.


The Super Affiliate System teaches you how to start earning with paid traffic over a 6 week period. You’ll learn how to dominate some of the biggest traffic sources, such as Google, Facebook & YouTube.

You’ll do so with the help of highly converting, done-for-you ads and landing pages. But what’s very likely even more useful is that you’ll find out exactly which offers to run in order to find most success in the shortest time!

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is THE course on paid advertising! So if you have the money and are ready to take action – go for it!

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Super Affiliate System 3.0










Affiliate Training



  • Done-for-you resources
  • Weekly webinars
  • Covers multiple traffic sources
  • Easy to get started
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Quite pricey
  • No hosting offered
  • Additional costs for traffic/hosting

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