What is a Money Post? – Recycling Your Content For Profit!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably seen that I often recommend using money posts on your blog. So, what is a money post? What’s this curious terminology I insist on using over and over again?

Simply put: A money post is a post which generates a big part of your blog’s revenue.

For example, my review of the Wealthy Affiliate training is definitely THE money post on this blog.

However, there’s a bit more than that going on behind the scenes, so keep on reading to learn when, how and why to use money posts.


Do It For The Reader

I guess it goes without saying, but your blog should focus on the reader. If you can provide a good user experience for the reader, chances are they will stay on your blog for a much longer time. They might even come back to read more!

So, in case all your blog posts are riddled with affiliate links and ads, you’re definitely not exercising good user experience. This is where a money post can come in handy. You can keep your posts clean – and instead of being affiliate links, your links will point the user to another post on your blog. (the money post)

I know you want to make money. The reader probably knows this too. However, removing the affiliate links in a post and linking to a money post makes this fact less obvious and helps to show people that your main objective is to help them.


Money Post for Readers
Money posts can improve the user experience for your readers.


Do It For The Search Engine

While you should mainly focus on your reader, the search engine expects a good experience as well.

Why is this? I mean, the search engine is just a bunch of zeroes and ones looking for information, right?


Just like you have to focus on the user experience, so does a search engine. Search engines want to provide the best possible experience for their users, and if your blog cannot provide that, a competing blog will be favored and you’ll be taking a dive in the rankings.

This is why it’s so important to focus on the user experience. Search engines are getting smarter, so you’re better off creating an awesome experience for your readers from the get-go – make your blog future-proof.

Just like in the case of a reader, the search engine doesn’t like too many (affiliate) links in every single one of your posts.

This is another reason why using a money post is extremely useful, as you can keep the majority of your posts free from affiliate links, while potentially sacrificing the rankings on a single post only.

Focus on the reader – the search engines will love you for it.


Money Posts for Search Engines
Money posts can improve your SEO, as your the number of affiliate links in your posts is reduced.


Do It For Yourself

Using a money post can also come with benefits for yourself.

If you realize that you’re repeating an idea or information throughout several posts, it might be a good idea to actually write a dedicated post around that idea. Then you could link to that post from your other posts that mention this idea.

What this gives you is the ability to control information throughout your blog more easily. If you feel the need to elaborate on your idea, you’ll just have to do it in one post. You no longer have to search through and change every instance or mention of it, in every post.

This new, dedicated post could then be used as a money post as well. Don’t be afraid to include affiliate links, since that post was never intended to rank in the search engines to begin with.

However, you still must make sure it’s still helpful enough for the reader.


Money Posts for Yourself
Updating information around a subject is a lot easier for you, if you keep it all in one single post and then just link to it.


Do It For The Money Post Itself

If you’ve written a post that is really important for your blog, you can actually signal this importance to search engines by having many internal links pointing to it.

Money posts don’t have to be riddled with ads and affiliate links. Having one or two links is fine, and can potentially make more money than a post with a larger amount of links.

So in case the post itself meets the requirements for good user experience – and can avoid penalties from the search engines – it can definitely act as a money post!

I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of having a money-generating post rank high in the most popular search engines.


Never Do It JUST For The Money

While it’s been more or less a common theme throughout the entire post, it doesn’t hurt to say it again – focus on your readers first!

Money posts are there to generate income for your blog, but never forget from who they’re generating that income.

Don’t write a money post just to make money. Write it to help people and that money will follow automatically.


No Money Posts for Money Only
Don’t focus too much on making money. Help people and the money will follow.


To Wrap It All Up

Alright, so a money post is basically a post that generates revenue for your blog. It’s usually a centralized part of your blog; meaning that many posts tend to link to your money post. On this blog, my article about Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a money post.

Many internal links to one post signals to search engines that “this piece of my blog is really important”, and tends to boost rankings for that specific post. However, don’t over-do it as it can make it look like you’re trying to game the search engine – thus getting penalized in the process.

Keeping recurring ideas in one common place makes it easier for you – as a blogger – to refer back to and modify them when necessary. You don’t have to search through your entire blog to make changes when you’ve got all that information saved in one single post.

Additionally, the user experience is possibly the most important aspect of using money posts. Money posts keep your other posts from being riddled with ugly affiliate links and ads. This helps to show your readers that you genuinely care about helping them, which is exactly what you’re supposed to.

Finally, no matter what your money post looks like – always make sure that it provides massive value for the reader. Fill it with affiliate links, ads, opt-in forms or whatever, that’s fine. But you’ve got to make sure that it helps the reader in some way, or else it won’t serve any purpose and your commissions will without a doubt suffer.

Do you feel that there’s anything I’ve missed to mention? Are you currently using money posts on your blog? Are you gonna start? Do you need my help?

Let me know in the comments below!

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