[TOP 10] Women’s Fitness Affiliate Programs for Empowering Your Commissions

Bootylicious workouts, empowering gear and refreshing supplements – this list of women’s fitness affiliate programs got it all! Fitness is a huge niche and the sports and fitness equipment niche alone is in fact a $70+ billion industry. Yes, billion!

Not surprisingly, there is plenty of opportunity to earn big with fitness programs. However, it’s quite a competitive niche (all really profitable ones are) but with the right marketing strategy that’s rarely ever a problem. It’s just all about finding the right way in.

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Furthermore, the highly popular niches tend to attract companies that pay affiliates much higher commissions. As you will see, this holds true in this industry as well.

So if you’re ready to start earning with fitness, just keep on scrolling!


#1 – Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill Fitness

Let Natalie Jill show you how to befriend your worst enemy – yourself! (Kind of a cliché, I know.)

After having gone from being an at least 60lbs overweight mom with depression and without money to becoming a really successful fitness mentor, Natalie is offering you the tools and guidance to unlock your own true potential.

Nowadays she’s killing fat and F.A.T. (False Assumed Truths) that people tell themselves. This is not just another fitness program, but also a place to rewire your mindset in order to become a better achieving person not just in health, but in life, career and love as well.

Affiliates can promote all her programs, supplements, recipes, books and her private community (Aging in Reverse) at a commission rate of 30-50%.

Customers are not required to make purchases immediately, as the tracking cookie lasts indefinitely. This means that as long as you refer a customer, you’ll get credited for them no matter when they decide to place an order.

In order to join the Nathalie Jill Fitness affiliate program you’ll need to contact their support as it’s currently (at the time of writing this) being updated. Commissions are paid out once a month via PayPal, so make sure you’ve got yourself an account over there.

Finally, you’re not required to own a website in order to join so if you only plan to promote affiliate products on your social media profiles this one can be really worth checking out.

Benefits of using Natalie Jill Fitness: Very generous commission rates (30-50%) and a cookie that lasts a lifetime. Plus, you’ll be helping people with not just their health, but with their quality of life overall.


#2 – Skirt Sports

Skirt Sports

After winning the Wisconsin Ironman while wearing the first-ever running skirt, Nicole DeBoom launched the online store Skirt Sports to offer women top-of-the-line running gear and organized, supportive running events.

The store carries all kinds of apparel for the female runner imaginable, such as skirts (naturally), bras, tops, bottoms and dresses. There are also gear for other activities like triathlon, cycling, golfing, tennis, swimming and yoga.

Affiliates are paid 8% on each sale and must send an e-mail message to the Skirt Sports support team in order to apply. Also, you’re required to run a website or blog – preferably in the women’s fitness niche – to get approved. The website is updated regularly with new creatives that you can use in your promotions.

Benefits of using Skirt Sports: Wide selection of fitness gear specifically aimed towards women, and according to themselves their website is highly converting.




MYPROTEIN were founded in 2004 in Manchester, and are now established in 70 different countries around the world. They offer a huge selection of both nutrition and clothing products. In the nutrition area people can find products like whey and vegan protein, BCAA, creatine supplements, weight management supplements and vitamins.

People who are more interested in clothing will hardly be disappointed as the inventory contains heaps of different apparel, such as T-shirts, tops, sport bras, hoodies, leggings, jackets, shorts and vests. Customers are also able to browse through some accessories like bags, hats, gloves, underwear and socks.

What I particularly like about MYPROTEIN is their goal selector, where people receive product suggestions based on their gender and goals of their training. This is especially useful for beginners who don’t really know what supplements to start off with.

Affiliates are paid 8% in commissions on each sale from customers who place their orders within 30 days of the first click on an affiliate link. The average order on MYPROTEIN is $65, which means that you’re paid an average of $5 per sale.

The affiliate program is hosted on Awin, so you’ll need an account there in order to apply.

Benefits of using MYPROTEIN: They have a huge inventory of clothing and nutrients and the goal selector which suggests products to customers is truly a nice feature. Also, an average commission of $5 per sale isn’t that bad actually.


#4 – Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime enables people to do their workout routines in the comfort of their own homes. With over 3,400 videos available for subscribers’ computers, tablets and phones, and with new videos being added weekly, this is by far the most comprehensive virtual pilates class out there.

New members are offered a 15-day free trial and after that the cost for membership is only $18 per month. They are able to cancel their memberships online at any time.

Affiliates are paid $18 per customer who signs up and which Pilates Anytime are able to charge. Commissions are paid through PayPal on the 30th the month after the commission was generated. So if you generate a commission on July 12th, your commission will be paid out on August 30th.

In order to sign up, your website needs to be pilates related and you’ll also have to send their support team a message.

Benefits of using Pilates Anytime: The huge library of instructional videos (3,400+ videos) makes a $18 per month membership well worth it for people who are looking to get into pilates. A commission of $18 per paying sign-up could mean easy money for you, depending on how narrow your targeting is.


#5 – My Yoga Works

My Yoga Works

If pilates isn’t what your audience are after, then perhaps yoga is more in line with their style of activity. My Yoga Works offer customers over 1,000 different videos for learning yoga, fitness and meditation techniques.

The video durations range from short 5 minute tutorials up to full 90 minute sessions, and there are videos for yoga practitioners of all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Best of all? The videos can be viewed on all device types. (PC, tablet, phone, TV)

Affiliates are paid $12 for people who sign up for a monthly membership and $18 for those who get the annual membership. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, so make sure you get an account there if you want in on the action!

Benefits of using My Yoga Works: Over 1,000 of instructional videos in yoga, fitness and meditation makes this an offer that’s quite diverse. It could be worth looking into even if you’re not in the yoga niche.


#6 – Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

One thing that seems to be extremely popular right now is the ability to show off a great butt. Just look at the amount of ladies who are wearing yoga pants, some of which who’ve never set foot in a gym or on top of a yoga mat.

With this desire in mind, Sweaty Betty offer leggings of only the highest quality fabrics to help ladies get that booty they’ve always dreamed about. Their Super Sculpt series will take your visitors’ butts to a whole new level. (Figure of speech)

Apart from leggings, Sweaty Betty also carry tops, hoodies, knitwear, bras, skiing apparel, bags and a whole lot more.

As an affiliate you’ll be paid up to 12% commissions on your sales. In fact, they’re ready to offer you even more if you manage to do well with your promotions. (Pro tip: Make sure that you actively ask for a pay bump when you’re sending them high volumes of traffic.)

In order to sign up to the Sweaty Betty affiliate program you’ll need to create an account over at LinkShare. According to themselves, they tend to favor people with content sites (blogs that provide great value to visitors) over other applicants.

Benefits of using Sweaty Betty: This affiliate program fits like a glove for an audience who’re looking to get a sexier booty. Up to 12% commissions and a chance to even higher earnings is never a bad fit for affiliates. We affiliates surely do love our pay bumps!


#7 – Nimble Activewear

Nimble Activewear

Nimble Activewear offer a positive shopping experience for people in need of functional yet fashionable workout wear. Pick and choose among a selection of bras, tanks, long sleeves, leggings of various lengths, bags, shorts and outerwear.

“What’s so special about that?”, you may ask. Well, their fabrics may look just like any other, but they’re actually completely made out of post-consumer recycled plastic. Yes, you might be wearing your old Celcius or BCAA bottles. All in the name of sustainability, of course!

The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Factory and offers you 10% commissions on each sale that you generate. The cookie lasts for 30 days and should give your referrals plenty of time to place an order.

Benefits of using Nimble Activewear: By promoting this program, you actively contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. Also, a 10% commission rate is pretty darn decent!


#8 – Lady Boss

Lady Boss

With the mission of helping women lose weight while loving themselves again, LadyBoss have helped over 300,000 clients with achieving their goals.

On their website, women can choose between a wide array of programs, supplements, books and SWAG such as LadyBoss shakers, water bottles, product bundles and cook books.

There is also the $1 Challenge which comes complete with a workout plan, meal plan, daily weight loss coahing (live) and the bestselling book Big Fat Lies.

Affiliates are able to earn up to 45% commissions from their referrals and the tracking cookie sticks around for a whole 365 days. What’s even better is that the cookie stays when your referrals switch between devices, so if they click on your affiliate link on a computer and then place an order through their phone you’re still rewarded with a commission.

You can choose between 15 different high converting funnels to really match the offer with your audience and optimize your earnings. The commissions from monthly subscriptions are recurring and have an average retention rate of 4-9 months.

Benefits of using Lady Boss: High recurring commissions and great retention rate give you an awesome chance of earning big. Also, thanks to 15 different funnels to choose from you can match your audience with these offers even easier.


#9 – Mighty Buns

Mighty Buns

Mighty Buns is a fitness brand that wants to bring women up and make them feel powerful whilst also loving their own bodies, and caring for them. It’s about not settling for being just average, but to aim towards achieving great things in life.

Their selection of clothing includes the #GirlsLiftToo t-shirt, ankle straps, booty bundles with hip straps, hoodies and (perhaps my favorite) knee sleeves with different prints. For example, there’s a sleeve with donut print which feels a bit controversial and bold to put on fitness gear, but they actually work pretty well together.

If you decide to join as an affiliate you’ll be paid 5% commissions with a chance of earning even higher. (Up to 10%)

You’re also given a 10% discount code that you can share with your audience in order to get more people to buy via your links. As an affiliate you’re also among the first to be notified about upcoming sales and new incoming products.

In order to join you need an account at Affiliatly, where you’ll have to go through the standard drill of providing your name, e-mail, business URL and so on.

Benefits of using Mighty Buns: Some of the knee sleeves look absolutely rad and the 10% discount code may give people incentive enough to click through your affiliate link.


#10 – Healthy Moving

Healthy Moving

Join Jen Hoffman, a certified yoga teacher and registered personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in her field, as she helps you achieve results that last.

Her program contains over 500 videos ranging from full 60 minute classes down to short 5 minute instructional videos, weekly action plans, group challenges, personalized feedback and access to a private community of like-minded students. Jen also offers weekly Q&A sessions for those who wishes to pick her brain.

The price for the course is either $797 for a full year or $247 per quarter. (247 x 4 = $998 total per year)

Commission rate per sale is at 30% and affiliates who want to join need to fill out a form, as well as create an account at the Healthy Moving affiliate portal in order to get access to their links.

The commissions are paid out within 14 days of the end of the 2nd month after generating a sale. (Was that hard to read? It sure was hard for me to write!)

So for example, if you generate a sale in March, you’ll be getting your commission no later than May 14th.

Benefits of using Healthy Moving: A 30% commission rate is pretty generous and considering the price of the membership this program may end up earning you a respectable amount of money.


3 Niche Ideas For Women’s Fitness Affiliate Programs

Following are 3 different keywords that you can use when you create content that you want to promote these affiliate programs in. You can either use them as is or for inspiration to find new and better keywords. (I recommend the latter.)

Keep in mind that the health and fitness niche is enormous, so there are several ways you can go with your campaigns.

  1. Toning stomach after pregnancy. Write an article that teaches new moms how to get lean after bringing a new precious baby into this world.
  2. How to get a sexy booty. Everyone wants a sexy booty! Well, almost everyone! Either build an entire site around this topic, write a post or create a video demonstrating how products/services from the list above can help reaching “bootylicious level 100”.
  3. Vegan protein supplements for women. This keyword doesn’t necessarily have to be specifically aimed towards vegan women with an active lifestyle. Being vegan sometimes involves taking supplements just to get all the necessary nutrients that your body needs, workouts or not. A top 10 list (like the post you’re reading now) might be a good idea for this keyword.


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