Diddly Pay Review: UNLIMITED Free Autopilot Traffic or SCAM?

As you may already know, traffic is the absolute most critical part of an internet business. Without traffic (visitors), no sales. No sales, no money. In this post, I’ll take you through my Zippo Pay Diddly Pay review to see whether it’s just another scam or if you really can use it to get unlimited free traffic to your site or offers on autopilot.

So could this be the product that all internet marketers have been waiting for? Will it forever rid your headaches of trying to get people to visit and spend money on your business? And can it really get you an unlimited amount of traffic completely for free?

If so, supposedly it can all be done in just one single click. How is this even possible? Aren’t other marketers aware that this exists? And if they are, why on earth aren’t they talking about it and using it in their own businesses?

Maybe… just maybe the product isn’t as good as the founder makes it out to be. Are you close to being taken to the cleaners, perhaps?

Well, keep on reading and we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of Zippo Pay Diddly Pay, and how it’s supposed to be used as a source of unlimited free leads for your business!

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Diddly Pay Overview

  • Name: Diddly Pay (previously Zippo Pay)
  • Owner: Bryan Winters
  • Website: Diddly Pay
  • Price: $20 /mo
  • Upsells: $340+
  • Score: 1.4/10
  • Recommended: No

Teach Me More About Diddly Pay


What is Diddly Pay?

Zippo Pay Diddly Pay is a “viral” payment system which lets your customers pay for products with leads rather than real money. It’s created by Bryan Winters of GoldLiger Marketing, Inc. and hosted on Clickbank.

The idea is that you set a “price” for your product (5 leads, for example) and when your customer has referred 5 people to your e-mail list, the product is released to them. Theoretically what you’re looking at – if set up correctly – is an autopilot system that gets you leads on a daily basis. Or as Bryan puts it; “unlimited 100% free traffic delivered automatically”.

The product comes with a $3 trial, which lets you try it out for 5 days. After that there’ll be a recurring monthly fee of $20. You’ll also be offered three different upsells, which are the following:

  • ZP Cash Funnels DFY. Priced at $47 with a possibility of a $1 trial the first 5 days.
  • ZP Super Affiliate Activator. Same thing, but instead the price is upped to $97.
  • ZP Marketplace Mogul. The upsell flagship with the price tag of $197.

According to Bryan Winters, there’s a patent pending for Zippo Pay Diddly Pay. (more on this later)

Since the product is hosted on Clickbank, there’s a money-back guarantee. However, it’s quite unclear whether it spans over 30 or 60 days, because the sales page states both. My guess is 30 days, but don’t hold me to that.

Zippo Pay Money-Back Guarantee
The money back guarantee is quite confusing. Is it 30 days… 60 days?


How Does Diddly Pay Work?

Diddly Pay is pitched as a social-viral payment button, which essentially means that people be paying with leads instead of money. The idea is that you could be getting unlimited free traffic with 1 click, which may very well be the case. However, what kind of traffic will you be getting?

As awesome as this kind of system is on paper, I see a few potential problems that could arise if not regulated. For example, because you’ll practically be substituting money with leads as a means of payment, people will do whatever they can to get people to sign up.

If you’re not careful, your business could end up being spammed all over the internet which will very likely give you and your company a bad reputation.

Also, because you have no control of where your traffic is really coming from you’re running the risk of ending up with leads that aren’t even interested in what you have to offer – aka untargeted traffic. In this case, you’ve basically given away your product for free.

In fact, you could even end up losing money if your e-mail list constantly keeps acquiring uninterested leads and growing. This in turn forces you to upgrade your autoresponder account to a more expensive plan in order to keep up. That’s money down the drain.

Another problem I see with unregulated leads is that customers might even try to trick your Diddly Pay system with fake e-mails. They could just create new e-mail accounts and sign up to your list for as many times as it takes to receive your product.

As I look deeper into the product, I notice that the most expensive upsell ($197) gives you access to post unlimited products to the Diddly Pay marketplace that “quickly grows” in popularity. On the surface, this looks like a really awesome deal – lots of traffic could be gained from just one single listing.

However, the product was released in November 2018 and after 10 months there’s only a total of 82 products in the marketplace. In fact, it looks very similar to what you can see in the sales video. It hasn’t grown into being as popular as they’d hoped, I guess.

To add insult to injury, many of the products listed in the marketplace are no longer available which further decreases your chances of getting the traffic your business so desperately needs.

There’s another thing I find quite curious, which is the claim of “patent pending”. I’ve looked through both Google Patents and the USPTO database, but I cannot seem to find anything about Diddly Pay. I also tried searching for the product owner, Bryan Winters, and his company GoldLiger on those sites – without any luck.

It could just be that pending patents might take time to show up in these databases. Having a patent application number would certainly help with the detective work. However, when looking at the patent application I seriously doubt that there even is a patent pending. The e-mail provided in the application is a yahoo-address, which seems pretty odd for a company.

On the sales page you can find a video testimonial by Ivana Bosnjak, who seems to be a product creator and internet marketer. As I click into her YouTube profile I notice that there are plenty of questionable products that she endorses. This doesn’t exactly boost my confidence in this product. I suspect that there’s some “I scratch yours if you scratch mine” kind of deal going on here.

Zippo Pay Testimonial Source
Ivana from the video testimonial endorses plenty of questionable products on her YouTube channel.


The last thing Bryan Winters shows in his sales letter is all the fun stuff he gets to have while other people work. Lake cabin, tropical beaches, Nickelodeon Universe etc. Sure, his business probably made it all possible, but I highly doubt it’s thanks to using Diddly Pay. More likely, it’s due to selling his own products (like this one) to people who are looking to build up their businesses (just like you).


Is Diddly Pay A Scam or Can You Really Get UNLIMITED Free Traffic On Autopilot?

Thumbs DownI would not say that Diddly Pay is a scam. I’d rather look at it as a project with high potential, but that failed miserably in its execution.

The fact that the marketplace (from where you’d get “unlimited traffic”) is seeing less action than a white crayon makes me feel that this product, unfortunately, won’t skyrocket your subscribers count. There just simply isn’t enough traffic to make it happen.

As I’ve also mentioned earlier, if you’d happen to be lucky enough to get some leads with this system it’s not even certain that they’ll be of high quality, simply because of the various ways one could cheat themselves to a free product.

Sadly enough, this is just one in the crowd of many products that won’t put the money where their mouths are. Like these other ones I’ve written reviews about, for example:

Diddly Pay just isn’t worth investing your time and money in and you should find a more effective and sustainable way to build your business.


How To Get High Quality, High-Converting Leads

So as you know, the traffic you receive needs to be targeted. It needs to match what you’re selling in order for it to convert. You should therefore build your business in a way so that it attracts visitors that are very relevant to your business.

By following tried and true step-by-step principles I’ve personally managed to build a business that gets me the traffic I’m looking for. People who visit my business do so because I’ve designed it that way. And you can do the same.

Of all the products and training programs I’ve reviewed, there are extremely few that I’ve endorsed. However, there is one that I feel is a be-all, end-all solution to people who are struggling to get their online business running. It’s the very same I personally use and have used for the past years.

Best thing about it? It’s free for starter members, and a starter account gives you enough training to set up your very first chapter of your online business and evaluate whether the training is for you. So there’s really no risk to you.

If you’re looking to build a business that attracts highly converting top-quality leads, then check out my review by clicking the button below. Quit wasting money and get to work!

Learn How To REALLY Build An Online Business


Diddly Pay (Previously Zippo Pay)

$20 /mo + Upsells









Affiliate Training



  • Clever concept


  • Generates low (if any) traffic
  • Questionable traffic quality
  • Quite expensive

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