VS Evolution Review: Google Page #1 Rankings In Minutes or Scam?

So you’ve just finished creating an awesome video, you’ve uploaded it to YouTube and now you’re ready to see the traffic pouring in. The only problem is… it’s not happening. Not even a dribble. What’s gone wrong?

In the following VS Evolution review we’ll take a look at whether we really can rank our brand new videos on the first page of Google in just a few minutes or if it’s a scam.

What kind of traffic can we expect from a top ranking video on Google? Can it even be done in high competition niches and if so, will it still take just a few minutes?

So turn off the sound on your phone and focus your attention on this page… this is gonna be an interesting one!

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VS Evolution Overview

  • Name: VS Evolution
  • Owner: John Bishop
  • Website: vsevolution.co/live/
  • Price: $37
  • Upsells: $110+
  • Score: 2.6/10
  • Recommended: No

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What is VS Evolution?

VS Evolution is a keyword research tool created with the intent of helping you quickly get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of Google. It’s hosted as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and created by John Bishop (no, not the comedian), who’s also the guy behind several other video software products such as VideoSumo, Link2Vid and VidBiz.

Additional to the research tool, the service contains a video editor to quickly help you make your own videos with royalty-free imagery and audio, and snapshots from websites of your choice.

VS Evolution is sold on WarriorPlus and the main product costs only $17. However, there are also several upsells and the total cost for the entire package lands on at least $110. Some of them include:

  • VSE PRO ($37): Unlimited use of the service (research, videos etc) and training on how to use the software.
  • VSE Source ($27): Swipe data from several other video’s description and bake them into your own. (Limited version)
  • VSE Source PRO ($37): VSE Source but with additional features, without restrictions and some extra training.

Since the product is sold on WarriorPlus you’re eligible to a refund within your first 30 days from the date of purchase.

Included in VS Evolution
Apart from the main YouTube keyword research tool, VS Evolution includes several additional features to help your videos to rank. The basic version is limited to 100 search queries and 10 videos per month.


How Does VS Evolution Work?

The way VS Evolution works is that you find a good keyword (long tail, low competition), grab data from other people’s videos matching those keywords and bake them into your own video’s description. The end result is a highly ranking video that’s shown on page #1 on Google in a matter of minutes. Or that’s the idea, at least.

It’s no secret that YouTube videos rank well on Google. The reason for this is actually quite simple – Google own YouTube.

And because of the way it is right now you can rank pretty well with just basic keyword research. Videos very often rank in the top 3 of Google’s results, so if you can find a low competition keyword on YouTube you’re very likely to see it rank on Google. Especially if you have a video description containing several matching related keywords.

However, like Google, YouTube is a search engine. It’s constantly under development and improvement, and the main focus of Google will always be to provide the users with the best possible experience. So even though your generic, royalty-free videos that are riddled with LSI keywords may rank well right now, chances are that they won’t do that forever.

VS Evolution Generic Videos
Bland, generic videos aren’t going to rank well forever. Like Google, YouTube is eventually going to crave unique and helpful content that mainly focuses on providing the user with the best possible experience.

And if you solely build your business on rankings from top video results on Google, your business is running a big risk of missing out on all its current traffic. When – not if – this happens you’ll be back at square one and have to start over and build your business from scratch.

This is why you should always diversify your incoming traffic and create multiple streams from several different sources. You’ve probably heard of the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This couldn’t ring more true in the case of traffic generation.


Is It a Scam or Can You Actually Get Google Page #1 Rankings In a Matter of Minutes?

Thumbs UpAs I’ve mentioned, ranking YouTube videos on Google is pretty simple. The reason is thanks to the authority YouTube has in the SERPs. (Google own YouTube, remember?)

So as long as you know how to do basic keyword research you’ll likely do well with most of your keywords.

That being said, VS Evolution adds some extra gravy to the mixture. For example, it’ll grab data from the highest ranking videos related to the keyword you’re targeting and sort of “bake” them together into one description.

This product is definitely not a scam. It’s just taking advantage of what’s working right now and making the process of ranking your videos a bit easier for you. It’s a keyword tool and video data scraper composed into one helpful tool.

While the method VS Evolution is utilizing is working right now, there are no guarantees that it will do so forever. Therefore it’s extremely important that you don’t focus only on getting easy traffic from YouTube. You need to diversify your traffic streams in order to ensure that your business can thrive long after this method is gone.


How To Diversify Your Traffic & Build a SUSTAINABLE Business That Will Thrive For YEARS

An online business needs many different legs to stand on when it comes to traffic. It doesn’t suffice to only focus hard on one single source and neglect all other opportunities of attracting traffic. If you zero in on just a single source you’re running the risk of losing your business, thus forcing you to start over again.

A healthy traffic profile contains visitors from all kinds of traffic: direct, referral, social and organic search. This ensures that if one traffic stream dies the impact isn’t as dramatic as it’d be by solely relying on a single source.

My businesses (this website included) match these healthy profiles. I get traffic from all of these four categories and if one of them bombs I’ll still be getting my fair share of visitors.

Wanna know how I did it?

Simple! I just followed the step-by-step training that’s set up over and Wealthy Affiliate. When I ran into problems I asked my mentor for help and he could answer most of my questions, since he’d been through the process before me. And if you decide sign up you’ll get a mentor too… ME!

My suggestion is that you read my comprehensive review of WA by tapping the red button below, and then make sure you get yourself your own account. (It’s FREE for starters!)

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VS Evolution










Affiliate Training



  • Low price
  • Easy-to-read query results
  • 100 queries per month


  • Relies on one traffic source
  • Training is in first upsell

20 thoughts on “VS Evolution Review: Google Page #1 Rankings In Minutes or Scam?”

  1. Thank you for this review.

    I have to say, one of the biggest turn-offs for me, when it comes to “opportunities” has to be upsells.  Many times I just close the page and never return.

    I can see the draw of this particular tool but, in the long run, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to achieve my goals.  Besides, doing things right from the ground up is the way to build long-term success vs. using a tool as a shortcut.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hello Scott!

      You’re very welcome! 🙂

      I mostly agree with you regarding upsells. Usually they’re just there to drain as many dollars as possible out of each customer. However, if an upsell can provide massive value I usually pay for it, even though it happens very seldom.

      I believe in over-delivering value to people, and splitting a product up in tiny costly chunks just isn’t very helpful for the user – just for the product owners.

      You’re absolutely right when it comes to how to build a business. Do things correctly right from the start and avoid cutting corners. It’s all a process and every step of it will take time, but it will pay off in dividends down the road.

      Thanks for dropping me a line or two! Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. I have always wondered how youtube videos get ranked and how someone gets their video to number 1. Your article is full of helpful information and really opens the eyes of people. If they want to get their video ranked high they should read your article and take the necessary steps to accomplish the goal. 

    1. Hey Jen, and thanks!

      Yes, getting videos to rank doesn’t really require any additional software. All you need is a good keyword and, depending on competition, some basic SEO efforts on your video.

      On the other hand, VS Evolution helps with a lot in the process which otherwise may feel tedious. I just can’t recommend it since I believe in a more stable business model than ranking YouTube videos on Google.

      I appreciate your input and hope to see you around again soon!

      Have an awesome weekend, Jen!


  3. Thanks for reviewing VS Evolution. I agree with you that the basic system is incomplete when the training is included in an OTO. A newbie would have a hard time implementing the software without training. I think anyone could duplicate the process manually by doing good keyword research and then finding videos with creative common licenses. I have seen several top expert affiliate marketers who suggest creating and linking your blog or website to your YouTube channel. The synergy improves your overall results getting organic traffic.

    1. Hey Glen!

      Yes, the fact that the training is in an OTO is quite despicable in my opinion. It should be included in the main offer. I guess you could compare it to leaving out the manual for physical product (like a phone or kitchen appliance) and then require the customer to make an extra purchase to find out how it works.

      I don’t mean to sound negative, but sometimes I just hate this industry. It’s full of people who want nothing more than to push you over and put their claws in your cash that’s coming out of your pockets as you’re falling.

      And yes, like you say anyone could probably manually duplicate the process that VS Evolution follows, because it isn’t really all that innovative. It just makes things a tad easier, and that’s it.

      Finally, you should link to your website/blog from all of your social profiles – YouTube included. It’s provides a good user experience and has some SEO benefits.

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the input!


  4. Thank you for such a great and powerful review of the Vs evolution, right from the title of this article I surely have reasons to have serious doubt about the products. I don’t think there is any legit products out there that do guarantee google ranking in minutes. Am sorry that I feel this is an Over hyped product 

    1. Hey Charles! 🙂

      Ranking high on Google with video quickly is possible, but it all boils down to proper keyword research. This product helps – without a doubt – but it’s no way critical for making it work.

      I agree that it’s a bit “hypey”, but hey that’s copywriting for ya! 🙂 At least they know how to manipulate people into buying. Especially when they leave the training out and offer it in one of the upsells.

      Thanks for dropping by. Have an awesome day!


  5. Thank you Mike! This was a great review. You taught me a lot about getting ranked on Google for video content which really helps because there are always videos popping up at the top when you try to search something on Google. If you can get onto one of those video positions, you will rank really high on the first page of Google. 

    I didn’t know it was much easier if you just use keywords, but at the same time you really need to have a good high quality video. I agree with you about using wealthy affiliate and diversifying your traffic. Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to make a website and get a lot of visitors to your page. 

    It’s free to join and try a starter membership so there is a very low start-up costs and less risk. Great article, it sounds like you really know what you’re talkin about, I look forward to reading more in the future.

    1. Hi Charles!

      I’m glad you got something out of my post. 🙂 But it all makes sense when you know what’s going on behind the scenes, doesn’t it?

      I wouldn’t say that it’s easier to just use keywords. VS Evolution can definitely make it easier for you to rank your videos. I’m just not convinced that it’s a necessity at the price it’s set at.

      You can learn how to rank your videos over at WA, even though that’s not really their selling point. I definitely recommend checking out the starter membership. It’s free and gives you an idea of what’s really required to build a long-term business online.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again. Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂


  6. I would not say this is an amazing product but from your review I think it might deserve more than a 2.6rating or is there something I am not just seeing. Ranking a video like you said is pretty easy. Ones you do good keyword research which is a bit different from keyword research on writing contents you would see that your video would do well in terms of ranking. 

    Do they rank immediately just after publishing? I am not entirely sure about that. I guess that is something this product promises which would be something some people might want to test out.

    1. Hi Jay!

      You mention up a very real concern of mine which is the rating system. I’ve been feeling that it actually just complicates things and that everybody reading my reviews may rate the products differently (naturally). So I’m actually in the process of deciding whether to get rid of it completely or come up with some kind of template for my rating criteria.

      However, I feel that templates won’t make the reviewed products and services justice either since every product is different. Right now I’m leaning towards trashing the rating system altogether.

      Thank for your bringing it up though. It just confirms what I’ve been feeling. 🙂

      About videos being ranked immediately, again I feel like it depends on how well you’ve done your keyword research (with a pinch of luck, to be fair).

      Appreciate the feedback. Hope to see you again!


  7. Thank you so much Hefty Mike. Indeed one o f the mist frustrating things that can happen to any person is Uploading a very good content and not getting the desired level of traffic it ought to attract. It can be very frustrating. I have been in that shoe before. Until I stumbled across this powerful review. Now I know exactly what to do to be at Google’s number 1 Ranking.. Thank you so much for this..

  8. I appreciate this review on VS Evolution as I have not heard of it before.  It’s good that you can get a refund on this product through WarriorPlus.  

    It’s good advice to diversify your traffic streams.  It’s so important to one’s online business.

    Given all the ways to generate traffic when applied diligently, this is not a product which I find of value to myself.  I agree that the WA platform provides all that one needs in order to establish and scale an online business.

    Thanks so much for this information.  Much appreciated.  All the Best.

    1. Heya Joseph!

      Yep, diversifying your traffic is so darn important. It can be the difference between whether your website lives or dies. (sounds harsh, I know)

      I’d say VS Evolution provides some value, but there are better products out there. You’ve already mentioned one of them, so it sounds like we agree. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you around again!

      Have a great Saturday!


  9. Getting traffic on website is not easy, I’ve had series of experiences this issue and I’ve also tried a ever tools to help but I still don’t feel Satisfied by their job. I must say stumbling on this article Is really a blessing to me and I’ve learn so many things. I like way VS works especially the fact that it grabs the highest ranking video in relation to what you are looking for and it does its thing. I’ll give VS Evolution a shot and see how it works, then I’ll be able to know whether you recommend it or not. Thanks for sharing this informative article, I’ll really be useful.

    1. Hey Jones!

      Yep, traffic generation can be extremely tedious depending on which niche you’ve chosen for your business. Going to YouTube for your traffic is just one of many ways to get people to your website.

      VS Evolution definitely simplifies the process of getting your YouTube videos ranked, but it’s not critical to finding your success in the SERPs.

      It’s a legitimate product, but I cannot recommend it mainly because it’s not a complete system to get an online business up and running. Rather, it exploits a weakness in Google’s ranking algorithm which I believe is not a sound foundation to build a business upon.

      Thanks for your input and make sure to check back soon. More goodies coming up! 🙂

      Have a great evening!


  10. Getting to know something about VS evolution is a pleasure to me. I think they are trying to lure people into their system by their little price for signup and their exorbitant price for upsells. This is not too good for a beginner that is just finding a means to make it into his/her way. There is element of doubt in their system too. Thanks for unveiling the truth about this platform.

    1. Hi Stella!

      I partially agree with you. A low front-end price is usually a way to lure people into a funnel that has more costly upsells. However, the cost of the VS Evolution upsells aren’t as outrageous as we usually see in online marketing. Nevertheless, I still don’t believe they’re worth the price.

      Furthermore, you’re also correct in thinking that this product isn’t for a beginner in the internet marketing space. I’d say it’s more aimed towards people who are already creating content and want to get it out there in front of more eyes.

      My recommendation for beginners is already mentioned in the post. 🙂

      Thank you for peeking in and dropping me a comment. It means a lot to me seeing other users’ perspective on my thoughts.

      Have a neat Saturday!


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