Why Do People Buy Online? – Bruce With The Hair

According to Statista, e-retail sales amounted to $2.8 trillion in 2018. The estimate for 2021 is an impressive $4.8 trillion. That’s just insane!

Why do people buy online? How do they come to the decision of clicking that “order” button?

That’s what we’re here to explore today!

I’m about to tell you a story about Bruce, a thirty-something car mechanic who’s quite popular with the ladies. The main reason being his thick, gorgeous chestnut brown hair. However, things are about to take a turn for the worse for Bruce, and he is going to need your help!

At the end of this post, I hope that you’ll be able to understand why people buy, and how to base your marketing efforts around that.

So, let’s see what’s bothering Bruce!


Step 1: Identify The Problem

The first thing you need to realize is that marketing should be all about solving a problem. Easing a pain. Satisfying a need. Clenching a thirst. You get the idea.

So the first thing a potential customer does is to acknowledge that there’s a problem of theirs that needs to be solved. They realize that the wanted result – or desire – is not in line with their current reality.

How does this come into play in the case of Bruce? Simple. He is losing his hair – and the ladies are losing their interest!

This creates a pain (not necessarily physical) that needs to be soothed. And eventually, the potential customer (Bruce) goes off looking for ways to do exactly that.

In some cases, buying a product could eliminate that pain – especially if it truly provides value to the situation.


Step 2: Search For Information

When a customer acknowledges that there is a problem, he’ll naturally go look for a solution.

So the search begins. Bruce has discovered three different product types that interest him – hair pieces, hair growth formulas and spray-on hair.

After initial research, he decides that a hair growth formula would be the best match for him. The specific product he’s found is called ReGrow PLUS – and as luck would have it, Bruce is reading YOUR review of it!


Step 3: Evaluate Alternatives

Customers strive to make smart decisions. They want the most bang for their buck. So it’s only natural that they will explore all their options before making a purchase. They’ll evaluate their alternatives to ensure the product they’ve stumbled upon is the best.

Luckily, you’ve been preemptive with your marketing efforts, and your ReGrow PLUS review actually contains a comparison chart with the most popular hair growth formulas. The benefit with this is that Bruce never has to leave your site to do further research.

He can evaluate the alternatives directly on your blog, and when he decides upon a product, he’ll click through. Since you’ve been working preemptively, all those links are affiliate links… right? You’ll get a commission, no matter which product Bruce decides to pay for.

That is, IF he makes such a decision…


Scales with question mark on each side
A customer will evaluate alternatives before buying a product. Let them do this directly on your blog to ensure they stay!


Step 4: Decide Whether To Buy

At this stage, the customer has done thorough research and reached a conclusion of which product that seems to provide most value for the money.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that he believes it’s worth the money.

Here is where you should use all the marketing tips and tricks you possibly can:

Effective copywriting, incentives, scarcity etc…

In our case, Bruce is not very convinced that the product is going to work at all. He feels insecure and that paying for this product would be a large gamble with his own hard earned money.

However, he keeps reading your review.

And a bit further down the page… Bingo!

“30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee”.

Bruce’s concerns are addressed and taken care of. He’s now ready to buy.

Hook, line and sinker. Just reel in!


Step 5: Buy

While this step is not much under your control as an affiliate, I still think it’s worth mentioning.

The customer has decided to make a purchase, great! So they click through to the merchant’s sales page.

Now what?

Well, in order to get that sale, the merchant must ensure that it’s as easy as possible for the customer to place the order.

A confusing or distracting sales page can completely slaughter the conversation rate.

Lucky for you, your merchant has made sure that Bruce:

  • Can choose multiple payment options.
  • Don’t have to jump through too many steps.
  • Can pull his details from an external service, like Facebook or Google.

Placing his order for the hair loss formula is effortless and simple. As it should be!


Online transaction illustrated by two hands coming out of monitors
Make sure you use merchants that provide the customer with an effortless purchase experience.


Step 6: Evaluate Product Post-Purchase

Just because a customer has received the product and paid for it, doesn’t mean that the purchase is finished.

Now, the process of justifying the purchase decision begins.

Does the product meet the expectations of the customer? Is it really worth what’s on the price tag, or have they overpaid?

If the customer is happy, you’ve got yourself a successful purchase. Kudos!

Additionally, a happy customer tends to turn into a returning customer. With the right affiliate program, this can lead to recurring commissions for you!

So, what does Bruce think about his brand new product?

Well, his thick chestnut brown hair is back – more gorgeous than ever – and the ladies flock around him like kids around an ice-cream truck.

As a side effect, you’re earning monthly commissions from Bruce’s ReGrow PLUS subscription.

Win / win!


Final Thoughts: Focus On Helping

To simplify, the journey Bruce went through included all of the six aforementioned steps:

  1. A problem was identified. (Hair loss)
  2. Research was made and a product was found (ReGrow PLUS)
  3. The alternatives got evaluated (Directly on your blog)
  4. The value of the product was considered and a decision to buy was made. (Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee)
  5. Bruce bought the product. (Effortlessly, via your affiliate link)
  6. The purchase was evaluated and justified. Bruce is happy and a monthly subscriber of ReGrow PLUS. (Resulting with a commission sent to you every month.)

As I previously mentioned in this post, marketing should be all about solving problems for customers. If you’re genuinely doing this to help people, success and money will come your way.

Just focus on helping – not earning!


Man drawing help on the wall
Focus primarily on helping people, and the wealth and success will follow.


So, what do you think. Have I succeeded in answering the question I asked in the beginning of this article – “Why do people buy online”? Let me know in the comments below!

To your success!

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