What Is Elite Blog Academy? A Scam?

Is there a place where you can learn all you need to know in order to become an elite blogger? According to Ruth Soukup there is: Elite Blog Academy. So… what is Elite Blog Academy? A scam? Or completely legit? Keep reading to find out!

I’ve taken a look at the Elite Blog Academy training, to find out whether it can help you earn a full-time income with your blog. By the end of this review, you’ll hopefully have a good idea of whether to jump onto this particular training or go in another direction. I’ll try to provide as much information as I possibly can.

So let’s get take “elite-le” closer look, shall we?


Elite Blog Academy Overview


What is Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy is a product of Ruth Soukup Omnimedia. It’s a complete step-by-step training for running your own successful and profitable blog.

The training consists of four separate modules:

  1. Refine. Define what your blog is supposed to be about. What your readers should feel when they visit your site and what they can get out of choosing to read your blog.
  2. Grow. Get visitors to your blog. Find readers through traffic-generating strategies such as SEO, list-building and going viral on social media.
  3. Monetize. Uncover the best strategies to turn your readers into pure profit.
  4. Build. Change your mindset. Start seeing your blog as a business asset. Learn how to scale your profits and the see results of your efforts.

There are 12 lessons, which all include a lesson video, Q&A videos and sessions, assignments and a workbook that explains what next steps to take, and most importantly why you should take those steps.

Ruth Soukup


How Does Elite Blog Academy Work?

If you’re interested in joining Elite Blog Academy, you’re very likely gonna have to wait for quite a while before you can get in. This is because the enrollment for the training is only open once a year, and for only 5 days. From what I can gather from the website, the reason being is that space is limited. (Which sounds a bit weird, since it’s a digital training platform with a community.)

During the time when Elite Blog Academy aren’t accepting any new applications, you can sign up to a wait list which essentially is an e-mail list that promotes low-ticket offers, such as Ruth Soukup’s previous training and books.

However, in case you actually are one of the few lucky ones who get into the Elite Blog Academy, you’ll get access to 12 unit lessons. These are the heart of the training and will teach you the following:

  • Unit 1: Start With Awesome. Make your blog marketable by understanding what makes it unique.
  • Unit 2: Content is King. Learn the reason why quality content is so important for your blog, and how to write it.
  • Unit 3: Presentation is Everything. Get visual and learn the importance of utilizing images, and discover how Pinterest can help to market your blog.
  • Unit 4: Grow Your Platform. Improve your networking and collaboration skills. Learn how to increase your subscriber list and implement an SEO strategy.
  • Unit 5: Social Media & Viral Growth. Master social media and viral marketing. Learn how to grow your social presence.
  • Unit 6: Show Me the Money. Learn how monetize your blog, set financial goals and develop a plan on how to reach them.
  • Unit 7: Profit through Ad Networks. Generate and optimize revenue with ad display networks.
  • Unit 8: Profit through Affiliate Sales. Learn how to offer real value to your readers without pitching one single sale.
  • Unit 9: Profit through Private Advertising. Skip the middle-man and go direct. Master private advertising and increase blog revenue significantly.
  • Unit 10: Profit through Selling a Product. Develop your own product and boost revenue even more. Learn how to both create and market your products.
  • Unit 11: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Learn how to plan, set goals and prioritize. Find the 80/20 of your blog.
  • Unit 12: From Blog to Business. Start looking at your blog more as a main component in your business, and not just a simple blog.

If you’d not be happy with the training, Ruth Soukup Omnimedia offers a money-back guarantee. However, the refund policy requires you to have completed homework for all 36 assignments within a year, and submit various screenshots before you can get a refund.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but at least the policy is there. I suggest that you make sure that you’re absolutely certain that you want to enroll before doing so, or else you’re gonna have to work very hard to get your money back.

EBA Refund Policy


Who is Elite Blog Academy For?

Let me just begin by saying that this training is not for everyone. If you’re a complete beginner, I suggest that you read about my recommendation further down this post.

Also, it’s far from free with a price tag of $997, so you’d better make sure you’ve got enough money to make this investment while not having to declare personal bankruptcy.

So what is Elite Blog Academy? A Scam? Not really. It’s a genuine training program, but it comes with a few prerequisites. In order for this to work for you, you need to:

  • Already own a blog.
  • Be able to find your way around a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress.
  • Afford the steep price of $997.
  • Be willing to work… hard and a lot.

Blogging requires patience, but if you’re willing to put the work in, you will reap the rewards.

EBA Premise


What I Like About Elite Blog Academy

The course offers a wide array of knowledge and contains detailed step-by-step videos. You never have to guess what the next step in your blog’s development is.

Apart from the recorded training videos, there are also live Q&A sessions with none other than Ruth Soukup herself – the very founder of Elite Blog Academy. And if you happen to miss any of the session, they’re always available as replays that you can watch at your own convenience.

Elite Blog Academy has a helpful community of like-minded bloggers on Facebook. I’m a firm believer of having a strong community behind you in order to succeed online. Sure, you can make it on your own, but you’ll speed up your progress significantly by having people around you, who know what it takes to succeed and support you in your endeavors.

EBA Facebook Community


What I Don’t Like Elite Blog Academy

One of the things about Elite Blog Academy that I like the least is the exclusivity of the training program. It’s only open for new applications for five days a year. I can’t really see the reason for excluding people who really wish to learn about turning blogging into their livelihood. Especially when the program has a helpful community to help you along with your progress.

You can join a waiting list the remaining days of the year. Expect to receive a few promotions with upsells for other products, though. I’ve heard varying opinions about the value you’ll get from them. However, they contain nothing too groundbreaking. The Elite Blog Academy is definitely the flagship product to focus on here.

Another thing I can’t help feeling a bit negatively towards is the refund policy of Elite Blogging Academy. Yes, there is a money-back guarantee, but you’re going have to work very hard if you wish to make use of it. In order to get your money back, you need to complete all 36 homework assignments and supply various screenshots (of your earnings since you started the program, for example).

While this is understandable to some degree (they want to make sure students finish the training before “earning the right” to feel unsatisfied), it makes it unnecessarily complicated for you.

Finally, the price is very steep for a product that you might never get a refund for. $997 is a high price. Compared to a tuition for a college with several professors doing the teaching, it’s peanuts. But compared to similar (or even better) programs, the price could’ve definitely been more humble.

EBA Payment Plan


What I’m Missing in Elite Blog Academy

There are 5 things I think this training is lacking. By including these following features, the Elite Blog Academy would be way closer to the blogging experience I’m used to having:

  • A beginner-friendly introduction. There are so many like you out there who wants to make blogging their livelihood, but they don’t even know how to begin. An introduction to blogging would be awesome!
  • A FREE version. Expecting people to pay $997 for a service without knowing exactly what they’ll get out of it borders on insanity. Offering a free version with limited access to the platform’s features would let you actually see what you’re being offered.
  • Blog hosting. People want to blog, not trial and error their way into getting a blog up and running. Hosting the blog for you would remove so many unnecessary headaches.
  • Technical support. Again, people wanna write. You shouldn’t have to fiddle with around with complicated code or software.
  • Personal Mentorship. Being assigned a personal mentor is a winning concept and promotes your progress and motivation. You should always know that you have somewhere you can turn (a real person) whenever you need help.

Site Support


Is There A Better Alternative To Elite Blog Academy?

If you’re looking for a complete package where you’ll learn how to go from having no blog to generating a full-time income online, then check out my review on the training platform that I personally use.

Once inside, you’ll immediately start to build a money-making blog where you’ll write about what lies closest to your heart. Regardless of whether that’s a hobby you’re passionate about or something you work with professionally.

You’ll get your blog hosted and don’t have to care about keeping hackers away from your site. (The tech guys will do that for you)

Best of all is that it’s FREE for starters and open 365 days a year!

So do yourself a favor and read more about it here!

Looking Up


So, Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam?

No, it isn’t. It’s legitimate training for bloggers who aren’t beginners. If you already own a blog and can spare the money, I’d say go for it. Just be very sure that you really are going to follow trough with this training. However, personally I believe that there are better (and CHEAPER) alternatives around. Just see my recommendation in the section above.

I don’t think that Elite Blog Academy is bad… it’s actually quite the opposite! But I do however feel that what’s being offered in terms of value doesn’t really justify the combination of a high price tag and complex refund policy. Once you’re in, you’re trapped.

It’s a too big of a risk to take without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Conclusively, like I said, this training is not for beginners. It’s for bloggers who already have an established blog. But even then, my opinion is that there are way better alternatives available… all year round.

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